How to use the Matched Content feature for AdSense

33 thoughts on “How to use the Matched Content feature for AdSense

  1. Thank you
    Does the auto Ads include matched content?
    Should we add placements of matched content despite of using auto Ads?

  2. I've done it, but for each product it shows the photo, the title includes name of the product/category + the entire name of the company. So the code is taking the name of the product/category from the <title> of the page instead of just the name of the product/category it's referring to. is there a fix?

  3. Darn… I was hoping it would also explained how to get image stacked above text. I can't seem to figure it out.

  4. why i don't recieved any code while sign up for adsense and why adsense account showing we're working on setting you up

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  6. Question: If your visitors clicked on one of the links on your matched contents you have on your page, does it generate an income to your Google AdSense account?

  7. Whats about the documentation for /google_matched_content_blacklist.txt and /google_matched_content_whitelist.txt ?

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