How to Publish in Nature – Leslie Sage (SETI Talks)

10 thoughts on “How to Publish in Nature – Leslie Sage (SETI Talks)

  1. 1) I do not agree with what Leslie Sage says about "being caught" with the related work of others. Here things are more complex. For example, finding an article on the same topic it depends on search engines. If a search engine is misleading, so my citations for other related works can be misleading without me even knowing …

    2) submission to multiple jurnals is wrong and is antithetical. However, to send the manuscript to several publishers to see if they are interested … is ok, otherwise you risk to publish the results after 3 years …

  2. Very poor presentation indeed. Nature did not find a good presenter to that interesting issue? The presenter seems confident of nothing, like a young student in the first year of the secondary school. Awful. Feeling sorry for that gross failure.

  3. Many Thanks, excellent, could it be possible to get it in spanish please anthe presentation in power point or other format? Many Thanks again, Is there more matreial about publishing in Nature? in Science? or good tips for publishing? Thanks.

  4. Dear Leslie Sage,

    Thank you for very comprehensive lecture. Good luck to everyone in publishing in NPG!

  5. Looks good, sounds great, firing on all thrusters with all we need to know about how to succeed in publishing scientific papers, both in general and in Nature. Good show!

    Note “two areas people read outside of their disciplines: astronomy and paleontology”, at 14:23, “no wonky theory papers, focus on experimental and observational papers”, at 22:55, regarding “systematic errors” at 47:54, and “our copy editors are all PhDs” at 57:29.

    For science writers this is must see video.

  6. The "A paper must be comprehensible" statement reminds me of a James Van Allen quote; "If you can't explain an idea to your grandmother, you don't understand it very well!"

  7. I understand that not every talk can be about searching for aliens, its a very narrow esoteric subject with so far no success. However I would settle for other really interesting cosmological topics like exoplanets, dark matter and energy, black holes, expanding universe, etc. This talk is just about publishing, its not even science really its just the rules of the magazine, anyone who is not publishing will sleep through this.

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