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hey guys welcome to the first ever kennel preneur youtube channel video I know it's kind of crazy and I'm sure in a couple years we're gonna look back at this product and laugh at it however though I really wanted to start creating the content and especially on this important topic of how to start a publishing company now a lot of people think that starting a publishing company is sort of a pride thing right hey I've got my own publishing company but there's actually a lot of reasons why a self-published author who's only even just done one book should really consider setting up their own limited liability corporation or other version of a corporations okay so we're going to get into that next all right so first off why should you start a publishing company alright the biggest reason as to why somebody should do that is because it gives them financial protection alright when you put a product out there you're open for attack okay not just your book but you personally so maybe you make the mistake and you use a picture that somebody owns the rights to okay you may say to yourself well I buy my pictures on Shutterstock if you read the fine print it actually says in there that they're absolved of any issues so in case they sold you a picture that is copy written they won't be held liable you will so you kind of you may think you're doing it right but you never know okay so by setting up a limited liability corporation or so if your book is attacked by some big publisher or somebody with a really good lawyer then they can take the money from the company okay your limited liability company but they can't come after you just go on the internet and check it out there are a lot of authors I've had this happen to them so don't just think you're you know small chances that will happen to me it actually does so the next thing is taxes I I really love this for two parts one I have my own personal income and the business has its own can income if I were to combine the two I would actually be put in a higher tax bracket which would kind of suck because that means higher percentage of taxes I actually save a lot more money by doing this than if I were just to combine the two the second aspect to that too is you have business expenses do you go to any publishing events do you like to buy books you know the way I see it is any book I buy that I use for research purposes is a business expense and so therefore it takes off the total revenue of the company which is the tax part that you report so the other thing too is I'm going on to the tropical think tank with some of the bigwigs like John Lee Dumas you know and Chris Tucker and that is a business expense which is nice okay and finally of course there is the legitimacy factor okay a author by themself writing is one thing but if you have a limited liability corporation it's something to put in your book that gives you kind of that whole hey I'm the next step in professionalism because yes I have incorporated so so there's that all right now you may be asking yourself well how do I start a publishing company and it seems like a scary subject okay first off I would recommend going to Kindle printer comm and checking out our extremely extensive look on how you can do this and how to choose the right one but for the purposes of this video we're going to go ahead and take a peek over my shoulder as I show you exactly how I would go about starting my next LLC and how I have done in the past okay I use a website called my new company comm they make it super easy okay and no you don't have to worry about what state you are in case you're in like California where it's you know you know or tax achoo sits or something you can actually set up virtual offices so that your business can be in a very tax a perfect type place like for example Wyoming and Las Vegas or two of the biggest places to start your business so it has a lot of options for you so let's go ahead and jump right in okay guys here we are on my new company comm alright again this is a website that has a complete service setup for anyone wanting to start a business and I say you're like okay I might want to start one of these let's go ahead and jump on start a company pretty easy right okay now before they you get here there are a couple things you want to look at you want to look at what will be your company name what type of company things like that okay there's S corp you know limited liability corporations proprietorships and so forth if you go to our article on how to start a publishing company there's actually links on how you can make a informed decision on that and as I always say to I'm not a lawyer so if you have any questions or so I would highly recommend getting in contact with a lawyer so that you know you get the right point for the purposes of this video that we're going to show you how to actually start up your own limited liability corporation because to me that's kind of the best of all worlds it's easier to set up it is a corporation a lot of people think proprietorships are but they actually give you no protection and it just seems to fit more in what I think the publishing world you know the self publishers business structure is more in line with okay so now we're here on this page and again it's choosing what you want to form in this case I highly recommend forming a LLC but again do your research make sure you choose the right one okay and here is my favorite page of all okay as you can see we have a whole lineup okay and it has the pricing options and everything but right up here in the top select a state here you can select any state and what I really like about this is by selecting a state you can actually look at some of the prices and what you have to pay state fees you know you have the state fees their package fees which are usually lying and you can also kind of find those little extra tidbits on what cost what notice that in Texas who a lot of people think is actually a really good place to start a business there are actually a lot of kind of hidden hidden taxes in there and so it's not the most tax friendliest place for small businesses and things like that my favorite on the other hand comes down to Wyoming you can