How to read problem e-books. Format conversion.

Let’s consider how to deal with large single-chapter ebooks that your reading app does not want to read. To solve this problem, we need the Calibre app. It’s a free open source app. Calibre allows you to create an ebooks library on various computer platforms, and convert ebooks from one format to another. Let’s go ahead to the Calibre website, go to download section, and select type of your operating system. Windows 64, for example. Go ahead and download the Calibre installer. Install Calibre on your computer, and launch it. This window opens. Drag’n drop your problem ebook from your file manager into the Calibre window. In my case it’s Alice in Wonderworld, which was released by the publisher as a large one-chapter ebook. Drag it here. Calibre imports it, and such an entry appears. We can see how this ebook looks in the built-in Calibre editor. To do this, open the editor. And we see that really this book is released as one big chapter. This is the very chapter. That’s how it’s displayed. From the beginning to the end it’s the same html-file. Here he is. And this is one chapter. Close the editor. Now we need to convert this book into the correct format. The source book can be any reflowable-format. And it may not be an epub like in my case, but it can be mobi, prc, azw or other formats. Choose our ebook and click “Convert books”. This dialogue opens. My input file format is EPUB. In your case, this can be any other format (mobi, prc, azw, etc.). And here it’s IMPORTANT – the output format should be an EPUB. So, we choose EPUB as the output format. Practically that’s it. Just for the sake of curiosity, you can go to “EPUB output”, and see such a parameter for setting, as “Split files large than”. Setting this parameter to the standard size recommended by Adobe (260 KB), will split the structure of a large one-chapter book into a number of small chapters that your reader will work with. So that’s it. Click OK and the conversion process starts. Here is the process of conversion. The conversion process is complete. The ebook is converted from the old heavy single-chapter format to a new one. The new ebook in my case also has an epub format, but already multi-chapter. To see this you can open the converted book in the editor. Go ahead, and what do we see? Instead of one chapter, we have a whole ton of chapters. In particular, 19 chapters plus a cover. If we open this chapter, we will see that this chapter begins here and ends here. And it’s the chapter of the cover. Next comes this chapter. And it’s the 2nd cover. Next comes the table of contents, as a separate chapter. And so on. This is a typical normal chapter. Here it begins, and here it ends. And here we see 19 similar chapters. That’s it. This ebook has now the right structure. And it will be handled normally by your reader. Close the editor. Now, how to download this converted book to your device. Right click on the book to open the context menu, and select “Open containing folder”. And you can see this new book here, and it has the epub extension. Here you can also find the old your book with “original_epub” extension. Next, you can download this converted book via iTunes or via Cloud Storage to your reader. That’s it. The problem must be solved.

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  1. Я может что то не так делаю.Вот например есть книга PDF размером всего 8 Мб(через компьютер прекрасно читается).Преобразовываю её через калибр в EPUB и файл получается размером в 150 Мегабайт,хотя все книги EPUB что есть у меня имеют размер 1-3 Мб.Что я делаю не так?Разрешение страниц выбираю как на своей читалке 768х1024.

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