How to publish research paper in a journal

27 thoughts on “How to publish research paper in a journal

  1. i want to publish a paper . Should i also follow the same steps as i belong to english department and kindly let me know the fee as well….

  2. would you write how you divide the search into comments please


    1. title 2. abstract ….etc

  3. Dear sir, I have prepared a paper. but I can not understand fully how to publish my paper. plz publish my paper with your name also

  4. That's great sir, could you please tell me about Endnote, Mendeley, and Zotero which one the best for reference management?

  5. My academic supervisor recommended us a few academic journals for publishing our articles:
    1. Journal of American Academic Research


    3. Nature:

  6. Sir,please put the format and details of international journal of engineering and technology engineering scientific publications corporation

  7. I have sent artickel to political geography, the title of his paper "Political quietus", when I send the cost of the publisher

  8. Hi Prof. A R Ramanjineya. It is very great. I am trying to look for getting a freely published. How can i reach it? Thank you very much.

  9. Sir! I'm an engineering student studying in India. I want to publish a research paper on computer science field to get admission in reputed universities in abroad. So what is the process and where to start?plz help me

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