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one of the ways to make your self-publishing book look more professional is to set up a publishing company it's not as hard or as complicated as you think stick around I'll explain hello my friend I'm Julie the book broad with book launches calm your professional self-publishing team where we help you write publish and sell non-fiction books that grow your business and make you money and the best part you keep all the rights and royalties so one of the things I did when I self-published that really helped my book look more professional with create a publishing company and get a logo here's an example from one of our clients jillian grid since book this is what I'm talking about a simple logo on the spine and inside the book somewhere in here now I'm not talking about getting an LLC or corporation or setting up some fancy-pants business that you now have to file taxes for and it's all expensive and painful as such if you want to ask me about painful just get me talking about what it's like to be a Canadian living in the United States with corporations in both countries okay a lot of taxes so we don't want to go there no I'm just talking about claiming a company name and creating a nice black and white logo to put on your book spine and on your copyright page as a publisher and maybe some of the media materials that go out so here's what you do first you need to name your company here are my general guidelines check to make sure the name the business name isn't already in use in Canada I did a business registry search on one stop business registry you in the US I did it through the local County Office website they have a search functionality here I'll show you what the LA County Office site looks like just because the business name is available doesn't mean you should roll with it just yet you also need to check website availability we use Namecheap or hostgator but use your favorite domain provider then you want to choose a name that is unrelated to your brand so that it sounds more like a publishing company for example mine is called stick course publishing Gillian went with when she tells the media I think is what she did I'll give you some ideas in a few minutes of what you might want to call your publishing company don't make it too crazy to pronounce or just get too crazy about it you're really just trying to create something that sounds like a publishing company name now you're creating a fictitious business name and filing DBA papers DB doing business as papers if your business Corp is going to own the publishing company you can file the DBA under the corp or you can file it under you personally whatever you want to hold the book revenue under then you take that name and go to your county office and file you're doing business as DBA from there rules change by state and county luckily you aren't expected to figure it out all on your own the clerk will give you a list of next steps to take and in LA the instructions on the website were pretty clear for me in Canada again I was able to do all of this through one stop business registry online I didn't have to go anywhere or pay anything after you've finished all the paperwork you can take that DBA form from the county and open a bank account or if you already have a business bank account it should be simple to add your new publishing company to the list of authorized deposits this will be a new income stream for your business then when we're setting up your accounts for print-on-demand an audiobook for if you're doing it yourself your publishing company can get paid and now you know what to put in the publisher field when you do the upload next you need to get a logo designed keep it simple you can hire someone on Fiverr fi ve are calm to get something done for a low cost that still looks professional remember you're not building a big international brand around this company it's really more for appearances than anything else really focus on getting a simple logo that looks good in black and white because again it's going on your book spine the copyright page and maybe some media materials that's it if you choose to set up a publishing company website and doing this is optional I just highly recommend it because it makes your book look more professional but if you're doing this you need to have this step pleaded before your cover is designed and ideally before you buy your ISBN and set up your print on demand accounts like this tip smash that thumbs up button and subscribe to the channel so that you know when new videos come out cuz when they come out you comment on that day and you'll be entered to win some great prizes now go ahead tell me what your publishing company name is going to be called I'm going to throw some crazy ideas at you while you decide which one of these great videos to watch next how about pink pony publishing blue/yellow publishing magnificent manuscripts or baby shark boo boo but a boo books yeah you better go click on another video really really soon I can't wait to see you on the next one

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  1. ok where's the LOL thumbs up button in here? your finale literally had me laughing!

    #GreatAdvice Julie! 😀

  2. Julie I created a logo but how do you add it to your KDP book in cover design. Or is it only possible on other platforms like Ingram spark or Book Baby?

  3. I have a logo and publishing name as a sole proprietor. However, I'm also thinking long term. I'm going to launch a corporate business (publishing company). All of my intellectual properties (logos, book covers, ISBNs, books, eBooks, publishing names) will fall under this corporate entity. The goal for me is to pursue a writing profession in the long term but also make it into a business – of which I can branch out and help other young authors like myself succeed. The company (that remains unnamed) will target the Millennial demographic and focus on publishing and promoting Millennial authors who specialize in and write all sorts of fiction and non fiction.

  4. Press the Ishu Publications is the name of my Publishing Company. Thank you so much for your informative videos as well.

  5. I plan to self publish through Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and use my own ISBN from Bowker rather than KDP's free ISBN options. Creating a "publishing business" for my self publishing is something I want to do to be more professional. However, I am VERY new to this. When I create my DBA, do I HAVE to make a bank account for it? If I do make a bank account for it, how do I use the money from it? I plan to use my self publishing profits as a second source of income for supporting myself, not sit in a DBA bank account waiting to be used for something book related. Also, do I need to pay for TWO websites (one for my publishing business and one for me as an author)? Apologies if any of these questions come with obvious answers. I am 19, live in the USA, and have not published before.

  6. Great true and concise info. Mine is Purpose Praise Publishing. I fortunately read about this year's ago so I've had my logo since my first book.

  7. Can you change the publishing company name after getting ISBN? About five to six different Hess companies. YIKES. Or am I doom?

  8. Love this idea. I am thinking B3 (Which stands for Beautiful Blessed & Beloved). I did notice that is taken. So what other options might you recommend? Here are some name ideas I came up with.


  9. This video is timely for me. I’m almost to this step in my publishing journey. I’m thinking of using Game Time Publishing as my name.

  10. Great info, loved the ending. Baby shark boo boo, now that is quite a name. I can imagine their company would make quite a stir.

  11. Oh… um… I've been curious. Are you Julie "The Book" Broad or are you Julie, "The Book Broad" ? It's an important distinction :^D

  12. Great video :^) I'm in the process of registering my company; I may need to do an LLC, but this was a good reminder. thx

  13. Great advice, as always. I'm always astounded by the people who think they need to set up their DBAs, their LLCs, and file their business name with the city, the county, the High Council of Gallifrey, whomever. Just pick a name and PUBLISH!

  14. Hi, I just stumbled across your vids last night as I was doing some self publishing research and this particular topic is something I had a few questions about to ensure that I won't make a mistake and get into any kinda trouble tax wise if I should decide to be my own publisher. I saw in another vid that Barnes & Noble as well as other book stores can be reluctant to shelf books published by KDP (f.n.a createspace) and that it looks better if you're disguised as a professional publisher, similar to what you stated. So, to make sure I'm understanding your vid correctly, my question is can you really make your own publishing company and not have to worry about filing it as a business and paying those certain taxes for it? You mean I can "optionally" file the earnings from it on my personal taxes? Or is it "mandatory" that I do? Just trying to get an understanding to be safe as possible.

  15. Hopefully soon! I already have the logo and used the name for the imprint of my 1 ISBN.
    I emailed the address too!

  16. I am editing two books in my first series and have been trying to learn more about the marketing and publishing side of all this. Thank you for the helpful information.

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