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are you looking to take your author platform to the next level and ramp up your social media content learn how to use Twitter and Instagram in this special I ride early collab with Brittany wing hey Booker's I'm Meg Latour and this episode of I readily I'm excited to be joined by Brittany wing a Phil author tuber and aspiring author Brittany has made a splash on Instagram and Facebook and she hosts her own a Facebook group called the Potter life writer Facebook group I'll leave links to her Instagram Facebook all her social media links including her YouTube channel in the description below we will be doing a two-part collapse so in this first video I'll be asking Brittany a handful of questions about how to use Instagram effectively and then in part 2 over on Brittany's channel she'll be asking me questions about how to use Twitter effectively once you finish this video be sure to check out the link to Brittany's a video in the description below thanks so much to Brittany for joining us today thanks for having me Meg I am so excited about this collab and I just wanted to start off by being totally transparent and letting your audience know that even though I haven't been on Instagram quite as long as huben on Twitter I did grow to over a thousand followers in about six months and I'm continuing to grow and I feel like I've learned so much so even though I wouldn't call myself necessarily an expert yet I do feel like I've learned tons and I'm really excited to share that with everybody who's watching so I'm really humbled and thanks for inviting me to share so let's lay a foundation what are the expectations of Instagram as a platform how often should writers you posting content and when okay so basically for Instagram and posting I have heard and this is sort of what I've been doing and I think it's been working pretty well is that the minimum you should be posting is about two times two to three times a week and the maximum is two to three times a day and so when I'm sort of crunched for time I'm more like two to three times a week but sometimes when I go into a place where maybe I'm doing more of a series of posts that sort of relay or I'm doing a challenge or something then I'll post more frequently as far as when I post I sort of look at my analytics or the insights in Instagram and that section when you go to audience and then you scroll down all the way to the bottom it actually has a bar graph for each day and when you see that bar graph sort of start to really escalate that's sort of around the time that you are going to get the most bang for your buck as you post so you want to sort of ride that wave and so for me that wave sort of starts around 9 a.m. and then goes to about 10:00 or 10:30 so I'm usually posting around that time but I would definitely check out your insights to figure out when to post for you and then you can sort of experiment I've also found that like around 3:00 p.m. for me is another time that I get sort of a boost also just to note with that is you only get that if you have a business account and that's totally free you just have to change over your account in your settings and it actually gives you all of those insights as a platform Instagram is obviously all about pictures what are the way that creators on this platform can take aesthetically pleasing pictures without breaking the bank with sort of focusing on pictures I do also want to say that there are your photos that you post individually and then there's your feed that sort of works together collectively so aesthetically you want to think about each individual photo but you also want to think about how they all work together so you'll hear some people talk about having themes and so when you think about your feed you want to also pay attention to colors and the kind of feel that your photos are having and the reason this is really important is because the photo the individual photo that somebody finds will attract someone and that will send them to your account and then they will see your account and that sort of shows the person what to expect if they start to follow you so if they're really excited about one kind of photo or one particular kind of content and then see that your feed is an entirely montage of all these different things that they're not as interested in or don't sort of reflect what they saw in the first photo then they're less likely to follow and engage with you further as far as and tricks and how I sort of take my photos I take all of my photos with my iPhone 7 and there's just great quality on there so if you have a smartphone of any kind usually the camera in there is just fine for taking great photos or at least starting out the lights thing I actually have lights when I film my videos but I've heard and experienced that when you use artificial lighting it actually looks like artificial lighting when you're taking a photo it doesn't look natural and so the best way to take a photo is to take it in natural lighting and that doesn't mean direct lighting where that you're in like the bright sunny area but where it's indirect sort of like a little bit more off to the side or in the shadows or in my home I have like blinds that's take out the direct lighting I found that there's like a certain point of the day that I get the best lighting and so I just have like a setup in my office on the floor I have my props around me and then I put them all together like I put multiple photos together and sort of batch them at a time and that makes it really easy for me and I don't have to buy a ton of equipment like you're saying in addition to just taking the photo there's also the editing and some people will load their photos onto the computer with you know a bunch of different editing software's but for me I just use vsco and you can actually customize filters in there as well and sort of mix things together and make your own concoction and so I've done that and