How to write an Article (Cambridge First, Advanced; Blogs)

30 thoughts on “How to write an Article (Cambridge First, Advanced; Blogs)

  1. I thank you sooo much for that video! it´s more helpful than my complete school lessons to that theme. Can you maybe make some more videos based on the LCCI /Oxford / XY-tests? I would be very interested in "how to write a Report" "Leaflet", "List" and "Notice". That would be very great and i would definitely look at it and follow your tipps. You do a very great job!

  2. Thank you so much Adam. It's Adam 's people wants more of your videos.. hahaha.. Your channel is thoroughly knowledgeable Adam. God bless for your great work.

  3. Great! I enjoyed this beautiful piece. Thank you. I want to start writing for magazines. What would be your recommendation for me? Thank you very much.

  4. Hi! I'm currently composing financial articles. And it requires me to be formal and have an academic language but I think it also needs to be engaging for the audience. How can I maintain the balance between having a conversational language and academic?

  5. Thanks for the abundance tips and information loaded in your interesting video, Adam. They are really helpful 👍🏾🌹

  6. so far so good, but how do i know which tense i have to use? First you are writing in the Simple Past then Present Progressive and then in Simple Past.. Thats so confusing.. idk how to decide that..

  7. Adam…. very nice to listen you, learn from.. it has been fun and funky to learn from such a brilliant teacher like you. Thanks a lot. I am learning artcle writing and this is the only video that gives the real lesson. Thanks again

  8. Adam sir..
    I want to develop my communication skill. I'm sacred to talk in English. But I'm very much wanted to speak in English. Suggest me a way to improve communication skill sir. Please

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