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  1. I got my book but I need it smaller. It wouldn’t let me do the smaller version this book is magazine size 8.5 x 11 what do I do??

  2. I have a learning disability, I published my first book with help of my mentor but lately he has been so busy that he can't help me.
    I am having a hard time uploading my own picture for cover.

  3. Do I have to order a proof copy if I publish to the Lulu bookshop? Can people still buy it and get it in book form without me ordering a proof copy?

  4. So, I have to pay for books printed, right? Does that apply to only copies I order for myself (along with family and friends) or does that also apply to future customers?

    I also have another question. Are only paperbacks free to make, or can I also have hardcovers and ebooks put together for free?

  5. Important question: Can I just print through Lulu and have them sent to my house so I can sale myself? I don’t think that was mentioned.

  6. is there a sign up fee and do u only pay for the books printed or is there other fees also is it possible for ppl in the uk to publish through lulu?

  7. Their website was great and easy to use and my turned out beautiful I published my little girls book

  8. I published a book on lulu it is called Across the World I am publishing another one called Catrina Finds the Viikings

  9. You CAN or you CANNOT add your own cover design. This was not clear in the video. I couldn't understand what she said!

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  11. This is confusing to me. I CAN order my own quantity of books for myself, can't I? Say I want to order 25 books and have them sent to me. Is that a problem?

  12. gosh, I wish I could publish all my books between this year and 2018 I've been writing since 1996 I'm ready!

  13. you never edit the pages?? i came here to figure out how to edit the pages to put text in the pages man , this never showed that at all , all i saw was a cover edit option wtf no pages man.

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