you know what's going on everybody today I'm gonna be showing you guys how you can publish your fortnight creative map I know this is gonna be the fourth video I made on this subject but I make a video updating you guys whenever there's an update and I feel like my last video didn't really explain everything so greatly so screw it I'm gonna show you guys how to properly pick settings for your map because you want to make sure you have the correct settings for your game-mode entered in for when you publish it because remember dad's once you publish it the code that it gives you the map that you have setup and the settings you have entered in will be for that code so just remember that guys and yeah I'll show you guys how to get this published feature right here so you can put a description a title a YouTube video if you want and it will give you a code as you can see on the top right there that's the code to the map we're on right now which is already published if you want to play it storm wars so yeah just watch to the end and you'll learn how to do all of that guys if this video helps you out make sure you drop a like on it but make sure you watch all the way through first so we could see if it helped you out if you want more tutorials and created so you can learn how to do more things I do have a playlist on my channel but I do plan on updating it and making more videos and more tutorials and yeah let's just get right into it so first we're gonna go over the settings before we get into this publish button we'll go over game settings first so voice chat and team's pretty much straight forward if you want there to be a specific number of times the player can spawn you put that here after last month I want them to go to spectator or to a different team you can put that here the scoreboard would show up underneath the map to the right right there so if you want to have the scoreboard of some sort you can select the type of game you have put it there the time limit is how much time you want the people playing the map to have in the map to complete the objective or whatever time it's just how you want the countdown to be whether it goes up or down meaning like 5 4 3 2 1 or 1 2 3 4 5 so the next settings are the 2 win settings if you want the players to have a certain amount of eliminations or creature eliminations or objectives to win you would put that here you could put up to let's see up to 10 I think it's different for some of them yeah so a thousand here you just put that here last standing if you want the last player to be standing in the map to win then you have this on this would be for like a free-for-all or team deathmatch type game join in progress means where you want the players to spawn in when they join in bond locations is where you want the players to spawn you cap swamp-ass or sky or current location I'm on right post-games Swan location is where you want the players to go after the game ends so when you're not in the game if you want them to spawn like in the sky or something for display time means when the game ends it shows like a leaderboard and you could decide how long you want that to show then when in a display time pretty much says how long you want the victory royale to show before the score display time comes up Auto Start means if you want the game to automatically start when you join in and show island code watermark as you can see in the top of the screen right now the code will show before the map like that when you're in the game and it will show your name so for anybody playing the map it will see the code and this is good if you think that creators will be playing your map because then it would be pretty much free self-promotion and vehicle trick score multiplier you know how if you take a cart and do a back flip or something you get a score for that well if you want to multiply then you can do it here and make sure guys before you X out of this make sure you start the game that's the only way to save the setting so it's click Square and then you could go into your settings my free it is again and then you would click Square again to end the match next is the game settings time of day and all these settings pretty much up to you you can also pick how much health you want the person to have so let's say you could make the player start with half health but you they would have 500 for example then they could go find healings to get to a thousand you do that if you want same with shields infinite ammo if you want the players to have infinite ammo and same what resources if you want them to have infinite resources in the match pickaxe building damage meaning let's say we want to go hit a tree if you want the tree to hit like that like it would in a regular battle royale game then you would leave it as default but if you want them to automatically break the tree or whatever they're breaking then you would set it as instant drop I know this one eliminated means if you want the players to drop whatever they're holding full damage you from alters take fall damage gravity meaning if you want the player to jump higher then the default is we're lower obviously if you don't know what gravity is I don't know what to really tell you player flight if you want the players to be able to fly in game planner name and locations for want players to seed the names of other players in the match glad to read play if you want the player to be able to pull out their glider at mid match if you're gonna have gliders spawn in the map I think I have some over here as you can see there's no really point to have glad to redeploy on because well you just don't really need it and what it makes sense to have gliders in the match damn Bernard I want the players to be able to be revived in the match that would be for like a team-based road building damage in game if you want the players to be able to break things mid match block building in game if you have this on then no one can build but if you have it off then players can build we saw on time if you have like a capture objective type game you want to put in the time than you can and then the siphon settings are here if you want to make a safe on based deathmatch type mode I don't know put that in here before we get into the publish settings let's go to the description really fast hopefully I'm going fast enough for you guys because last time I got flamed for making the video over 10 minutes but in reality that's the amount of time I was able to fit all the information in but here is the description so let's say we go back to the hub for a second I'm going to show you guys where this description would show up we can go into one of these featured maps for example as you can see the left there's a name and some bullet points well pretty much it's gonna be where the description shows up so let's go back to my island so you could put in your title which is right here I have storm woods or storm wars Blackie woods and I have two bullet points like that other map ad you could have three at max and then you can apply and then all of these bullet points and the name will show up when the map starts guys you also need spawn pads down if you don't want players just one in the sky but you want spawn pads you could set a certain team to spawn on each spawn pad you can set a priority group and obviously if you want to use it as an island start you would put that as on and if you want the pad like this thing to be visible in game you put it as on but if you just don't want it to show then just leave it as often but it will still work hi guys at last island tools so first off before we get some publishers backup and restore if you want to back up the map so if you accidentally break something you could restore it then make sure you save it it's pretty much like a ctrl s or command s depending on what computer you're on to save a document and then obviously you can restore it and if you want to reset the island to its original state then you could reset it so now publish guys and this is where it gets a little bit tricky because there are some unfortunate things that happen when it comes to this so you actually do need a creator code but there is a way around that which we will get into shortly to get a creator code you could go to epics affiliate program which will be linked in the description you have to apply for it and there are some requirements that you must have like a thousand followers on apply form guys I just finished recording the video and one thing I forgot to mention is if you have supported creator code you also do have a amount of supporters you must have I'm pretty sure it's either 50 or 500 I'm not too sure but you need a certain amount of creators apparently in order to publish your map so yeah that's just another reason why it's kind of like flawed in my opinion but not everybody has a thousand followers right if you want to publish map but you don't have that there is a way around it as I said at the beginning guys it's not guaranteed but if you go to the fortnight creative subreddit which will also be linked in the description you can show off your map with screenshots of video of the map anything and if an epic employee sees it because this is developer supported it might give you a code so you can publish the map if they think it's good enough so make sure you guys you have a really nice Island and then show it off and then people may want to play it and also if you don't end up getting a code you might still have people request to play your map so they might want to friend you and you might find some new friends so who knows alright guys that's about it for this video if you want to support me in the item shop my carreer code will be in on the screen right now want to play with me in the future guys I do live stream and make maps with subscribers occasionally make sure you comment your epic in PSN and that's pretty much it for this video hopefully you found it helpful if you have any questions make sure to comment them I do answer all questions but yeah thank you guys for watching and enjoy the rest of the day peace

