How To Wake & Bake Like A 19th Century Poet: BONG APPÉTIT

yeah restive and get roasted we're trying to you know push boundaries they definitely did that today I love coffee and I love weed and together they're a pretty brilliant combination so I'm here in LA to meet Keon Abedini who infuses or conditions coffee beans with weed there's a lot of history between cannabis and coffee so I'm excited to find out more about it what exactly is the le conte club so le coffee Club is a way to discover LA's best Roasters we ship out coffee fresh from the different roaster every week we only work with la Roasters so that means that we could get the coffee from they're roasting facility to your door within a day or two there's actually something I've been working on it's a cannabis conditioned coffee I own the company compelling and rich we focus on specialty coffees but we really try and do it in a way that's accessible to everybody something that I was thinking about doing for a while is bringing the worlds of weed and specialty coffee if I wanted to buy the sort of weed condition coffees what I'd be able to buy it for you or do make it only custom we right now are doing this only custom we have a lot of private clients that we do this custom for but for a while we were selling it just straight up through our website this way of infusing doesn't actually have THC in the final product so that's how we were able to sell it publicly through a website shipping to anywhere in the US so in this situation the cannabis is sort of just being used as another flavoring element and it looks like any other sort of flavor that you would add to coffee yeah what I'm going to do is grind this up and how much we do have to use a good sized nug a bowl palpable now that this has been heated up you're going to vaporize this weed this is all just activated oils and the THC in here cool so it's all just trapped in there right now yeah feel free to take a little hit although you can definitely taste lemon fever right it's really lovely so that taste you were tasting when you smoked it and a lemony kind of floral is going to end up translating into the coffee how did you yeah I used to live in New York and I would go down to Chinatown Lower East Side they would be doing tea-smoked duck and I thought that that was such like an interesting way of cooking they would just have like the shed basically and seal it off with some tea that they lit on fire and by actually smoking it that way you were adding the flavor of the black tea to the duck this would sit overnight or for a couple days depending on how much coffee was in there but I've got a Bachelor roasted ready to go in the final cup you're definitely gonna taste more floral more lemon it's not going to be overpowering like bomb water but it's just gonna be a nice little herbal hit it's delicious thank you one drink that I've been messing around with is a drink based on the club day has she since the club that has shishun's was a group of artists writers thinkers visionaries from 1800's Paris and they would all get together and drink this drink and it would feel their creativity they would make kind of a classic preparation of medicated butter just like the kind you would use for making weed brownies at home first thing we want to do when we start is we make sure our dosage is really exact so I'm going to weigh out one gram of cannabis right now so you can't just eat it like this though right no it has to basically D carve when you kind of have to heat it to make sure that the THC is active for you to get any medicinal effects from it I ground up a gram earlier and then I heated it up in a toaster oven for an hour at 290 degrees stirring halfway through and something that I figured out that you can actually make the weed go a little bit further you mix it up with some grain alcohol and what does that do it breaks down the cellulose walls of the plant matter and that allows it to infuse more efficiently into the butter so the next step is we want to add our butter into this crock pot so it's nice and soft when we add the cannabis right now we're gonna infuse one stick of butter with one gram of marijuana which contains 200 milligrams of THC our end product is going to be about six milligrams of THC per teaspoon we're going to go ahead and stir in the activated wheat and we're gonna let this go for 20 minutes yeah it's really good actually so now you want to strain it if it's too hot you can wait until it's cooled down because you want to squeeze out every single drop of it so when it was all said and done when this strained we got about a hundred fifty milligram dose and that's about enough for ten people to have a good sized dose or even fewer people to have an even better dose this club dashing drink was known for having really strong coffee as the base Adam is gonna brew some strong coffee for us okay so we're gonna brew coffee on the Steampunk and it's a steam powered brewing system and it's based off of a siphon this machine is crazy yeah this is some real scientific stuff here so we just drop the coffee up here there we go so now that we've seen what happens brewing let's go over here and brew a cafe – you seen this is not exactly just a coffee it's gonna be multiple ingredients including nutmeg cloves and cinnamon and we've got a little bit of pistachio butter on here as well and then we're gonna put a little bit of orange juice in here damn this is gonna be delicious it looks delicious so then I'm just gonna add in a little bit more fresh brewed coffee just to heat it up okay I'm gonna give this a stir so this is like totally deserty you know oh it's totally deserted yeah I'm putting in about a teaspoon of medicated butter that we made earlier I'm putting in about two into here and then I'm gonna put in just a little bit of hash so how strong this is gonna be each teaspoon is about six milligrams of THC so there you go nice I try let me know what you think so this is it this is the main attraction all right I'm really excited for this mmm it's really like complex yeah super-rich it's not as sweet as I thought it was gonna be for some reason um but it's kind of chocolatey and earthy and just really satisfying awesome cheers guys it tastes like a seasonal drink it tastes like something you drink at home over the holidays doesn't it this would make Christmas with the parents much so this whole thing with hash and like that friendship session with it came from 1798 when they actually invaded Egypt and one thing they brought back with them was hash back then nobody smoked it it was eaten and and they put it in drinks but it was really when these great writers and intellectuals of the mid 1800s in France form this club that we saw it being associated with creativity this would be a great way to have get-togethers parties it's a pretty simple recipe I could see dispensaries putting together something like this definitely it's some private events as marijuana is becoming more acceptable to talk about and enjoy out in public more people are gonna feel comfortable being like yeah I like to start out my day with like a cup of coffee and enjoy and sometimes with weed in my coffee so today it gave a whole new meaning to the word wake and make you

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  1. That looked like some WEAK ASS COFFEE YO! Who ever built that coffee maker needs to be banned from making another one second that goes for the person who brewed that bs never let them make your coffee ever again he is not a fucking coffee lover!

  2. I don't care what some woman said Abdullah Saeed did or said; either make him, Ry, and Vanessa your only weed-related concept hosts or just stop making any shows on weed. This woman is not half as interesting as watching paint dry. I won't be watching season 3 of Bong Appetit. I don't watch cooking shows on TV. Besides, if I did, I'd rather watch Martha Stewart & Snoop.

  3. The coffee doesn't look very strong, more like tea…….and you need a $1000.00 worth of tech to produce it, when you can get better coffee from a $12.00 French Press. Shit, I gave a urine sample that was stronger than that.

  4. Oh you gotta be shittin me, basically this coffee is now somehow “special” because you blew smoke on the beans ? The contents of my entire bedroom are covered in dank smoke. This seems like pretentious bullshit kinda

  5. Stip tryna make weed hip and classy it ain't weed is blunt guts sticky fingers smelly breath cheeto dust and laughs not high class coffee and hipsters

    But, seriously, do these people not watch this back and think 'Jesus Christ I appear to have brain damaged myself!'
    Cos they probably should.

  7. I hate it when people say like in every single sentence that has a vocal fry it gets annoying even more

  8. theyre all so hipster it hurts my brain.
    “we jus use, like, the weed for, like, flavor”
    fuck right off.

  9. What's the point of puting weed in cofee if you don't have the effects you are looking for : smoking without nicotine, heroïn without a high ? How about a gun without amo ? Balls that can't produce sperm ? I know … How about a door without a handle do you can't open it !

  10. Интересная внешность у девчушки…я бы угостил её манагой))

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