How To Start (and Not Start) Your Novel

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  1. @Kim Chance Hi Kim, a few of my friends and I are starting to build a fictional universe. We thought we could write a instruction for this fictional world first, and then write different novels in this world. My question is that have you built a universe setting for your novel?

  2. I heard of one editor that could tell if your book is good or not by reading the first eight LINES! I think that's kind of cutthroat and too hardcore…

  3. How about starting the story by imagery and add a few characters like four or five? And also, no cliche questions like, "Why is my life is like this?" and no internal monologue at the beginning of the story. I know that could be helpful too.

  4. My story begins with a dream sequence (Which involves the death of her parents) and then explains about how my character goes out to fight pirates (My story is a sci fi novel in a different world.) and then talks about how she is called upon to make peace with a planet that is threatening to split from the solar system (as it wants to an independent society.) But I was wandering if I can brake the rules cliché. Can I email my story to you and see what you think?

  5. Shine.
    Thank you for the insights. Priceless!
    Oh, by the way, I LOVE your book. Keeper. It really is. You actually can write, and I enjoy your writing style–exposition and dialogs. Coupled with your videos, I really learn a lot. Can't thank you enough.

    I just hope for the next book, you'll allow amazon to print also in Kindle version, or even epub version on Smashwords.

  6. 4:05 What if the character was already in a pickle and the beginning of the story doesn’t show their normal life?

  7. What if the dream sequence or hallucination is crucial to the story? Like what if there's a character that can only visit the main character in the dream world? What if the hallucinations establish the character loosing touch with reality, which will be a main theme that drives the story?

  8. Just the fact that you are an author, YouTuber AND a teacher makes your YouTube channel not only gold, but extra gilded. You clearly know your stuff as the author that you are, but the teacher in you also makes you capable to explain to us what you know.
    Now, … I've seen in other videos that on top of all of that you ALSO are a mother??? For real Kim, I mean… how do you even pull this off? Being a mom is a full-time job, and you still manage to do your writing.
    I don't know about you but my day only has 24 hours in it. What physical law would you suggest this humble aspiring writer that I am to break first in order to find that extra time?

  9. Are my writing skills good?
    Chapter 2: snowy memoirs
    She walked upon the glistering snow where she had kissed for the first time a year before. The snow was covered in dirty little particles that gave a gross feel to the park. The grass was buried under the inches of snow. It was dead, no one in site. The park had been losing visitors for years,but now it just felt empty. The feel and vibe was cold, colder than any snow could be. Her mother would bring her there as a child where she would have little snowball fights with her brother. It broke her heart since he died in the car accident. She felt nothingness without him. Like a hole shot out, and can never be replaced. The gun that had been shot was the memories eating at her every time she went through this empty park. Her black thin hair tumbled in the wind. She had spent about an hour doing her hair. Before being rushed out by her roommate. Who left trash around the apartment and always made her do the stacks of dishes. Her mom hadn’t spoke a word to her since her brothers death. It was eating at her too. Worse than it was for jayla. It was her son after all. Her little boy only to be crushed in a violet fender bender in the middle of the freeway.

  10. Is it ok to start a book with the following: man wakes up after being abducted by aliens. Finds himself on board a ship trapped in a cage. The abduction process is never explained. I hear waking scenes are not good for a start.

  11. 6:28 Okay, what if I were to begin my story with a character fighting someone, and at the end of said fight I cut to the protagonist who is currently living a normal life? Is it all right to start with action and then cut to less action as long as it relates to something happening within the next few chapters?

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