How To Publish A Post on Linkedin – Linkedin Tutorial

hey guys and welcome back to another technology guru video so today in this tutorial I'm going to be showing you how to write and publish a post within LinkedIn so LinkedIn is just another social network it's a more business oriented so if you want to know how to write and publish a post on your LinkedIn profile stick around alright guys so in order to write a post and publish it within LinkedIn you need to be logged in to your LinkedIn profile so as you can see here I'm logged in to my LinkedIn profile here and then if you scroll down you're going to see something one of the first things here is going to be something that says post right here now if we look right here we're going to see two different options we're going to see write a new post and then we're going to see view stats on a current post so go ahead and click the addition symbol right there that says write a new post and then once you're there you're going to see this nice and neat little UI come up this is where you're going to insert all of the data for your LinkedIn posts so the first thing you're going to see is this here where it says add an image to bring life to your post now I will always recommend adding images to your social media post it just benefits you so much as far as SEO as far as people clicking on your link if you want people to read your post make it appealing make the content just jump out of the screen and say hey you need to click on this so always click this here to add an image you can add any image that you may have there's actually a website called canva canv I'll do a video on it soon where you can go for free and create great-looking images for social media but for the purposes of this video we'll just click on this link here and then I'll just add some type of image that I already have on my computer so we'll go ahead and add this image here and then select it and that image will take a few seconds to upload and then once it does you'll see the nice good-looking cover image for your post come up right there above your name now you should see your name and then your little tagline there from LinkedIn right below that and then right here you're going to see something that says write your tagline so you want to title your post right here so make sure you put the title of your post right there under the tagline and then right here is where you will begin the post right here so basically you write your post there go and write as much as you want and then up above that you're going to see all of the different formatting options so h1 h2 pretty self-explanatory h1 is you know a bigger heading h2 is a smaller heading bold italicize underline strikethrough you can even align it to the left and line it to the center if it's a headline whatever you want to do you can add bullet points you can add numbering it just depends on kind of what you're wanting to do and then another great feature about LinkedIn is you're able to add links so I'll show you my post that I did earlier today linking my podcast it's as simple as going here and clicking add a link and then go ahead and paste whatever link you want to use here and then hit apply and that's going to make a nice little blue link that someone can click on and go outside of this post to maybe your website or wherever you want them to go you can also attach images so click that there and then upload an image just like we did the cover image before and then you can also add a video so you can paste a link from YouTube Vimeo vine etc you can use all the social media outlets there and post any type of video that you want under the little play button there and then embed basically we can go here and then you can paste a link to like a YouTube video to embed a YouTube video there so we click the down arrow it'll show you a little bit about what you can do like you can embed polls charts and things like that and again there's specific applications that it works with so make sure you check and make sure that application is what you want now the last thing that you're going to need to do is go down to the very bottom to where you see this here little tag icon here and then you're going to type your tags here now basically the way LinkedIn works as you can see tags here is not a tag so I'm gonna go ahead and delete that right now but if we go in here right now and we type in the word podcasting that's going to be a legit tag so you can't just type in some random tag it has to be a tag that already applies or is already in the LinkedIn system so you definitely want to go through there and try to find a few tags that your post is about and then once you're done go ahead and click the blue publish button in the upper right hand corner there and then you're going to see a little Save button this is going to be if you haven't finished and you need to go back and do it later click Save you can come back and edit it later but once you click publish there if we go back to my profile you're you're able to see the post down here below on my profile so we can go here and then click on the specific post that I've already posted and you see the image there you can see the nice text you can see the links that I've done here and then you can share it on other social networks there as well so anyways guys I hope this helped you out on how to publish a post within LinkedIn I'll drop my LinkedIn information down below if you want to connect with me there don't forget to like this video share it with your friends and family don't forget to subscribe and as always guys then you so much for watching my videos and I will see you guys

21 thoughts on “How To Publish A Post on Linkedin – Linkedin Tutorial

  1. Once you create the article and publish, do you contacts see this on the newsfeed? Or you have to share it? Thanks!

  2. Were you in your profile or on the home page when you initiated the post. Is this different from doing a status report?

  3. Good, except I DON'T SEE AN OPTION TO WRITE A POST UNDER MY PROFILE. I DO see an option under HOME. But there it only allows text and an image, no video, links, fonts etc. What is wrong? Help please!!!! THANK YOU!!!

  4. As is the case with most "How To" videos I've ever watched, the first statement doesn't work and I'm done. I went to my profile page on LinkedIn, scrolled down, and the closest thing to it saying "Post" is, it says, "Posts". And "Posts" isn't active.

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    2. I will then send a short intro message to the prospect introducing myself and my company (using to automate this as it can become frustrating very quickly)
    3. As soon as I feel the prospect is interested enough to continue the conversion, I try and get him to continue on email or phone.
    It is simple, free and most importantly – effective.

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