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now you have gotten nice collection of books at your home your wondering how to take care of them how to prevent them from browning and yellowing and how to just maintain them forever and ever and pass on to the next generation if you're looking for answer for this keep watching this video hi guys i m manpreet i make book related videos on this channel and in today's video i am going to share some tips or how to keep your books like new as long as possible has might story i never thought about keeping books and good shape i was just keeping them the way i was keeping them and when recently a lot of you started asking me these question on how to take care of books i was like what i am doing that i don't have any problem like that so i started thinking and reading about maintaining books and here's would i found out this video is dividing into two section first section consist of points on how to read a books so that your book is maintainable in a better manner so first of all do that you're going to have a very tough time taking care of paper back as compare to hard back because of the fact that paper back especially mask market paper back these are a little bit cheap quality paper backs cheap they are and these books usually get through it in a couple of years as they are not mid of good materials so keep that in mind you will never have same result for the hard back and a big back and a mask market paper back three of them are going to age differently and three of them are going to post different problem so while reading a book keep these thing is mine number 1 use of flat bookmark do not use bookmark that will make shapes in the pages of the books or the do something like that now the most important part of the book is this spying if this gets damage to your books is not going to be safe at all so when you're reading the book make sure you're reading like this i know a lot of people make fun of me because i read like this at time but this how should be reading a book do not spoil it now this is not completely open if you're going to try to open it properly this finally break at a time i had the entire game of throne series but you know when i open this know this opens entire book…the entire book opens but it also damages the spying so reading this book this like its me seeing myself damage the spying because see the line open the book now so this is going to be a problem with a paper back some of the paper back which is why i don''t want to have this paper back at all and i am not reading these series this series because of these paper back copies so that so always open the book on this manner so if the spying is good if the paper back copy is good the book stays fine also when you're reading a hard back please take of these jacket this is the jacket use not have to read the book with this jacket always top and then read the book and there are specific like jacket covers that in the market you can also buy that if you buy a lot of hard pack which is usually the case in foreign countries because in india hard pack is way to expensive if you're buying hard packs rich people then buy a difficult the jacket for you're reading the book number 3 please do not eat while you're reading i know i also do that i recently made a video whenever i eating pizza while reading my book but it definitely spoils your book the chances are more so try not to do that next never leave your book open while your reading because that is a short method of breaking the spying of your book and i has happen to me and i'll to truly didn't notice that until i started make this videos thank you guys for requesting this video because i would not have gone what was damaging in my books recently but it was habit of leaving them open like then are in coming back and the picked in up again don't do that if closed your book take a bookmark close it then take a break lastly while you're reading please try not break the spine it is a very obvious thing i cannot point out the many reasons how be begin break the spine but you just do not do it specially if you're borrowing somebodies book do not break the spine now coming to actually maintaining the book storing them and you know making sure they are safe for the next generation first of all try to store them up right like this now if you can not store them a bread for example the book is too long to be store that way the never store them on spine this area because this is going to damage the spine we are going to talk about it a lot so don't store your books in this manner store them in this manner or keep them flat like this try you best to keep them this way secondly if you see it new here lot of people ask me how do you organize your bookshelf and i have always clinch at those people who organize with color and do not mine that you know some book is genre some book is shorter because if the store the same size of books together that apparently the most suggested method by the librarians and book keepers to keep your book save and good so i don't know the logic behind it but i am happy storing my book this way and i think good that the suggested this way because i want keep them any other way next you should try to keep your books away from direct sunlight or direct light now on the only time when my books catch direct light these when i am filming the video because of the light that follow on my face which are the artificial light but otherwise this is an a very shady corner of the room when no direct sunlight happens or you know nothing happens which is why i feel like it has been 7 year since the books are there in bookshelf and all of those books are new they are not brown pages only the old once that i bought as old once are the bad books on my shelf others are like pretty good also unique to keep your books away from humidity now humidity i not a big problem i think in our area its like its a problem and time right now but usually its like okay temperature that cold not that hot so i think my books are fine but if you live in a area where there is a lot of humidity use it to identifier newer room if it use it regularly or just to you know get the humidity i out of your room at times when its gets to much i think that could help because humidity actually remove your books the whole ideas is to prevent the moisture from entry in your books and also any like direct so so of heat or cold affecting your books in the manner next is that try to keep your books open like this now this is a dusting disaster because dusting is also very important for your books you need to dust of your books at least once a month take i take them out at least once a month and completely dust this whole bookshelf it takes like 2-3 hours but i do that otherwise we use a cloth to dust the bookshelf for outside right once a week now ya! dusting is important but when you keep them in the cupboard which is closed that reuings you book in even more and thank god i know that because's the thing this is my book before i had this bookshelf its totally yellow pages like i know important like quite white pages and totally yellow pages totally yellow and i would probably never read this book because of that fact but i think is happened and i know it happened because a lot of people say that lot of library is also talk about that its because i keep i use to have very closed cupboard and the book was lying there so it has yellow the book because of lying in closed shelf think out this book this book is like even from the cover so you can see that only the cover is dirty because i don't wipe it off but otherwise pages are quite white because of that its not even good quality pages its like cheap paper back and still its very much white because i feel like this opens an its helps if your bookshelf this like a opened bookshelf the warmbility humidity hated when you will have to clean it but stay a books make sure the room very a books are lying properly ventilated so that air crosses the room because its in the lobby so a lot of air crosses here it keeps my books safe and that's it guys these are like some little method and little thing that you need to keep in mind to keep your books safe and i hope this video helps you out it certainly help me to know that things i was reuings right and i need do not change doing that and i hope its helps you as well to take care of books and make them last longer and pass them on your kids thank you so much for watching this video this is manpreet signing off i'll be back with another video very soon …

