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hi there welcome back to another video a few years ago I published my first book and it went on to become an international bestseller within just the first few weeks now ever since then I've been getting income from that book every single month and writing and publishing that book was one of the best decisions that I've ever made I get a lot of people asking me about how to publish their own book and how much does it cost some of these people have already written their book and they're just trying to figure out publishing options and what's out there and then other people just have an idea for a book that they want to write and they're not sure if it will be worth all their time and effort to write the book because they don't know if they will actually be able to get it published or if they'll be able to afford to get it published so in today's video I just wanted to clear up the air a little bit about how much it costs to get your book published and some different options that you can use to make that a reality for yourself now if you get a legitimate publishing deal where a publisher actually chooses your book and really wants to work with you and really wants your book to be successful then that will not cost you anything in fact if it's a halfway decent deal then they will give you a sizable advance quite possibly even before you finish writing the book and give them the final draft of it but they just give you that money so that you are able to not have to work and focus on the book because they really want the book to be finished so that they can publish it because they're excited about it but if you are not in that situation and honestly that situation is becoming more and more rare as the book market has become more and more saturated and publishing has become so much more competitive so nowadays those types of excellent book deals are really quite rare so we're talking about other options here if you haven't gotten a book deal and by the way I do another video about self-publishing versus traditional publishing so if you're on the fence about that or you're trying to figure out which one is right for you then I will link that in the corner up there so that you can go check that video out but for today's video we're going to assume that you don't have an awesome publishing deal and that's why you're trying to figure out some way to publish your book for free so let's talk through these two different options that you are facing the option that you used to have the only option you used to have was to pay to self publish your own book now even in old dollars even before inflation this was a process that costs several thousand dollars in fact it was pretty common to invest over twenty thousand dollars to self publish your own book and this was money that you had to pay up front quite possibly before you've had any guaranteed sales at all you had to commit to a certain minimum and order say a thousand or five thousand copies of your book maybe even more and you had to pay for all of those before you even received them so as you might imagine this was pretty cost prohibitive first of all you had to actually have the money or else take out a loan and then second of all you are really putting yourself out on the line because you didn't know if you're going to be able to sell any of those books and you might just be wasting your money now that option does still exist but it's not a good option and so that's why I'm gonna share with you how to publish your book for free and so if you're wondering how much does it cost to self publish a book or how much does it cost to publish your own book the answer is it doesn't have to cost you anything and that's because of some wonderful new services called print on demand now print on demand simply means that copies of your book are only printed as they are demanded by customers so that means if you don't have to buy a big volume of books upfront in fact you don't actually have to buy any books upfront you can take it of an offer from one of these self-publishing companies that does print-on-demand give them the digital files for your book and then they will print one copy whenever someone orders a copy and the reason this is so amazing is that that means that they don't have any costs upfront and you therefore don't have to pay anything upfront in fact you don't have to pay anything ever because every time someone orders a copy of the book the publishing company gets paid the money from the customer let's say perhaps fifteen dollars and then they use about five of those dollars to cover their costs they keep about five of those dollars as their profit and then they give five dollars to you as your profit and that means like I said that you never have to pay anything you just make a commission every time one of your books is sold now I don't know if five dollars sounds like very much or very little to you four per copy of the book that is sold but that's actually a little bit more than you would normally get with a traditional publishing deal and so this really is an incredible opportunity now one thing that you might wonder is is it difficult to get the option to do this like do you have to apply and get approved or something like that or do you have to get a publishing deal basically and the answer is actually no you can just sign up with a service that does this and they are not checking your book to see if it's like good enough or if they like it or anything like that because they like I said don't have any costs upfront and so they don't actually care if you never sell any copies of your book they would love it if you sold thousands and thousands of copies but they're willing to take any book so you just have to sign up just like you sign up for a YouTube account or a gmail account or anything like that you're just signing up for an account with the self-publishing company and then you can sell publish as many books as you want completely for free now if you want to invest a little bit of money into the process then you certainly can and potentially get better results for example when I saw published my book I chose to hire someone to design the cover and I hired someone to help me edit it and they also hired someone to format it and all of those expenses altogether cost me around $700 but I could have chosen to do any of those things by myself and then it could have been completely free I just wanted to hire other people to do those things to get the best results possible so that my book had the best chance at being successful since I had put so much time and effort and love into writing it there are a few different companies that provide these self-publishing print-on-demand services the most popular one is called create space and I'll leave a link to them down below there the company that I used when I published my book a couple years ago and one of the great things about using create space is that they're actually an Amazon partner company I think that they started as an independent company originally but then Amazon bought them or something like that but now Amazon owns them so they're an Amazon partner company and why that is great is first off that means you know you can trust them okay because we all know Amazon is a trustworthy company also I had a great experience with them and a lot of my clients I've had really good experiences with them too so I'm very sure that you can trust them but second off it's great because they are so closely tied to Amazon it's very easy to get your self-published book onto Amazon from CreateSpace it's a few clicks of a button and it's on Amazon and it's a completely seamless process so it's not only easy but there's also just no hiccups with it they have created all of these systems so that you can publish your book on CreateSpace and then it can be on Amazon basically the next day there certainly are several other companies that provide similar services and some of them might offer slightly bigger Commission's per book sale so you might want to check out your different options although like I said I did have a great experience working with create space so all like a few of those different options down in the description so that you can check them out I think that that's pretty much everything for this video I just wanted share with you how much it costs to self-publish a book and that you can publish your own book for free because I regularly get emails from people asking me how much does it cost to publish a book so I just wanted to answer that in a video if you have any further questions about the self-publishing process then you might want to check out my bestseller book launch workshop it's a very comprehensive workshop that really teaches you how to launch a self-published book because getting the book published is obviously a fairly easy CreateSpace or whichever company you choose will really walk you through that process but once you still publish your book there's absolutely no guarantee that you will make a single sale now chances are you will sell a few copies you know to your mom and some of your friends but if you want to sell more copies then I'd really recommend that you check out the best seller book launch workshop because I walk you through the entire strategy that I use with each of my clients that has turned many of their books into international Amazon bestsellers so I'll leave a link to that down below also and if you have any other questions you can comment down below and ask and I try to answer every single question comment that I get on my channel so I hope you enjoyed this video if so make sure you hit the thumbs up button to help other people find it too and also subscribe to my channel I make 2 videos every week about entrepreneurship intentional living and success and I would love to have you join me for the next one one more thing I just wanted to remind you guys that startup Society is launching a next month and if you're not already on the wait list then make sure you click the link down below so that you are the first to know when doors open started Society is a complete training program that teaches you everything you need to know about banking money online whether that be starting a proper online service based type business or doing a digital marketing type business and launching your career as an author so if this sounds like something that would be beneficial to you that you would appreciate then make sure you get on the waitlist now so that you don't miss this opportunity thank you again so much for watching my name is Gillian Perkins and I hope to see you again next time you

