How to self-publish with Createspace and sell on Amazon for FREE

32 thoughts on “How to self-publish with Createspace and sell on Amazon for FREE

  1. What about copyright? do you put that in the file you upload or does createspace get you to fill it out on a different tab?

  2. Hi, thank you for a super helpful video!
    And it never fails to astound me people's lack of manners and courtesy, in how they pose questions and address the author.
    Great job with your book and really attractive!
    I'm working on my first, currently torn between doing it myself or someone on Fiverr or Upwork, will decide soon.
    I'm also still working out how to use the 32 page templates and how to get my text and illustrations into them ie the mini version especially pdf, will look further. Any comments appreciated.
    Thanks again!

  3. Hi, Thank you for the video. Is Createspace for publishing in US only or is it also working in UK. I live in London. Many thanks for your reply. x

  4. So are you saying if we use the free ISBN from Create Space we will not be able to sell to other book stores like Barnes & Noble in paper form? But if we have purchased a ISBN from somewhere else, then there is not a problem? First time author and just trying the best format for my book.


  5. Hello there! I am at my wits end with saving my actual book onto a program. I have completed every step however I have not begun to save my story or images onto a program.. Did you use Word or did you do everything entirely on Create Space? It keeps leading me to WORD program. Thank you in advance and this video was absolutely amazing to say the least!

  6. Was I the only one dancing uncontrollably while listening to this video? I can't even help it (and I don't usually dance at all).

    On another note, very helpful video for us visual learners! 😀

  7. Excellent demonstration. I've published my books on kindle. Create Space looks attractive  But if I'm not mistaken the paper books published on amazon with Create Space cannot be sold to commercial bookstores such as Waterstones? I find it a bit restrictive in this sense.

  8. Thank you Bev Cowperthwaite. This is exactly what I need. My book The Angel's Smile is one step closer to being self-published.

  9. Evelyn, I need to give the Create Space ISBN number to my cover designer but I'm not ready to upload the book yet. If I give the number to the designer will she be able to generate the full look of the ISBN?

  10. This is great…so helpful in my quest of which way to go. You made it seem like fun to do as well! 🙂 Your book looks wonderful…children will love it! Thanks so much!

  11. isn't there an option where you can see your full fledged book in 3D form? where you can rotate around and see the back cover and under and and and?

  12. Hi Evelyn
    Nice video, thank for adding it. just have a question. I live in morocco and i want to self-publish a book that i'm working on. When putting it in amazon like you did, would it be easy for potential buyers to get it since they live in morocco
    Thank you

  13. Amazing you have totally explained everything I needed to know! and Im loving the WHY book haha.. good luck x

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