saved it and so all I need to do is when I take my photo I put it into visco and apply that filter and suddenly all of my pictures look very cohesive and if you're wondering how to spell visco it is vsco and then the other app that i use is a preview app and it's sort of like later or some different apps that i know meg has mentioned before but it helps you sort of organize all of your photos and your feed before you start posting so that you can decide which days and when you want to post those photos and you can actually save your captions and all your hashtags and different groups and it just makes the posting so much easier I love social medias can I just watched your video today too about all the different like are you talking about later specifically but all the different apps and stuff that they have and I'm just like this yeah I'm a great this is amazing so going along with your previous question what type of content should or can authors a post on Instagram so like Dana live pictures pictures of books or notebooks like you had mentioned when you are posting you really have to think about your ideal audience in our case thinking about readers of course people that are going to eventually read your books but also writers and I've also focused on writers because one they are already devoted readers they are super active on Instagram they already have their own following so usually as you develop relationships there they are also super willing to promote you to their following and vice versa that's what I would say to focus on first is like who is your ideal audience are you a fantasy writer are you a children's writer all right whatever writer you are think about those things as you are gathering like I said like your props your your different items or different scenes you know maybe your desk area or different places that you want to show your personality but you also want to always relate that to your writing into your love of books and staying consistent with that so yeah I'd focus on you know day in the life otter stuff and also anything that would depict your author reader life but would give value or would hint at the value that you're going to say in your captions and I know we're going to talk about captions in a little bit but that's also what you really want to focus on as well as far as maybe the filters or even the caption are there ways that people can strategically work on their branding on Instagram I think if you go into the hashtags in Instagram and start searching fantasy or start searching your genre or your audience I think you'll see themes and you'll see repetition of either lighter photos or darker photos or different things that are in them I definitely use the collections feature in Instagram to save certain photos that I that inspire me that either have certain props or certain filters or different things that I think connect with my brand and then as I'm taking my photos or I'm thinking about props or I'm thinking about filters I will then go to the collections and be inspired by that and let that sort of guide where I want to go and I think that as you're saying like those kind of filters or those kind of props will then attract those kind of readers again thinking about your intended audience how is Instagram a different than other social media platforms such as Twitter Facebook and YouTube what are some of the benefits to launching an Instagram account for writers specifically I think one of the benefits of having an Instagram in addition to all these other platforms is it's sort of for me I think has a great combo of everything in one and what I mean by that is that you know YouTube has this great like video kind of aspect and it feels very personable and feels very you know like just you can just sort of watch it right it's just really easy and every time you see someone's face I think is is super valuable especially for your brand like you can have like an icon or you can have pictures of like all this other stuff but once you show your face people connect with you so what I love about Instagram is it has like stories it has live chats it now has a GTV which I know we'll talk about and it has all of these ways besides just pictures that you can easily just get on there and show your face and I know that's a little like intimidating I was intimidated by it at first as well but it really really connects with people and not a lot of people are doing it so when you can just use that like 15 second story to just pop on there and say something to your audience it really is awesome and I think aesthetically and just visually we are visual people and so Instagram also has this visual element that's just I can snap a picture and share it again on stories or on the feed and people connect to it right away they don't have to read like a whole long post they can just see it and like it and engage and feel connected to it and then it also has the writing aspect so you have this like pretty sizable caption in the photo that you can type you can share things written in your stories you can do DMS on which are direct messages and all of like the whole interface of Instagram at least for me I think is just so intuitive and it just makes it that much easier to make a meaningful relationship so I mean I have a following on Instagram but I also think that like a lot of my followers have become my friends I don't know I think it's like a really great supplement but I also think if you only want to do one social media just to start out on I think it's a really great place to start out and you have all of those elements all in one place basically everything you were saying or feelings I have about Twitter you're saying these things I was like yeah yeah I'm not getting some of these things but I feel that way you had mentioned a couple things about the stories part of Instagram and again I've only been on here for a few months and the stories is just the weirdest part to me like I think today I posted a