How to reference a book written by multiple authors in APA format

hello and welcome to the video referencing is presented by term paper gurus calm in this lecture we will discuss how to cite a book written by two or more authors in the reference list of an APA format the part after the name of the authors is exactly the same as that of the citation of the single author that is the book title is in italics and that is followed by the city and the book was published in and the name of the publisher all of this is found either on the front or back covers of the book or on the first few pages I'll try remember to capitalize on the first word of the book Thailand pronouns the more confusing part in this references of the names of the authors the key point to remember here is to use ampersand symbol before the last name of the last author the students often don't use a symbol and spell out and instead which is penalized by instructors also remember to use a comma after the period you placed after the middle initial this needs to be done for all the author's except for the last one and finally in case you have a book which is authorized by six authors you need to defer six author's names and replace the seventh and subsequent authors with at all which means an others here is an example of a citation please remember to use hanging inlands if you don't know how to use them we have a separate video on it please click the link and it will take you there in case you want more in-depth help feel free to place an order at term-paper rules and when I first writers will be happy to assist you that's all for this video I guess take good care of your academics bye

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