How to Write a Bestselling Book (5 Tips from a Self Published Wall Street Journal Bestseller)

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  1. One thing I'd add to #2 is that when you look at those books, you can check their Amazon Bestseller Rank and using this, you can tell if that book is actually serving an audience on Amazon. This is important because you can now know if there is an existing market on Amazon for your potential idea. If there isn't, it doesn't mean you can't write the book, but it does mean you can't rely on Amazon to sell it for you.

  2. Hi Pat. One tip that was passed on to me when facing the sheer 'overwhelm' of writing, was to allocate 30 minutes to just write (after you've got your outline sorted of course). Set a time, and write for 30 minutes. I used this approach to get my own book done which I just finished two weeks ago. Yay!! I work full time so carving out time was always a challenge. Plus, like you, for a period of time, I really struggled and had to leave it alone for a while. The topic of my book I hear you ask? It is titled "Finding Courage In The Chaos". In my book, I tell the story of our journey when my husband was diagnosed with PTSD following a breakdown and suicide attempt (he was ex Military). That's Part 1 of my book. Part 2 is in my view, the most important part. I go through what we learned through the process of rebuilding our lives after literally nearly loosing everything. How I faced my fears, from the perspective of a wife trying to support her husband with an illness like this. How we learned how to communicate again (despite being married for 26 years!!). How we rediscovered new hope when it seemed we had none. Stuff like that. All I know is this; in the darkest days of our journey – if I had something in my hand to refer to that said "hey – I know what you are going through. I've been there. You will get through this. Here's what I learned that might help you…." would have made a huge difference. From your video – my fav tip was getting people's email address in order to get access to the content! #InLikeFlynn

  3. Thank you Pat!Your success inspired many and I’m one who loves to use your tags #InLikeFlynn!Great video!Congratulation again. I wrote three books, and while I’m happy they are on amazon, it’ll be nice to see them sell like candy :)See it… it will happen.Great info in the video by line!

  4. Thanks Pat, always great content! How long did it take you to write this book? Also, what was the first step for distribution? #InLikeFlynn

  5. Great guide to make the monument of writing a book a simple, joyful experience that provides value to someone. Thank you! I'm getting on with my first draft. #InLikeFlynn

  6. #InLikeFlynn This video was what I needed to take action! Thank you so much Pat! Great work as always.

  7. #InLikeFlynn Thank you for the content Pat. I am stuck in my book writing project… This video inspired me to keep going!

  8. Great advice, even for someone who's getting ready to write an ebook! And also thumbs up for getting "Will it fly" translated to Romanian! #InLikeFlynn

  9. yes, the biggest projects are the most difficult, I felt the same when I was writing my book. Thanks for the tips here, valuable. I read your Will it fly couple years ago and loved it. I was wondering – i have an email lists on my blogs but I struggle to get more into contact with my audience – when I ask for example what is the #1 problem for you… I don't get many replies back. What should I do better? #InLikeFlynn

  10. I just finished the companion course and it helped me IMMENSELY. I now have a Discord group with 75+ people of my perfect customer, and am using them to Beta test my products. Thanks Pat =) #InLikeFlynn

  11. Hi Pat, I co-authored a book with the FT group 20 years ago, but I've been wanting to get into self-publishing for the last few years, but I never seem to get past the initial flurry of writing before losing steam and getting distracted by daily life. You've given me a new lease of life through your huge value podcast (I'm not a big YouTube consumer as I don't watch TV either).

    I'm itching to get my hands on the book and I'm sure it will be really great for the live training I'm launching for small businesses/startups, so will probably recommend it (until one of my own books finally comes to fruition, anyway…just kidding!). Thanks for all the great content, I'm going to start doing a podcast soon, too! Already have the basics from previous dabbles in audio content. Cheers!