picture about peanut butter and so I just don't quite understand like what what is the purpose of stories it's a car like a snapchat esque thing where it just appears and disappears yeah so I I didn't really understand it the first time I was on – I was just like just on the photos but then I started like watching them you know they pop up right at the top there as some of them are random some of them are like yeah I don't really care but like if you scroll through and you actually watch some all the way through that you really like those are the ones that end up showing up at the front of your stories all the time because Instagram thinks that oh this person is actively watching this person or commenting on their photos or whatever so they must be friends or they must like really like them so you'll start to see stories that are actually like a meaningful more meaningful to you in the beginning but actually engaging on those especially for your brand like you can use the pulls feature so you can use that for a random thing like hey do you guys like peanut butter on your like whatever you know and you can put like yes or no and you'll see you'll start seeing people engaging and you're sharing something personal about yourself but you're also getting them to like actually engage with you and connect with you but you can also say like hey like I picked up this book at the bookstore like has anybody read it or hey I'm thinking about sharing some tips about a B and C and there's actually a feature like a questions feature so you can pop that up and be like hey I'm gonna be editing my manuscript this next week do you guys have any tips about editing and from those answers that people give you you can actually repost them and then give them a shout-out on your stories and they feel like oh wow this person that actually sees me and like values what I have to say or what I have to ask and it starts with that dialogue I think photos are great because yeah they're aesthetically pleasing and you have the caption in the comments whatever but it's sort of like hard to be on the go with that with stories you can just like snap a picture or do a quick video and you can connect with people like right away yeah those are just a few of the features that I use to like get people chatting with me and to also ask their input like even for like my youtube videos I'll be like hey like I'm doing this collab with I write early and I'm going to be interviewing her about Twitter what do you guys want to know about Twitter and like so some of my questions are going to come directly from the people and those people when I share the YouTube video I'm gonna say hey I used your question in the video here's the video and hopefully then they'll go watch it I also just watch other people and what they do and then I am like how can i also like mimic that or use that or use it in a way that's authentic to who i am and like what i want to share that's awesome advice i think regardless of platform or where you are maybe on instagram is just to look at what the greats on that specific platform are doing and then take your own spin on it but let's shift gears to caption so what type of captions perform best what are your thoughts on the best type of captions captions are super super important because yeah you've got this beautiful picture that people are liking but a lot of people will just like click like on the photo and like maybe not read it especially if they notice that your captions aren't engaging or don't share value yeah they'll still continue to like your photos but they're not actually engaging with your brand and if you develop a habit and an expectation that you're actually sharing value in your captions then people whenever they see your photo are gonna be like oh I know there's gonna be something you know valuable in here so I'm gonna read it and then I'm also gonna comment what I do to create a good caption that actually brings engagement is to one share value okay so something helpful or insightful or educational or funny or something that will really connect with people and and bring something again I'm using the word value a lot but of value to their life the second thing is to show my personality so like 10 different people can say the same thing but only you can say something in the way that you would say it and people want to connect again to a person to a face to a persona to a brand and so you are your brand and so whatever you are your personality it's not that you don't share value in that moment but you share value with your own voice and as writers we have the benefit of being able to have an effective voice so use that and the third thing is to always ask a question at the end of your caption and this just pulls people into the comments so that they can engage with you further and you can develop those meaningful connections and when again when you develop those meaningful connections people are like hey when they want to clear out their feed and they're just getting like bombarded by too many things they're gonna go to your account and be like I'm not gonna delete this account or unfollow this account like there's so much value here I connect with this person they answer my questions so you will be memorable and that will stick out into our next topic which is algorithms algorithms have made Instagram a little bit tougher to break out in it so can you give our viewers a quick overview of what these algorithms will look like and from what the Instagram a landscape is in 2018 yeah so algorithms um the thing is with any social media but especially Instagram it is always changing and so you can play the game and try to follow it and still lose with that I will say that the things that I do pay attention to because a lot of the things I've sort of just not paid attention to and I've still had a lot of success and I'll tell you in a second what I really focus on but the things with algorithms that I do pay attention to are to post at