23 thoughts on “How to Publish a Book for FREE

  1. But this is fantastic! Of course I knew about ebooks, and someone I knew awhile back self published that cost $$. But I had no idea you could publish your own books for free! Game changer…
    My husband has written several childrens books that everyone he shows to thinks are very good, but so far no luck getting them published traditionally. My brother likewise has already written at least 2 books. I am going to tell him about this for sure.
    Heck, even I have books: collections of poetry that I have been writing since college and have toyed with submitting a poem here and there but last I heard you had to publish quite bit of poetry before you could publish an entire book of poems… I wonder if these companies work with childrens books or poetry as well?
    Thanks so much for this new insight! xo

  2. Writing a children's picture book, got seven pages that need illustrations but the illustrators on Fiverr or or other sites are pricey! Any way around this?

  3. Create Space no longer exist, you might want to update this video but KDP or Kindle Direct Publishing still exits through Amazon!

  4. IT JUST SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! I am very young and I wrote my own book and I’m broke and I really want to share it with the world (I don’t care about making money) thank you SO much for making this video!

  5. Hello and thank you for the good info. I have written a short story of about 15 pages, and I am currently working on another related short story. I have several ideas for more. My question is, would it be better to publish my individual stories, one at a time. Or, should I wait until I have finished all of them, then combine them into one book. Thank you for your time and expertise.

  6. hi do you know any publisher site? i want to send them 5 or 6 of my firsts chapters and see their interested or not.
    thank you

  7. I'm not really understanding the whole "free" concept your video portrays. I looked up the information on create space and it doesn't allow me to create a profile. It only allows current members log in. Also there were all kinds of hidden costs in even starting up. Please be more precise with your information. This service is by no means free. The page set up is so convoluted and confusing that it is difficult to follow. It's full of legalese and like I mentioned before; hidden fees. Please clarify.

  8. Do i have to have isbn number first before creating account on kdp, createspace? How can i set a pre order setup on amazon? After doing all the publishing work done

  9. I really need to publish my book But problem is I can't afford to publish my book it cost 3000 dollars Starting

  10. Hi I love your video . Very informative . Remember my name the book that I'm currently working will be 2019 best seller and will be very popular . Anyway I'm very confident and I wish you the best ! Thank you . Sincerely Manuel Ramirez Jr the 3rd.

  11. Gillian Perkins, I am not a professional writer, but I already got my book( manuscript) to publish. Do you know people who can prepare digital file for me so that I can to submit it to the self-publishing companies? I will pay for that. Thanks

  12. You have helped me tremendously. I have 2 agreements with 2 book companies. One having more options than the other.
    However there upfront monies plus royalties on each one sold and the 8 months to bring it to market was unexpected. Thanks again for your honesty. Congrats again!!!

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