How to use Visual Composer's Accordion element?

some websites have FA queues where you select a question and it expands for more information visual composer provides an element called the accordion to achieve this functionality to add that to your website you'll click Edit Page to get to visual composer I'll go ahead and I'll add a new row by selecting this plus sign right here and clicking row I'll click the plus sign in the row and I'm going to navigate to content and then to accordion I'm going to click the pencil on the blue accordion tab this allows me to choose my active section and what that means is that tab or accordion section is going to automatically be opened when you load the page if you don't want a section to be opened when you load the page all you do is enter in false and that will collapse all sections you could select this if you want to enable people to collapse all the sections at once and you could disable keyboard interactions if you wish you scroll down and you can select your style you don't want to reference the accordion element styles on our repo page to determine which style you'll want to select so I'll just choose style six and we'll leave the margin and margins to zero and I'll save the changes to edit your area that you click to get more for more information we'll click the pencil on the orange section and we'll notice we'll have our title here and you could change that to whatever you want as well as edit any colors associated with that one section if you leave it blank without modifying any of these your theme by default what'll apply styles and colors to it so I'll click Save the changes to add content into that section you'll click the plus sign you could select a row if you want to do multiple columns or you could immediately select a text block and you'll get the same pop up the WYSIWYG editor to edit your content for that section save the changes to edit the section below you select it and o expand click the pencil to edit the title save the changes click the plus sign to add in the content you could select a row or a text block immediately save the changes to add a new section all you do is click Add section and now add a new section same steps you'll click the pencil edit the title save the changes click the plus sign insert your element save those changes update your page and will view the page as we see our first section is opened we have three sections we didn't do any specification on the styles for this element so our theme is giving its default values for the color and styles but you have the option to change them and if you select it will expand for more information

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