least a couple times a week like I said or a couple times a day unlike Twitter where you want to post like a gazillion times a day you do not want to over post on Instagram because then people will you'll just bombard people and they'll be like oh uh too much and like want to unfollow you so a couple times a day at most a couple times a week at least use all 30 hashtags and play around with them don't use the same ones all the time because then the people that go to those hashtags all the time we'll just they'll be the same people and so you won't get more exposure so I do pay attention to my hashtags I change them up I have different groups that I experiment with I look at other people and what hashtags they're using and I try those out those algorithm was are like pretty much the only things right now that I'm paying attention to the biggest thing and I know I'm like a broken record right now but the biggest thing that you need to do is engage with your audience in a meaningful way and if you do that if you use again not just your photos but stories maybe live I do TV if you're using all of these things in an engaging way in a meaningful way your people will pay attention and will value you and will go looking for your stuff even if it doesn't pop up and with that as you are having your people engage with you more and more what Instagram is doing with the algorithm at least currently is showing your content to those people even more or at the top of their feet so the feed is not actually any more chronological it is by what you engage with most or what's most popular so there's I know there's been some people that I engage with a lot that I'll see their some of their older posts show up at the top of my feed even though it's been like a day or so since it's been posted but that's because they've they've gotten me I'm really engaged with them and they show up or the stories it's the same same thing if you're engaging with certain people you're answering their questions or their polls and their stories or you're watching them all the way through those things are going to show up at beginning of the stories so if you are engaging with people in a meaningful way and they are looking for your stuff and they are engaging with your stuff when they see it then that will show up at the top given these challenges a width of the algorithms that things are posted chronologically or appearing chronologically kind of on your feet or what are some the ways of that writers can work to become discovered on Instagram so there are a gazillion ways and I'll try not to be too long but I have a lot of little tips for you guys besides sharing pictures with captions that show value show your personality and ask a question like I've said before that's like really really important one thing I've done is to actually do a series of posts that have to do with a similar topic and then I will refer people back to older posts that have that same topic or you know like hey today we're talking about this but yesterday we talked about this that relates to this and people will like go back and actually engage with those other posts that normally wouldn't show up but you're sort of reusing older posts which is always great the other big thing is you want to go engage on other people's accounts I sort of relate it to being at a party if you are at a party and you sort of go to your own little corner and stay there and hope that people will come talk to you it doesn't really happen what you want to do is go to other people's accounts that are sharing similar content or have a similar vibe or brand that you would like to align yourself with or readers or writers that you want to connect with or you think would benefit from your content then go find them in the search feature or in similar hashtags and go engage don't just like their photos because tons of people like their photos but go into the comments answer whatever question they ask that day or comment on something from their caption another tip that was great from author influence from out of the backs was this when you comment on someone else's post to you want to compliment them to share your thoughts about what they shared and then ask your own question and when you ask them a question usually they're going through all of their comments and just being like like like like like like but if you ask them a really engaging question then usually we'll want to answer you and then you've started a conversation and when it's meaningful like that they'll want to go then to your account and see what you're all about and possibly go follow you another thing is your stories which I've already talked about but I'll just touch on that again real quick is that you when you're going through your stories don't just watch them like actually respond to people if they're asking a question or doing a poll or something and the other thing is to use your stories like I said use the pulse feature yourself use that new questions feature I use that like crazy all the time and get a bunch of people to answer them and that's always really fun and whatever you're doing on your story is again try to show your face as much as possible I know it's so scary but again it connects people to you the other thing with that is I found a lot of success not only in asking people to engage that way but to purposely shout out other people and tag other people you can take a screenshot of their story and or you can actually share their post on your stories sort of like on Twitter you can retweet you can repost other people's content and when you tag them in it it goes to their direct message and they see that they you've tagged them and usually they really appreciate that and when they're thinking about doing something or sharing something sometimes then other people that I've tagged will then tag me or there's different actual tags that go around that people say hey like I'm sharing what I'm doing right now now I tagged XY and Z and if