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hi everyone I wanted to share a really exciting new feature of power bi that allows you to take reports and power bi and share them on public blogs and websites and for the year intended to help people who need to share information with a broad audience on the public internet to be able to share that and tell their data story using interactive compelling visualizations so I'm going to start here in power bi with a report this report shows data around who's calling 3 1 1 in the city of New York so what you can see is the report is fully interactive so we can see that you know the folks who are playing you know with them with the streetlight conditions and now I want to take this I want to place it in a blog so let me show you how to do that real quick so you're going to come into power bi and you're going to see this new option which says publish to web so when you press publish to web you'll be able to go through the UI workflow I encourage you to read all the dialogues and now before you press publish you should really make sure that you're not sharing any confidential proprietary information and you have the rights to to share that information if you have any questions check your organization's policies and procedures before going ahead and doing this so now go press publish I'm working with that I've created an embed code now this embed code and this URL allow anyone on the internet to access this content so let me grab this URL and I will just paste it into a new browser tab and immediately the report loads in the browser window so if I send it to anyone they would be able to see it so here the report is now fully interactive just like it was before so great I have shared this report now I can go ahead and embed in a website you can see that I have this iframe here so I'm going to go place that into my into my blog or website I can adjust some of the settings I can also fine-tune it afterwards when I paste it into my blog so let me go and show you pasting into my blog so here I have a basic blog post I'm going to paste in the iframe and then I'm going to change some of the settings just to make sure that it fits really nicely inside my iframe let me go save that and now what I can do is I can load this page here is before I had the the report and here it is loading the fully interactive report and just with a few clicks it took me about 2 minutes to go do this I have a fully interactive power bi report inside my blog again it's fully interactive just like it was before I can use multiple pages I can use things like play access to go really tell my story I can even use things like custom visualizations where I can go in and pull in really compelling visualizations – you tell the unique story that I have we think this is going to be great for nongovernmental organizations NGOs government's as well to communicate data to citizens but just anyone who wants to tell it compelling data story and wants to support that with data now this this capabilities available in power bi right now it's available for all users it's in preview so it's available at no cost during the preview let me show you a few more things that are available with the feature so now that I created the embed code it's really wonderful but sometimes I might want to go delete it so let me show you where you do that you'll press the settings gear and you'll come down into this menu option by the time you play with it will probably say manage embed codes I'll press on it and then I'll be able to see the embed code that I created here and then I can go delete that embed code or I can go retrieve the link for that embed code now one thing to note is that you know the report once I do the publish to web on it is publicly available and it will stay up to date so what that means is that you know about every hour we will we can update the data for the report but you have to set the refresh schedule for that report to do to push the new data if you do make changes it will take about an hour for those to be reflected in the publicly facing report so just plan around that if you're going to publish it to a specific at a specific moment in time so with that it's incredibly easy to take compelling interactive visuals create data stories using power bi and then share them on your blog or website – to get your message across and that's all available right now in power bi we're looking forward to hearing from you – we're going to see what your and what else you'd like us to build for power bi so so go to ideas Depar bi comm for that and we'd love to see you in our community community – power bi dot-com thanks very much

20 thoughts on “How to use Power BI Publish to web

  1. I can't register. It says that I need a work email. But I only have 1 email account. This is bad for business guys because I actually am making some interesting charts in your competitor's software.

  2. if i attach the link of the Dashboards to an IntraNet WebPage, does it becomes available to the general public? i mean out side of the company ? ( does Power BI lets anyone get access to it )

  3. the "File -> Publish to Web" feature is in the Web version of Power BI. Not in the Desktop version. At least as far as I've found. Very Cool!

  4. It will be more useful if we can embedded the reports on share point or dynamics ax role centers as a webpart. Come on you can do better than this.

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