How to Research Effectively for Your Novel in Six Steps

5 thoughts on “How to Research Effectively for Your Novel in Six Steps

  1. This has been helpful! I'm in the middle of writting a fantasy novel that I'm planning on publishing on amazon. The story just writes itself but a few parts I've had to research. I'm making my own world so I don't know what time to set it in? I want my novel to be one you struggle to put down. I could not put down your novel blood song it is one of my favourite books 🙂

  2. Wish we had libraries like that where I live. I'm researching online mainly and watching documentaries. I would order books from my local library but there are so many and it's hard to know without flicking through them which would be what I'm looking for. I'm also reading novels outside my genre that are set in a similar place as part of my research, it's helping me to think of things that I wouldn't normally have thought of. And watching tv programmes also. Good video, to the point.

  3. Here, here! You must have coffee and cake when you go to the State. And I like your recommendation to get on to their catalogue at home and order your books, to have them waiting for you when you arrive. But it is not so bad if you have to delve into the Redmond Barry shelves to collect for yourself because a bit of browsing can turn up a gem. I like your solid advice Rhiannon. Thankyou very much. Looking forward to some more of your inspiring videos.

  4. Knowing your research question – that is so important and something I didn't realise was essential until you mentioned it. A lot of time is wasted ( regardless of if it's enjoyable lol ) on reading the wrong books and barking up the wrong trees! Maybe I'll have to take a trip to the State library – if I bribe myself with coffee…and cake – and armed with an actual question I might find an answer! Thankyou for this video

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