How to UPLOAD & PUBLISH Island Codes Worlds in Fortnite Creative!

what's up guys welcome to today's fortnight creative world of video today I'll be teaching you guys exactly how you can upload your fortnight world or your server or your map so other people can actually go ahead and play it as well as even submit your submission for the block so anyway so before I do the video make sure you guys go ahead and drop a like on the video it is so much appreciated you guys hit the like button let me know in the comment section what like number you guys are as well as if you guys don't apply for Knight with me make sure you guys comment below your epic ID I'll be picking a few you guys to add as a friend on my fortnight's list so of course if you guys want to be added as a friend on my for Knight list make sure you guys go ahead and drop a like and come flow your epic ID I had a lot of subscribers and we actually go ahead and play some awesome four night maps in worlds as well as normal battle royale with you guys so make sure you guys go ahead and do that and a huge shout out to every single one of my fortnight supporter creators if you guys are not already makes you guys go into the item shop click on support a creator and use the code TRIZ a bear if you guys do that it's so awesome I really do appreciate every single one of you guys that use the support of credit code trees a bear I want to highlight some of you guys that actually use supportive credit code at rizz bear thank you guys so much it honestly means a lot to me and it helps me fun awesome giveaways that i do on my channel so thank you guys so much for your support so anyways though today i want to actually show you guys exactly how you can actually go ahead and upload your for tonight world or even download for tonight worlds from creative mode this is super important makes you guys follow every single step because if you guys miss a step you guys of course will not be able to do so and of course i do understand that everyone is on a different pace i uploaded a video a few weeks ago but i'm not sure if anyone even watched that video or not if you guys did let me know but i want to make sure everyone is up to date and up to speed so I might be good whenever some things you guys might already know but if you guys don't already know how to actually upload or like download worlds make sure you guys are of course paying attention so anyways first things first of course I'm in creative world I'm gonna go ahead and play and yes and see there's different servers you hasn't select I'll go ahead in for this video I'm just go ahead and start my own server here so of course as you guys know whenever you guys are on fortnight creative world you're gonna spawn on this little spawn island or the creative hub and there's already some featured worlds on here already and of course there is your own home island I was talking about this in another video but of course if you guys do not know already if you guys go into any of these featured items you can either press X to select it if you guys are on PlayStation if you're on a keyboard and mouse you can press E and I think it's like a or Y I'm not quite sure how it is on the Xbox but of course when you guys go ahead and select your island either is like different island codes and of course some of these I already have inputted I showed you guys that's too risky Runaways grimmy grinds temple run as well as like the new town and basically what you do is if you guys want to actually enter in a new code you can actually go into the like epic games like this island code here and then you can type in any brand new codes you guys have so say for example is like a random code name this don't don't do this guys like there's a random code but of course you guys can do whatever code you guys want to type in however though it's a day I'll be you guys exactly how to get these codes and how you can get your world submitted so your island or your own a fortnight creative world will have its own island coat so first things first as you guys know on my own servers I actually have a bunch of different servers I have the Arctic Island Arctic Island 2 3 4 and then island 1 2 3 4 the block 1 the block 2 for this video in particular I will be doing on my island 1 I could if I really wanted to be going to block for the block 2 but of course I would be going in the island 1 I'm not planning on submitting my world on to the block so I'm gonna go ahead and select this world it's loading up it's already there so I'm gonna go ahead and just jump into my fortnight server cuz it's already made here we had to jump this alright so obviously I'm on my fortnight world here it's seriously like I was messing around I had some other fortnight I guess like players in and we're like messing around but I wanted to go ahead and just show you guys a quick tutorial so I won't build anything too specific I'm gonna go ahead and toss some random blocks here some random worlds and of course y'all can see we have like some random pre-built like obstacle course in my server here so this of course is my server you of course can make your servers or your worlds however you guys won – you guys probably have some already some pretty awesome creations and just even like I guess show you guys of course if you guys want to actually enter in my own server feel free guys I'll actually put it in there I can actually make something kind of cool I guess but of course once I'm actually on my fortnight's server I built the world today when I made something really cool obviously it's a prebuilt world nothing really too crazy or anything like that then of course if I go into my menu here I can actually go into my island my settings here and then I can go into my island tools there's the game game settings and then island tools and then right here versus your island tools it will have a publish your Island so it says publish your island or you can record there's like a backup one so I'm go ahead and press publish island I'm gonna pause the video right there if you guys do not have the published island feature in your game make sure you guys keep watching because I will explain exactly why it's not there and how to actually get the publish island feature in your for night game so keep watching the video so of course I can go ahead and type whatever I want to into my publish island here I will do like I don't know Creator code and then trees bear and I'm definitely be plugging this in hardcore man creator code triz they're just like this so of course if anyone wants to enter in theirs whatever I died or Island title or the description they can do so like obviously you make the description exactly how your world is for today's video I'm just gonna just plug my fortnight credit coat shop to everyone that's been using it of course but then of course when I'm actually done all I'm gonna do is