How to Publish Creatively: Inside Bloomsbury Publishing | Part 3

I just think everything's so kind of fragmentary and that different media as people are making their own videos or they're photographing on Instagram that that is feed into fiction it will feed into literature and publishers like dreamers read like Alice Allison said we love that stuff it's bonkers it doesn't fit it's hard it's hard if you're all about the sales and you're all about the numbers but we're fortunate and a lot of military publishers are like this well maybe not as extensively as Bloomsbury but we we've got the money and the ability to do that and to have a good kind of machine behind it if you like and team they mind it or believe in the book and I'm not saying if it's just all about belief but if you've got a good product and you've got a dedicated team and you've got the commitment you've got the platforms you've got the outlet everybody believes in it then you can go an awfully long way interesting fact I think he definitely wanted degrees that's great Thank You Louise do you're just a few words about the sy P thank you so much everybody for this evening I hope you found it M enlightening and interesting hi young Louise I'm their London champions by PE I was saying to Petra earlier I don't think we could have planned the timing because about any better just stop the Man Booker win yeah we're quite tucked into the industry new way yeah we're talking about this event of the police we've been planning this for ages so I'm so pleased to be here tonight and you know to be doing this with you guys as well because it's like what Alison was saying earlier I think really kind of touched now on hair to style and publishing you think we're going to go down quite a specific route I mean for me I started publicity went to as for an hour working audiobooks so I mean you don't you don't know at the beginning and I think Bloomsbury are so many so innovative so creative and from hearing one of your backgrounds and stories coming into it as well I think going those different directions know stories is saying and none of the books you published I was saying I think we're so we're so lucky to you know be here tonight and I don't think I'm putting words and I mean that's why P members mouth here saying you know it's really on it so very much so yeah get that ass fyp up in that way so we have our box food conference is probably a lot of you here know about on Saturday so yes hopefully see lots of you there we have our Christmas poverty next month foot machine that's why people man tickets are sold out but there's a witness and I believe this doesn't book machine ticket and hungover tickets and in at the library which isn't actually a library but there are swishy our friend another revert so before test person news claim so um but you know I just wanted what basically sign off oh yeah and also if you would like to go for a drink with it I'm a little bit of a chat we're going to go to the college arms which is just around corner I doubt he was gonna get lost as vital as where's my office just follows the person ahead some people will get their fan base but that's kind of it for me but I just wanted to say a huge thank you to these services we've been going back to painted and you know big ferry obviously to our committee but also Petra Alison Jacqueline Greg it's been such an honor and yeah thank you so very very much

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