43 thoughts on “How To PUBLISH Your Fortnite CREATIVE MAP! (Get a ISLAND CODE!)

  1. Man that’s tuff. My friend made a sick 1v1 and aim training in-one map for our clan training and tryouts but whenever he’s not there we can’t use it and I prefer that one over others and he’s not too near a support a creator code unless y’all wanna go follow him on instagram: xr_combatpro . Thx for ur time

  2. Could have just said you needed a creator code at the beginning of the video and spared me 6 minutes dip-shit

  3. Ya it’s unfair like I don’t wanna spend 100 years gaining subs just to make map epic should fix it

  4. So I have this map I made that turtle wars inside of a giant turtle(ironic I know) and i have 1000 followers on instagram but I dont have enough supporters. Is there anyway around this specifically other than the sub Reddit?

  5. I think you should go to game settings then turn fog light to 0 % and put fog thickness to 50% and put black for color and blue for light color

  6. I post a video and it gets like 20 views max and i probably spend about 3+ hours on it…

    Than i see people who have like 5 videos, nothing relevent. And spent maybe 30 mins on the videos, and they got around 40+ views max and 40+ subs.

    Its hard out here man, it discourages me from making videos when nobody see them.

  7. I have 4 mini Battle Royale….. but I can’t publish any of them, and someone else made a nice mini br map, and it got published…..fml

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