How To Solve Upload Failed or Cannot publish any place bug (WINDOWS ONLY)

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36 thoughts on “How To Solve Upload Failed or Cannot publish any place bug (WINDOWS ONLY)

  1. youtube remove my own comment wtf
    For People Who follow the instructions and still don't work try to visit our roblox help website:
    Edit: Before you Edit the file besure to unchecked Read-only In The Properties

  2. Oof. I can't fix it then. Because I'm using cameyo since I have a chrome book (which can't run Roblox studio)

  3. i dont even have

    # unchecky_begin
    # These rules were added by the Unchecky program in order to block advertising software modules # fix for traceroute and netstat display anomaly
    # unchecky_end

    how can i fix it?

  4. Whenever I open a game in Roblox Studio or on the website, it closes and says, “Sorry, this published game could not be loaded.”

    Can someone help me?

  5. Thank you so much, this really helped me I had this glitch for SOOO long and it frusterated me ALOT. Only thing I can say is you're a God and you've earned a sub. Tysm.

  6. if it doesn't work you could check this also:

  7. I need help, I did everything until the part where you have to save it, it says that i need permission to change the file from the owner.

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