press publish once actually publish it then you guys can see congratulations your Island has been published and then I actually have my creator code and it looks like it's seven four three zero five two nine seven five one six nine so I'm go ahead and copy my creator code it's been copied to my clipboard let's go back of course and then let's go close so now let's go back into the creative hub somebody go ahead and go back into the Creator hub here and once it is back there now I can actually go into any of these featured little island things set a code go here and I can actually go ahead and paste it and so now what actually paste it you can actually see it shows trees bear which is my epic id creator code trees bear critic code trees marriages exactly how I put it something go ahead and select so now it's loading up my server that I actually went ahead and put it there and it's loading oh my gosh my game is lagging a little bit because it's loading a new server and then of course oh geez is lagging like crazy it's kind of crazy so let's give it a few seconds while we actually wait for it to actually load up and a wall log guys there we have it we have our very own a fortnight's server that we just uploaded you can do the same one if you guys want to you guys can enter it in to test it out for yourself at seven four three zero five two nine seven five one six nine so of course I mean the description says a critic code trees bared the title says critic Oh trees bear you could change that to whatever you guys really wanted to but I just went ahead and did that so I'm gonna go ahead and enter into the island the server of course and it's exactly how we made it on our own I mean yes and see is like the open main menu and select start game to start it of course yes and see like obviously it is my own for tonight create a server like this is like literally my exact same server you guys can test it out for yourselves to see if it work for you and and so yeah so that's exactly how I actually went ahead and uploaded my own for tonight creative server and how people can actually play my four night creative world you so of course like I mean be careful guys because if you guys want to upload something make sure it's published just to be safe and it's ready to go before we start sharing that code and then of course people can actually go back into the creative hub here if you guys did not know you can actually go back to where's like where your game-mode is here I'm using the key word of mouth so you guys can hear it and then it can do set creative island code and then you can actually go ahead and refresh your favorites so say for example if you're creator actually then an update to your world you can actually go ahead and press refresh and so yours like server is actually saved so it's like refreshed and saved so any new updates happen they actually went ahead and they changed it so that's pretty cool okay so this next thing is super duper important so make sure you guys understand and you guys keep watching in this next step because a lot of you guys are gonna encounter some issues in problems just like this so I'm on another account here and if I actually go into the creative or like is my island here and actually selected the island tools does not give me an actual option to publish it it only allows me to reset the island or back it up there's no such thing as a published option or feature on this fortnight world well that's exactly what I'm explaining in this next part of the video so make sure guys keep watching to understand why your account does not have this ability however though they don't give this ability to every single person that makes something on fortnight and in fortnight creative world they only really gave capabilities to people that actually have proven that they can make a really cool thing so today of course I made this tutorial exactly showing you guys how to publish it however though I want to give you guys an awesome opportunity I'm only gonna be giving this opportunity to those of you guys that of course are super super awesome in my fortnight community I mean I'm not gonna be allowing and I'm not gonna be showcasing worlds or just like I guess servers from toxic people or people that are super negative on my videos or in my comments section I'm only to be helping people that of course are positive and I know for a fact they're really nice awesome builders but of course if you guys have a really awesome world or server you guys want me to showcase or post on social media if you guys don't have social media I will be more than happy to actually do it I know one of my buddies actually made a really cool fort night wrestling world and he got a lot of recognition he actually I got contacted by some people from Epic Games they even retweeted his picture which is crazy and they of course messaged him asking if he wants the ability for his world to be shared publicly giving him the Creator access so you can actually publish his future fortnight servers so that's really really cool guys honestly giving people the ability to publish servers for free without costing anything for these guys it's just super super nice of Epic Games and you have to understand even though it might suck that I mean it's like I guess like I mean you have to be recognized of course you actually have to show off your world to someone it's really cool at Epic Games gives the ability for people to actually get free servers to play on so what that mean saying as I mentioned before if you guys have an awesome fortnight world or server guys want me to showcase or like record on and get recognition if you guys maybe I don't know I don't have I guess so god oh you guys don't have a capture card or something to record on if you guys want me to like record on it make sure you guys let me know just say yes leave your epic ID make sure you guys comment below on my video we have a cool world maybe send me some pictures so I know exactly what world I'm gonna be getting myself into and then of course I'll be adding some of you guys and checking out some your worlds if of course you guys have something cool that I think would be really really awesome to showcase so anyways though as I mentioned before thank you guys so much for watching today's video if you guys enjoyed the video make sure has chopped a like on the video make sure you guys are subscribed to my channel and remember to use my supporter credit coat r is a bear it is super important guys refresh your item shop every 14 days whenever he has make a purchase of 49 make sure you guys have trees bear in the annum shop sometimes it'll disappear so be sure of course you guys are using code trees bear in the item shop whenever guys make a purchase but we'll catch you guys later have an awesome day guys until next time stay true peace

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