How to Write and Publish a Novel in 3 Weeks

32 thoughts on “How to Write and Publish a Novel in 3 Weeks

  1. thank you so very much for taking the time to share with us….amazing stuff and very detailed, i hope you sell tons of books…you deserve it so much…blessings!

  2. Andrew as a new writer looking to publish on Amazon I found this extremely helpful.
    Do you have a printable file of the steps available? Thanks so much!

  3. Can you give me a call or text ? As a mentor , you don’t have many videos on the topic but I feel my concerns we’ll be on the same page (770)584-6165

  4. This is everything I wanted verbal help about … I got no where and boom 💥 look 👀 what I ran into … I try to revise but now I’m stumbling into more abs more I’m like damn there’s no end … but I’ll be fine thank you I’m excited to jump back in ..

  5. One thing i wish you would have addressed is marketing your book. Do you have another video where you explain that?

  6. The only thing I don't agree with is the 'revise as you go'. A story changes from its outline as you write, and if you keep revising the early chapters you might find that later on you change something that made the revisions of the first few chapters unnecessary, and now you've just wasted time. By the time I got the end of my first draft I had changed a lot of the immediate set up of the novel, so if I have revised as I'd written those chapters I would have wasted a lot of time doing line edits on lines that were just going to be cut any ways. I say revise after the first draft is done and you can look at is as a whole and know if there are any plot changes to be made.

  7. How many years have you been writing? I can't seem to sustain the word count for long. Will repeated writing get me to write faster?

  8. Andrew, what do you have to say about the recent announcement that Amazon Kindle is only going to pay writers for what pages are read instead of the whole sale of the book itself?

    Also thank you for this video this was very helpful. I've written novels before but never tried this method. I'll give it a shot (: Thanks

  9. You never covered how much income this all brings I'd like to see a couple video's to accompany this one. Like step it down make one for someone who does work full time or is a student and works part time. Also it would be helpful to have some links too. If you are interested in writing for amazon how does it work in respects to making the money if someone buys it does amazon get a percentage does it go straight to your bank account or how does that work? what can someone do to protect it if it's self published does that also mean its copyrighted? Could someone rip my story off and I not be any the wiser until I see it on a bookshelf in print? I will be applying some of the tips into my routine  Thanks for the video.

  10. Thank you. This is the most I have learned in my years. All that in just 23 minutes and 49 seconds (Excluding the rewinding to take notes]

  11. thank you for your advice for that how to write a novel ?. Sir, hi my name is Raina Farzin Siddique . I'm from Dhaka, Bangladesh now I'm living in Dallas in Irving. Now I am writing a fiction novel which deals with culture shock.

  12. Mr. Heath is here telling you how to make "shallow shit" – and of course, it may sell! You may have a modest living out of it. 30 years ago I managed to write 3 novels during 1 month, sold them all – and got a fair payment. So it's possible. Still, my average speed over 6 years was 1 accepted (and sold) book after 6,5 weeks. It gave me a very good income, but boy: It was hard work! Good luck!

  13. This is everything opposite #NaNoWriMo, this is not for me >XD, nor for EVERYBODY. This is only for people like YOU. Neat vid, but not for me. Happy writing everyone else! 

  14. this was a good video. I liked it. I am very skeptical about certain video. they just bore me but this was perfectly written and the information was wonderful. I loved it.

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