How to Save Images in Google Books for Genealogy & Family History

hello and welcome I am Lisa Louise cook and thank you for joining me for another tech tip in one of our previous videos we were visiting Google Books and we were looking for images finding gems like maps and photos and drawings I want to show you a little more about what you can do with these images and how you can save them when you find something that you want so we're going to head to and I'm going to go back to the same search that we were doing last time it was Texas geography history El Paso and you know the drill right we're going to click on search tools and any books and free Google ebooks that gives us all of these books are fully digitized we're going to be able to see every page of them and I'm going to click the first one here ok now in that video we showed you that you could click this thumbnail view and let's say that you found a picture that you want wouldn't it be great if this guy was your relative okay you just got a brand new picture of him you're excited you want to hang on to it how do you do it well you could use a clipper like Evernote or snag it but clipping is built right in to Google books so if you don't have a clipper you're still in good luck up here in the top there's a toolbar and inside this book we're going to click this clipping button on the toolbar and as you bring your mouse over see how it turned into kind of a cross here we're going to clip just drag around the picture that we want here look what Google Books did for us what it did was it said first of all we have this image and here's the address for it so this right here this is the full image and you'd be safer to double click it and then if you did ctrl C on your computer to copy or right-click copy right that copies the link so if I were to go into a new tab on my web browser and just paste that link there's the picture okay fabulous now boy that was so easy it's nice and clean it's only the picture on the page let's right-click it save image as and then you can save it as a download to your computer wonderful so if we go back into our downloads here there's our guy and we'll go back to the original tab where we were in Google Books did you notice that there's also something called embed code now if you have your own website maybe you have a family history website and you would like to include this picture on your website you would use embed code its HTML code and the good news is you don't have to know how to write it or anything all you have to know how to do is copy it so if you were to double click and do ctrl C to copy it that embed code could then be pasted into your web page if you have the source code page of your web page if you have a blog you know what I'm talking about and you paste it in there then this picture nice and clean just the picture itself is going to appear on your web page so that's kind of nifty – all right let's go through the steps one more time how about we grab a map from this book here's a map and we want to get it on the screen so that we can see everything now I can't quite scroll it where it's going to show me the entire map I am going to use my ctrl key and the minus sign on my keyboard to zoom out just a little bit so that I can see it perfect now we're going to use our clipper tool and when we drag it over I know at first it seems like you can't see it if you don't see it there if you're on the page you should see the crosshairs and that way we can draw around it and it's ok but it Scrolls it's going to grab that picture and there you go we've got our address the URL address for this picture we have our embed code if we want to put it into our website of our own and there's even a little text tear and guess where that text comes from it's from the box at the top of the screen up here if you look at it it says and boundaries are claimed by Texas so it grabbed some of the text off of our map at the same time this is really going to be a handy tool because again if you copy this into a new web browser we'll just go right over our old one there's your map and now we can just right click and save the image to our hard drive it's that simple Google Books is a fabulous resource and they build these tools in there because they want you to use it and to share it and I hope that you do I hope that it provides many many genealogy gems for your research we're going to cover more in our upcoming videos so you got to stay in touch with me right at YouTube go to slash genealogy gems if you're not already there watching this and click the subscribe button you might also be seeing this on Facebook a really great way to stay in touch with us is our free newsletter genealogy gems com let me take you there if you come to genealogy gems com you'll find right up here top of the screen just put your email address in there and we will send you our weekly email that will feature this video and lots of other cool stuff that we are doing over at genealogy gems to help you find your family history thanks so much for watching friend I'll talk to you soon you

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  1. Another way – and it would mean less clicks – Is to download Lightshot it's a screen saver program – Then you only use 1 key on your keyboard which is just click the Print Screen (PRNT SCRN) key. it'll darken the screen but then you just "highlight" the item you want (same concept as this clipper tool) when done let go of the mouse, and then tool bars pop up, click the "floppy disk" which is to save it to your computer, which you can program to save directly to a specific folder instead of the download folder – all mine go to My Documents, it'll automatically save it as a JPEG. as well 🙂

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