  12. Pat very good tips how to start a process of writing best selling book. I love the part about how to find an idea and validate. I guess you used a tools explained more deeply in the book? And developmental editor 🙂 looks like some tester and early adopter – great hint. #InLikeFlynn

  13. Writing a (bestselling) book, like you have done, is definitely on my bucket list. As always, thanks for the valuable information! #InLikeFlynn

  14. Amazing content Pat! Appreciate the details on self-publishing and how to make it happen.Thank you! #InLikeFlynn

  15. Resources were stellar, Pat, add this comment to your vault of Thank You's! I'm also glad that you mentioned the need for a developmental editor who's sole task is to critique the book besed on how it is experienced by fresh eyes, not just for grammar. The stuff I hope to publish will likely be quite controversial, so I can see a developmental editor coming in clutch. #InLikeFlynn

  16. Thank you, Pat, for stressing the need for editors (plural) when writing. Many people think writing is easy, but writing that really delivers the message you mean to get across is much harder than just throwing something down on a piece of paper, or a screen. I'd also like to say that before you even get to hiring editors, you can also reach out to friends and family for their opinion. An unprofessional, honest opinion is a great way to find out which bits just don't make sense, what readers expect to find and don't, and which bits are really good. If you do ask someone to critique/read your unfinished work, make sure they also point out which bits are good. You don't want to change or cut the parts that work. #InLikeFlynn

  17. Thanks Pat, very informative. Great things to consider while I’m considering my book idea. #InLikeFlynn

  18. #inlikeflynn this was very helpful and really eased my mind about the daunting process of self publishing. Thanks!

  19. Hello 👋 I have a question and is I am trying to writing a book about myself and how I was able to overcame different abuses and share how I did it. The question is I have two different areas to write and how do I write my bio for the people to read and keep there Attention? Every time I write I say “I” a lot. This is my first time writing a book 📖.

  20. #InLikeFlynn absolutely fantastic video Pat! I simply did not know of a developmental editor. I've often wondered if there was someone who would critique about just the flow of my copy and nothing else. Great video, great content – thanks a ton.

  21. I never thought about testing out book content by seeing how people respond to blog posts/series. Thought-provoking stuff! #InLikeFlynn

  22. I didn't realize a self published author could be a wallstreet bestseller either, that is SO amazing!! #InLikeFlynn

  23. Hi Pat, I am in, and #InLikeFlynn. Hello from Spain, continue hustling and thank u for so much content. 🙂

  24. Thanks so much Pat! Great timing as I'm working on my first book for injury prevention for runners. Holler if you want any help gearing up for your next half or try! You continue to inspire and share great stuff, you're the man!! #InLikeFlynn

  25. #InLikeFlynn listening to this validates for me the fact that behind a best seller book is an author platform… the process of building an audience through your blog, social media..or what not…to build a community of people around you who like to listen for what you have to say. I'm still learning to build that as author. Thanks, Pat!

  26. Huge undertaking that I will want to do, far into the future as I become more seasoned in my work. #InLikeFlynn

  27. I wish I had known some of these tips before I released my last book, but glad I learned them so I can use them for my next book. #InLikeFlynn

  28. #InLikeFlynn I am in the middle of writing a novel and have been toying with the idea of getting a writing coach and developmental editor. Thanks for the advice.

  29. I have been writing Blog Posts and have been considering writing a book. I found the 5 Tips to be very informative, especially
    to a novice like me. The tips are simple and easy to follow. The post-it notes make a lot of sense as they are easy to move
    around and help sort the topics together to form your outline. I enjoyed watching and plan to give it a try. Thank you.

  30. Thanks for this video Pat. Hearing about your success and tip about breaking the process down really inspired me to get cracking on my own book ideas. PS – I love your t-shirt and its message. I had to go back to the start of the video to see what was written on it. It was making me crazy watching you not knowing what the end of the sentence was. Life's better when you make……stuff. Cool. I love your podcasts and am enjoying your videos. Thanks for the value you provide. #InLikeFlynn

  31. Hello Pat, I'm really thankful that I got to know your Smart Passive Income Podcast, it really boosted my knowledge on the different types of Online Business. I'm glad that you already started your YouTube Channel, I'm looking forward for the growth of your channel! Really well done. Keep being an awesome Entrepreneur! I agree with all your tips for writing a Book, this not only helps mapping the ideas out but it also boosts productivity! Super agree with Tip 1. Deep Dive Research is the Key! #InLikeFlynn

  32. This is an absolutely great and to-the-point video for anyone who's considering to write a book. Definitely, I'm #InLikeFlynn!!!