see our own developed kind of showing you exactly what you're looking at for reoccurring costs and taxes and stuff I actually set my setup my first two limited liability corporations on or in Las Vegas and then later realized hmm yeah Wyoming's kind of the better one right now so let's go ahead and look at that okay so here we are seeing Wyoming look that it is only total of 299 that's if you get there 109 package the state fee is only a hundred dollars you will find cheaper however though if you look into the tax codes and what the reoccurring costs are you actually find that this one will kind of be the better one first off it has no sales tax which is great you will also find that in Las Vegas but Las Vegas just added some renewal fees that plumps you up another 200 or 300 bucks for the total cost so that's not exactly cool anymore but Wyoming on the other hand offers no sales tax state sales tax that is and again a very low state fee and reoccurring fee which is great okay for me I look at the packages now I actually selected the best value but for most I wouldn't recommend doing that you know you can select or select the entrepreneur package all right what is the difference well first off you can go ahead and look at the selections here and we have the availability searches preparer file are okay so the file articles of organization is huge that's a lot of work taking care for you again the next is personalized organizational minutes you do have to maintain these so if you do not buy them from someone you're going to have to do the online search and when you find one you'll have to update it with your particular information then you have the LLC operating agreement again all these are full of documents that you're going to have to search for your state find print make sure you fill it out correctly mail it along with other stuff to basically get the state to accept it when worst part is is that if you don't know of a form or you miss one you are not an entity and you may be operating thinking you are because you've got one form that says you are but if you don't have a mall you haven't really done anything so you have a handbook their grades so they give you all the information I matter of fact when you get your handbook and you get your product it is amazingly simple to run right through okay and within no time you have a legitimate company one of the big things is obtaining the federal tax ID okay now for all you publishers out there this federal tax ID is what gets you your publishing account on KDP not just the self publisher but the publishing account that gives you a lot more options a lot more things you can do because you are business this also allows you to own more than one of Amazon associate account and KDP account because the tax idea is what separates you from just you and a business there a business is a separate entity which means it gets his own account so it's really nice to have two accounts okay I did get the kit in the seal on the membership certificates the company forms these are you know really important and help but I needed this this is why I set up for the for the complete package I needed a registered agent service as you guys know kennel preneur or excuse me the name is actually eBook printer LLC is located out of Wyoming but for those you have read my about me page I live in Sri Lanka I'm an American but I live in Sri Lanka so I needed a registered agent to operate and the business to sign for the business and so I needed that so I signed up for it which is great I got a discount by adding the two together and then finally two I have a virtual office so monthly I pay about 50 bucks this gives me a online phone faxing it's we have a physical office address and so our mail goes there and they redirect it they basically take care of everything this virtual awesome office aspect allows me to have lots of different it allows me to actually choose which state I want to be a part of which is nice so after you've done that you know you can do rush filing I'm going to recommend it just stick with a free shipping aspect you order it and when you've ordered this a it comes in the next page and I mean it's simple information it is not big deal okay so here your contact information your shipping information choose the name okay a little blurb about what the business is about business address so where is it going to be if it's different from you highly recommend having a different address where they using peel box or a virtual office you can find out more on my post about this and then of course you know if you have a registered agent did you choose them or not and just some basics about the about the members okay and whether or not you want to obtain that federal tax ID which I highly recommend after that boom you hit save review you pay for it and within about a couple of weeks everything will be done and filed for you you'll just get a package you just sign some things send it back and you are now a publishing company which is really nice so I really hope you enjoyed that little tutorial and show over-the-shoulder on how to start your own limited liability corporation as you guys probably know can opener calm as a website devoted to helping self publishers make that next step I hope you go ahead and check it out but more importantly though please find us on Facebook join our Facebook group it is incredible community and on top of that I'm putting some of the best information out there on Facebook because I'm kind of a big Facebook fan and my second favorite of course is LinkedIn find me on LinkedIn and contact me I love to talk with you guys and if you need advice or help or anything go ahead and get in touch and I will be there finally – I have a free book out there on Amazon Kindle rankings ever wanted to figure out how to make your book show up higher in the Amazon search results of which I call Arps the this is it it's going to tell you how to change a couple of words and basically change things around so that you rank higher for the words you want and that's completely free so go ahead and sign up for that just click any of the buttons on this video screen and you'll be there hey thanks so much I'm Dave Chesson of Kindle printer komm signing off Cheers