you've been a really engaging person usually they'll tag you the other thing that I do and I swear by and I have a whole video about how I do this effectively but I livestream and again it's with that whole show in your face and it's a little scary at first especially when you're like is anybody gonna show up and I talked about in my video how you can make sure that people show up to your livestream and are engaging but live-streaming is just so fun because you're talking to people in real time and you're answering their questions and I I'm gonna talk about photo challenges in a second but I did a whole photo challenge throughout January when I was first launching my Instagram and I did a weekly live stream with all of those people that were part of that photo challenge and they loved it and we had it wasn't just like I was talking about something random we were talking about the challenge and all the things we were learning and getting them to share their tips and again it just creates this sense of community and a central sort of thing around your brand with that there's also you can host photo challenges you can host story challenges and if you just search like Instagram challenge or like in a hashtag you'll see all these different challenges or I can share some with you guys but basically you share a photo or you share something on your stories that says hey during this week or this month here are some different prompts for each day and then you share a photo or a story based on that prompt and everybody is using a particular hashtag to do that challenge that is also a way that you can connect to a bunch of people and also give value to them earlier you had mentioned basically showing your face in some capacity is really important social media kind of have that personal connection so regarding that do you mean like your your regular feet on Instagram should you be taking like selfies or if you doing stuff and then post that sort of a thing or do you kind of want a smattering of like you know pictures for I'm thinking like writer so pictures of like books and notebooks and pens and laptops or whatever like so how often would you want to include just your face or you in the Instagram feed totally yeah so stories and live obviously you're showing your face but photos and in the feed I personally tend to just put my face on there maybe every I don't know 10 or every 7 or so because yeah you do want to connect people to who you are especially if they aren't watching stories or they aren't tripping on the lives but you also want to make sure that you it's just not all about you in the sense that you your people can tell that you're sharing like books and other things that are directly related to writing so that when your photos show up in different hashtags people won't know who you are so I would still stay on the side of showing a lot of right early or read early things so that it's more searchable and people gravitate towards that to then see your feed but then when they see to your feed they're actually seeing also your face or seeing your daily engagements or things that show more of your personality so I think you have to have a balance I personally tend to on my feed show a lot more of just like right early read early content but definitely I would still definitely show your face as well in the feed I've heard that hashtags are like a double-edged sword so you don't want to use the hashtags that are super super popular because you'll just get lost in a sea of pictures and at the same time you don't want to use the hashtags that are very uncommon ly used because people will never search for them what are sort of the best hashtags for writers looking to launch their author platform on Instagram to use yeah hashtags generally you really just need to experiment but you need to be keep changing it up and you need to keep sort of looking because there are new hashtags that are popping up as well but the the basic general thing that I would say is definitely use all thirty because you want the biggest potential but you also especially if you're starting want to make sure that you are not going to hashtags that are using like less than a thousand couple thousand but not like the millions either you sort of want to use the ones that are in the middle and maybe use a couple of the ones that are those like outliers but it's I guess I don't really like have a whole science to it but you want to be just using a smattering of different ones and experimenting so I have this app called unum and actually in the free feature shows you your top hashtags and which ones are connected to the posts that are getting the most likes in which hashtags you should probably keep using because you're getting discovered that way but you definitely want to keep looking at other people's hashtags that they are using and try using theirs and the other tip that I would say is as you're switching up the ones that you typically use you also can be using some that are not writing or reading related just to get more people seeing your posts and like them just because they're pretty basically and sometimes with that you'll actually catch people that they like to write on the side or they like to read but they wouldn't have found you because it's not like something they mainly mainly like but then all of a sudden they find you and they're like oh yeah I love reading or oh yeah I used to write a lot like I should get back into this so some of the hashtags that I've used are like flat lay of the day because I do a lot of flat laze positive vibes because a lot of the stuff that I share it has to do with positivity like girl boss or boss chick or one of those because I feel like entrepreneurial and that's like part of who I am as well I choose lovely my desk typewriters because I have typewriters whoo my summer vibes during the summer pursue what is lovely and so these are just ones that like I've played around with or I've seen other people use that have like