50 thoughts on “How To Take Care Of Your Books? | Storing Books The Right Way

  1. I live in Florida, where is hot, humid, and sunny, so I think books over here are aware they won’t survive on the long run…

  2. Wanted to know your thoughts about ebooks? Do you prefer ebooks or physical books? The thick game of throne copy u showed in this video – such kind of books are difficult to store and will get damaged while reading. A kindle copy of the same though is easily manageable. However physical books have their own charm. Please make a video on ebooks vs physical books. Would love to know your thoughts. Thanks

  3. Thanks a ton for the video. My house is being reconstructed and I've got closed book shelves made😑 any suggestions?

  4. I also have a harry potter book whose pages turned yellow, i also have other books but they didn't turn yellow even though i kept them in the same place, i guess its just harry potter books 🤔🤔

  5. How are you protecting the edges?

    Give some tips to school students. also please tell how to arrange books in a bag for school purposes

  6. Also don’t make dog ears at the top side of the page to use as a bookmark & also turn the pages carefully so as to keep them in great condition & also don’t write in books , I have seen stuff written by people in books & written in pen , I repeat don’t ever write in books

  7. Pass on to next generation …..bah!! I am going to die with my sweetheart(s)!!!!!!!…..l am going to make my books perform sati(no sarcasm)!!!!

  8. That is why i love E-books, but I have this one book that is precious to me, its a paperback of Steve Jobs Biography

  9. breaking the spine is the first thing I do and I do it on purpose. Otherwise, holding it is uncomfortable. I don't know how people read books and they still look brand new. You would never let me borrow a book.

  10. the best and the most effective way of having a lot of books and not worrying about cleaning at all or maintain them is buying a kindle. Now you just have one thing to take care of 🙂

  11. I've been keeping my books in a closed area thinking the longer exposed it is to oxygen & sunlight the yellow it gets. Lol. Thanks so much. Gtg, imma let them breathe now hahahah

  12. That's really helpful thanks for sharing. Another thing u could add, putting silica gel bags into bookshelves also prevents your books from moisture and humidity.

  13. well done dear sister, you are unmatchable in India. best of luck from Pakistan Peshawar.

  14. I have so many books that when I dust them it takes 3-4 hours for half of the books. I have 1500+ books. And I give up everything half in the way while removing dust with a book-cleaning brush individually, very tiring 🙁

  15. Hey Manpreet! You have been doing an awesome job. Carry on doing such great work.
    At what age did you start reading books? And what's your present age?

  16. It sucks whn i ordr n amazon they gve wrst paperbck at times.. for cost cutting thr s no othr options than odering online thru amazon…

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