How to Tell if You’re a Writer

I supposed I had a number of what I might
call pre-writing moments as a kid. I recognized at a pretty early age, certainly
I was pre-teens, I noticed that the school day was enough of a day to spend with my friends. I seemed to have a need to want to be alone. Even before I started making almost landscape
notes in a journal, even before I started keeping a journal, which happened to me when
I was fourteen, even before then I had a need to come home from school by myself and to
be in a room by myself or in my grandmother’s garden by myself. I guess the earliest sign was how much I liked
being alone, how much I actually needed to be alone, the way you need, or I need, exercise
or food or a certain amount of sleep. There was that desire to be, and a comfort,
at being alone.

99 thoughts on “How to Tell if You’re a Writer

  1. "The school day was enough of the day to spend with my friends", he's not talking about introversion.

    I identify 100% with this statement, in the sense that I really liked my friends, and I was very sociable in school and actually enjoyed talking to people, but the school day was enough, I rarely wanted to do social activities outside of school, not for shyness, I just really liked to spend time by myself, and still do.

    You could argue if this is or isn't an indicator that one has the potential to become a writer, but he's not saying writers are introverts.

  2. Such an excellent short video. Being your true self is especially difficult when you are by yourself. I know that's certainly the case for me, but while it's difficult I soon realize that I have a ton of fun writing my thoughts down and creating stories that I like for myself. If other people like it, then that's great 🙂 if not, then that's okay too ;D I hope other people who are interested in expressing themselves honestly understand that it is truly okay to be yourself. Cheers, y'all.

  3. Uhm….wtf? So somehow you decided to conclude all introverts must be writers? GTFO. Click baiting bitches. Last big think video i click on.

  4. This is me. And, yes, I am an introvert, but I also write. With my coworkers, they don't get why I don't go out or want to hang out with them after work. I spend 8 hours a day with them. After that, I need to get away from people.

  5. Being a writer is to leave a piece of you out there for people to see and hopefully understand. You have a good chance of being a messenger if you spend time alone, using your senses, and observing yourself. You can share it any way you want including a written form of communication.

  6. Introversion is advantageous, yes. But not a sign that you are or will be a writer.
    If you read a lot and enjoy writing this is a better sign, but still not conclusive. Writers write.

  7. If you are a talker, you can become a writer with an app like SpeechToText Pro . Just generate content by talking to it.

  8. well what he is saying that at times he needs to be alone so he can sort out his thoughts without the interference and influence of others affecting what he wanted to write

  9. I would also like to add to this video the need for silence. There is something about being in a room alone and absorbing silence. It feels…necessary.

  10. i'm a loner and it's been suggsted that i'm an autistic, or ''just nuts.'' i like it this way and haven't written much but for poems and trolling

  11. I think this discourages people who have writing talent but are extroverted, though it's probably not intentionall on his part

  12. i kinda i wish i was an extrovert. i wish i could talk about nothing for hours on end but it just doesn't appeal to me. i wish people wouldn't mistake my silence for stupidity. it's hard to contribute to a conversation about cars or what happened in someone else's life though. i'm not trying to portray some cocky genius , i'm just wondering how people can get through all that small talk. i don't mind it sometimes but when it becomes a reoccurring theme i just get tired of it

  13. I thought this was a segment on writing, not about hiding in your closet about your sexuality. Just write for crying out load.

  14. I've never been able to put in words what that author just said but that fits me perfectly I enjoy being around people to an extent but highly value my personal free time probably the most important part of my day.

  15. How to gell if you're a writer: look on your bookshelf. If you see any books with your name on the cover and the spine.. you're a writer.

  16. Extroverts don't have time to be writers.. unless they're really fast. Introverts got all the time in the world. So they practise practise practise. Not only writing but all of the arts and crafts and sciences and whatnot.

  17. Number one way to tell your a writer is if you continually finish writing projects (article, novel, screenplay etc). In my opinion it's that simple. I know a lot of people that like the idea of being Writer and they never actually finish whatever their writing. I'm a professional technical writer & novelist and Pro writers write everyday.

  18. Hahahahahahahaha. When the music just sweeps back in at the end of this video with the most misleading title.

  19. Enough with the introvert bs around here. If your social skills and experiences are more work than fun, of course you'd rather be alone than with others. But if you learned social skills (as if a job task) and had taken initiative to change your experience of social situations (ie let go of the anxiety), you will feel like an extrovert.
    But of course, hard comes.

  20. The only impact my introversion has on my being a writer is that it provides me with more time to write.

    …Or, rather, it would if I actually used that time to write, rather than to procrastinate like I'm doing now… :T

  21. 1) the title isn’t what he described
    2) at most he described that introversion and writing are linked by correlation, not causation

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  23. It's not so much the desire to be alone as the creative urge, the impulse an instinct forcing you to discharge your creative juices. Whether you channel this through painting, poetry, dance, music etc it's entirely down to your disposition. I like painting, writing and music. I do all interchangeably. I like being alone but prolonged solitude tends to burn me out as does prolonged exposure to people especially tu mundane type

  24. I once read this memoir, by a very extroverted comedian, who said, they did not want to write a book. They wanted to live the kind of life others would write about. And so did. And could not be more surprised when they found themselves writing a book after all. Which should probably read alone. Otherwise, everyone will think you're crazy by laughing so much.

  25. Need to be alone is have nothing to do with telling if you are a writer or not. As a highly sensitive person, i must say that being alone has even make me feel more lonely and depressed. So this is not a good example for telling if you are a writer or not.

  26. Um, because you love writing and can't imagine doing anything else and all you see yourself being is a successful writer???

  27. I think inwards a lot, but I'm less of an introvert than how most are. I love writing and would like to always write.

  28. As a Myers-Briggs tested 93% introvert, I completely understand this, and like it’s actually comforting to know there’s nothing wrong with how I live/lead my school days since I grew up in an entire family of extroverts who kinda just always had something going on while I just sat back and was like what’s wrong with me? Why am I not like them? Why am I like this?
    I didn’t really learn what introverts and extroverts were until about a few years ago and it is still really hard for me not to long for an extroverted lifestyle, long for the “normalcy” I grew up around, long for friends to hang out with all the time and to feel cool with doing that. I still have to keep myself from beating myself up about the little things that I notice are different about how we interact with others.
    I’m working on it though. I’m perfectly fine the way I am. I’m normal, if there even is such a thing.

  29. One way to discover if you are a writer is to see whether you write or not. At least that´s what I´ve heard.

  30. I summarised the plot of Star Wars when I was 5 years old at school. I only ever wanted to be a writer. I have sold 3 copies of my first novel, but I won't stop.

  31. Stephen King says if you've ever paid a light bill with your writing then you're a writer. And he's also said "A writer writes."

  32. then retitle this stupid video side effects of being a writer because some writers are failed performers ya dimwits

  33. Not being alone also has it's advantages. The more people you meet, the more friends you make then the more ideas you'll have for giving your characters unique personalities and traits. You don't need to of course, but if you do it that way it's not artificial, the personalities you are using is real. Think about someone in your life with a strange laugh, then combine that with the most distinguishing feature of someone in your life who drives you crazy. Boom, now you have a couple of strong features for a super annoying character. But why stop there, why not have them be super annoying but also somehow really lucky, oh how much that would add to their annoying factor….

  34. +Okay, i want to talk about what its like to be a writer and which people have this capability maybe than i’ll talk about the..
    -good, you only have a minute
    +Wait, what… no, stop…
    -3 2 1 go
    +Oh well, i-i dont know, uhh, being an introvert perhaps?
    -Okay great we’ll upload that on youtube now

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