a similar vibe to my pictures and those have boosted like my likes and gotten me to a wider audience as well what are some of the best ways to grow a following on Instagram and are there any shortcuts I would actually say that besides the things that I've already shared there are really no shortcuts and any of the shortcuts that do exist you should not do so buying box buying followers or doing follow for follow I would definitely you know people say that these are shortcuts to get followers and yeah they might boost your followers right away but these are not authentic followers these are not people that are going to stick with you for the long haul these are not people that are going to be commenting on your photos or engaging on your stories or doing anything good for you besides being a number and a lot of the time people won't necessarily follow someone because they have a lot of followers they will follow someone because they are being engaging they're giving value and they see other people engaging with them I'm just gonna talk real quick about the follow for follow specifically because yeah a lot of people aren't gonna go and like buy followers but the follow for follow thing is really you know at first sounds like a good idea like I follow you you follow me but if it isn't an authentic follow again like they eventually will see you in their feed and if it wasn't like hey I really liked person they're going to eventually unfollow you so even if it takes a longer time to grow if you're growing steadily but at a slower rate those people are actually going to stick with you and be engaging and help your account grow so that's what I'd say about that for viewers who might be interested in creating an author Tube channel or maybe they have other social media platforms and they want to ramp up their savviness on Instagram specifically what are some of the ways that they can cross promote content across their different channels for sure so for example I tend to want to promote my YouTube videos and so in my stories I will actually record on my phone like the screen of part of my video playing and then I will go into stories and sort of use the editing feature to get rid of all the details at the bottom and then put text at the bottom to say something about the video and why they want to watch it I'll make sure the link is in my Instagram bio to go directly to that video and you can also use IG TV because in the description of your video on IG TV you can actually put direct links I've seen some people do a really quick sort of recap or a little tidbit of what's in their YouTube video sort of is it like a teaser on IG TV or even on stories but IG TV again has that direct link and then as people are watching that they'll say hey if you go to my description over here you'll be able to click that direct link and go to my youtube channel I've also seen people take like a screenshot of a tweet or someone commenting on their tweet and again you can sort of put that in your stories and erase whatever you don't want and then put like words or comments around that or put a poll based on like hey guys what did you think of this tweet or go check out this challenge or this Twitter chat that I'm hosting and sort of cross-promote like that you had mentioned IG TV and this is something that's completely new to Instagram for those of our viewers who might not know what IG TV is could you explain what it is and what some of the advantages of you in this part of the platform are basically it is a part of Instagram so it's on the Instagram app but you have to create this channel on the IG TV app and then it directly connects to the original app but once you have that set up you basically have like your own video channel like you do with YouTube on Instagram yeah so IG TV is totally new and it's awesome one because you again get to show longer video content right now the max is really about 10 minutes they might extend that to like a whole hour which again if you do like a livestream or something and save that to your phone you could actually save your livestream for more than 24 hours or you could put like a stream of stories that you've created that have the like a similar beam or like a series of them and make them one long video and save them on your IG TV because stories and lives and all that kind of stuff only lasts for 24 hours but if you want to make long-form content that people can go search later that's what IG TV is for it can potentially be really awesome and right now if you're on that you are one of the few which is part of the benefit as well where YouTube is like somewhat oversaturated IG TV is like can be gold that's all the questions I have for today so thank you so much Brittany for joining us thank you this has been so much fun and I hope it was really helpful for you guys thanks for tuning in to this episode of I ride early on how to effectively use Instagram as a writer be sure to check out Brittany's video on how to use a Twitter as part of your author platform all the links will be listed in the description below if you like which song give this video a thumbs up it lets me know that you like this type of content and want more and if you're new here welcome consider subscribing I post writing related videos every Wednesday if you have any questions about anything we cover today for myself or Brittany a feel free to leave those in the comments below be sure to connect to me on my other social media platforms I'm on Twitter and Instagram I also have monthly e-newsletter pokin advise which includes insiders and giveaways for subscriber when you subscribe to the newsletter you'll receive a free copy of how to format your manuscript for submission which is a template learning how to format your manuscript for writers who are looking to query or share their manuscript with freelance editors all the links are listed below that's it for today as always keep writing

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