  33. I’ve had your book in my Kindle for a looong time! I didn’t realize it was yours!😊 It’s fate! Thanks Pat!🙌

  34. I am so grateful that you give back (by doing videos such as this) to those of us that need answers to the difficult questions. #InLikeFlynn

  35. Pat, you are so awesome! #InLikeFlynn; I am writing my 3rd handbook on style; the topic was a suggestion from readers of 1st & 2nd book. I like tip #2 of validating the content, by asking fans, etc. to weigh in; so so helpful!

  36. #inlikeflynn Pat I love your videos! I have been watching your videos on youtube at night rather than TV shows or movies lately. They have helped answer a lot of my questions in regards to building a blog/website!

  37. Good info. I'm currently writing a book and, you're right, its a struggle (ideas, stories, order, ugh). Question – How many "words" was your book "will it fly"? #InLikeFlynn

  38. Whoa! I'm #InLikeFlynn. I self-published a book with my business partner called The Study Abroad Journal. Which is a guided goal-setting and journaling experience to help college students get a positive ROI from their time abroad. We used CreateSpace and IngramSpark…and we've sold over 10,000 copies on Amazon. 🙂 I can't wait to write another one!

  39. Thanks for being transparent on your process to success Pat. May God continue to bless you and your family. #InLikeFlynn

  40. Hey Pat, how big is your video production team (direct and virtual)? Do you micro-manage the final product? What production equipment do you use?

  41. The idea of making small goals really speaks to me. Makes the whole project seem much more manageable. #InLikeFlynn

  42. Thakn you Pat! I really appreciate all the resources you share with us! Maybe someday I´ll write one book too!! #InLikeFlynn

  43. This is awesome! Wish I knew this before I wrote my first book, will surely be using it as I tackle #2. #InLikeFlynn

  44. #InLikeFlynn. Great tips regarding keeping focused. Also useful for creation information products in general. I really enjoy watching your videos as you break ideas really well and convey concepts simply. Thanks Cheryl

  45. Looks like write a book is just like figure out a business idea. Just like the steps in WILL IT FLY! #InLikeFlynn

  46. Helpful tips! Thank you! I plan on publishing a book after I graduate with a Bachelor’s degree. I know what it is going to be about. I just have to do more research.

  47. The real deal is either a book slowly over months and years… And yes… even decades by word of mouth gains a readership due to it's message proving something that's unspoken or… 2) you befriend a wildly successful and elite member of society who endorses your work and is the alpha spreader of your content who's beta followers also share it … That's the accelerated method … Oh and 3) commenting on every YouTube video regarding the subject of writing a bestseller like a madman 😜😜😜😜 at 3am in their noiseless living room bc deep down inside they long for a single review of their latest work despite the fact their effort is only a delay tactic and they must face their fear that no matter how talented they may be and regardless of how many ppl the demand give them their 👀 focus … They know in time ⌛their work will cease to exist

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  49. Hello Pat! Thanks for all your advices. Are there any editors that specifically do the editing for foreign authors? You know, as I am not a native speaker, I do have a lot of areas in my writing which may sound wierd for native speakers)

  50. The 5 Tips are:

    01:30 1) Research your idea.

    03:06 2) Validate your idea.

    05:24 3) Create an outline.

    06:05 4) Make small goals.

    07:41 5) Use Editors

  51. The developmental link wasn’t active. Could you repost? Thanks again!

  52. Great info!! I am about to release a book that I am publishing using all the tips I have got from you and other teachers. My book is being released in November. I expect it to sale good, since some of the content has already been picked up by publishers.

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