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  1. Awesome video, thank you ! One question
    I have written 8 books and I already have a llC company for motivational speaking. Should I use that as the publisher company or create a new LLC?
    And will 1 LlC be good enough for all of my books?
    Thank you David

  2. Great video Dave! Thanks☺️
    I have start only since one month with public my first book [Prayer is not Enough – The Golden Key to Personal Happiness]. Also i have create an amazing Book Trailer and still i can’t find my readers…I will be honest and will let you know, this book is really based on a true story and after i have go this hard way out of the dark into happiness, i swear write a book to help other people… and this is how my story begins….But is really not easy find your readers in a world with billions of new books every year. That‘s why i really just want say that you are doing a very good job and thanks for share experiences.
    Keep follow you here. KR
    Nelson Gomez Coelho✨

  3. I've have an LLC for my video business. Could I use that? And how do I register my songs through it? Thanks

  4. Thank you for making this video! I really loved it! I want to start my own publishing company! I’m currently writing a book! 🙂

  5. I am Rhea from Philippines, I am accepting illustration projects. I have published works.

  6. Noticed they don't seem to have the Virtual Office option anymore since they've changed the layout of the site. Any advice on that front?

  7. Hey Dave, the buttons to access the free book on Kindle rankings isn't working for me. Do you have a link to this book?

  8. hello , can we publish an ebook on any celebrities facts for eg. 10 shocking facts about sanjay dutt ? is it legal or any risk of case?

  9. Where in this video does it go into the specifics of a publishing company? Marketing, competition, your niche – where's all that info? It was almost entirely about setting up a corporation – that could've applied to any business.

  10. Hi Dave Great Video, please permit me to ask; did you use screenflow for this video? Charisa wants to know 🙂

  11. Awesome video! So glad I stumbled upon you. Looking forward to learning from you. Thank you for providing such great content.

  12. Hi Dave. I have been in publishing business as a hobby since last February. I outsource my books. My question is I live in Europe. So in this case how do I established a company? Your video applies from non us as well? Thank you

  13. This is just superb, I been tryin to find out about "self publish ebook online" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Quonor Publish Peneplanation – (search on google ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my brother in law got amazing results with it.

  14. I am here because I want to start a company of group writers and take credit for their work whilst paying them

  15. I'd like to know how to get royalty money from my songs… Motown Breakdown and Closer in da club … Combined views from both videos that were stolen from me are over 20 million views

  16. Great video!


    When I sign up on does it comes with everything I need legally such as 'registering my business name or DBA certificate, EIN, sales tax permit (if needed)?

    I also plan to publish paperbacks through Createspace. Will it come with a publishing account or will I have to go into each person's account with their personal log-ins?

  17. I worked for a consulting company that offered accounting and legal services, mostly to IT companies, and I can tell you that the one company structure I would never tell someone to DIY of even use an online service it would be an LLC. This is even more so for a single member LLC. The operating agreement for an LLC is very important, not wording it properly can cause tax and more importantly legal problems later on. LLC's are under attack in some States, just having an LLC can encourage a lawsuit in some cases. I can not tell you how many LLC's I have seen have their limited liability status stripped from them in a lawsuit because of a poorly written operating agreement, especially with single member LLC's. So, beware before you cheap out on an LLC, it could come back and bite you years down the line. As far as forming an LLC or Corporation in another State other than where you are operating the business there is no reason to do this other than hiding ownership, some States don't make the members (LLC) or Stockholders (Corporation) part of the public record. But a good lawyer can easily get around that. Wyoming has no sales tax, that only matters if you are selling something in Wyoming. If you do business in a State you don't have a corporation or LLC you have to register as a foreign LLC or Corporation (some State may use a different term) pay fees and get a sales tax number to collect sales tax (if that State has it). You also have to pay income and real estate taxes that imply. So, setting up in another State will save you nothing in taxes and fees, unless you do all your business online and never set foot in another State. And not haveing a real address in the State your business is registered in is yet another way you have your limited liability status stripped. It is so easy for someone to verify an address.

  18. Love this video. Will be checking because my niece and nephew are 8 and 9 and they are authors so I'm going to help them start their own publishing company.

  19. I opened up an LLC using your tutorial in Wyoming, i stay in CA. Whats my best and easiest option to open up a bank account in Wyoming now ? thanks

  20. Hello David, Me and a few friends are starting a publishing company and one of our hardest decisions is coming up with the right name and i was wondering if you had any advise?

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