How to Tell If Your Novel Idea is a Good Idea

20 thoughts on “How to Tell If Your Novel Idea is a Good Idea

  1. Thank you so much for the tips! I don’t have a high concept for the book I’m writing, I now need A. The wow factor and B a good plot and C I need to develop and plan my main characters. I just got the idea to write it a few days ago

  2. I think my novel idea is a good idea because it's what I think is good.

    I write more for myself than readers.

    I write for fun and put just as much effort as one who writes for a living

  3. Hi Ellen – I found you channel about a week ago and I've listened to most of your content while rennovating a house!

    Do you have any recommendations for online writing communities to join?

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  4. Thank you. This video popped up at the right time for me. I have a pedestrian idea with a finale that I’m excited about. Now the challenge I’m working on is how to orient the novel to make the finale emotionally and intellectually satisfying.

  5. High concept might get someone to buy it but if its crappy it will just collect dust in somebodies bookcase.

  6. I have an idea on a book that would also make a fantastic tv series how would I get it started

  7. You seriously give the best advice. Thank you so much. This is one I'll be sure to share. So many of my writer friends are worried their premise isn't original and I have such a hard time articulating why that doesn't matter but you do so beautifully here. (Also appropriate for when friends come to me with "a story" idea haha)

  8. My novel is about a girl who has a necklace which has been passed down for many years. She learns the necklace has magic, and two other people have the same necklace. There are Objects that give people magic if they are not born with it (like the necklace). And there is one girl pretending to be her sister so she can get the necklace and have her own magic… and there is a lot of other things happening… like the magic is fading, a green orb is corrupting the magic in the objects, and the girl is struggling with figuring out the truth among everyone she has met. Does this sound original???
    I'm not sure where I'm going with this, though…
    Please comment your opinion!

  9. I'm almost finishing my manuscript and, I'm at that point where I'm getting tired of writing. Don't get me wrong, I love writing. I just don't feel like it. ( I'm doing it anyways because, I only have 8000 words left.)
    Dispite of me hating my writing while actually writing it, today I re-read the begining part of the story. Then I'm like holy crap, it's not actually that bad. Lmao

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