How to Publish a Bestselling Children's Book: Sheri Fink Interview

well buckle up your seat belts ladies and gentlemen because you are in for an inspirational ride this episode features my interview with the author of five best-selling children's books she also produced an inspirational journal she collaborated on a couple of music albums and she published a romance novel I'm talking about sherry think someone who I've been following on Instagram for awhile and I actually didn't know what to expect when I reached out to sherry and asked to interview her I had a feeling it was going to be an interesting story and man oh man this is a great one we chatted for so long in fact I'm breaking this up into two different episodes so this is part one I know you're going to love it so stay tuned I'm Bob Baker and this is the creative entrepreneur podcast season 3 episode 3 well lucky me look who I've got on skype with me right now it's sherry think hi sherry hi happy to be here I am happy that you are a here so yeah like we were talking before I hit the record button you and I have been sort of connected on Facebook and Instagram and I just really intrigued following your activities there's always a lively photo and I'm gonna have to ask you about your propensity to I'm assuming that those are wigs that you're wearing with the colored hair you know actually clay tea you'll maybe see different tones at different times but yeah there's this certain vibrancy to what you do and you do a variety of things in the creative world which is a perfect makes you a perfect guest for the creative entrepreneur and so instead of me like reading some official bio here's here's the way I always like to start so sherry imagine so if you're at a party and you meet somebody and they don't know who you are and they ask that common question so sherry what do you do I was curious how yeah how would you answer that question in a situation like that I typically say I'm a writer and if they're curious enough to find out what kind of writer I say I write books I help kids with their self-esteem oh wow that's pretty basic yeah yeah keep it very simple that's very cool so yeah like on your website it says the whimsical world of sherry think and then you got the three words at the top there love bliss and inspiration you all sound very positive and empowering maybe like a lot of interviews I guess we'll start off with your story because there are some references to like overcoming adversity but I don't think there are any details so I don't know whatever you want to share like what you know about who you are and how you got to publish these books and then we'll get into the details of what you create and how you serve and all that good stuff absolutely well I like to say I'm an accidental author but I believe it was my destiny because even as a kid I was writing my own stories and creating my own art and doing all kinds of entrepreneurial artistic things growing up in rural Virginia and my family we always had money for food on the table but we didn't have money for things that kids really wanted like new clothes and toys and books and you know everything that you think matters when you're a little kid so the way that I dealt with that was I created my own little world and I was always creating and I had a lot of fun with that but as I grew a little bit older I realized that the only way I'd be able to go to college because no one in my family had ever gone was to get a scholarship and the only way that could happen is if I did really well in school so I kind of put my creative endeavors aside and focused on getting good grades and I did very well ultimately went to school liked it so much got my master's degree while I was working as well and then had a business management program in the future but during that time I had decided like I wanted a sexy job you know I I had equated success with the title and the perks and the money and being important to a company so I climbed that corporate ladder for over 12 years and I you know I was in online marketing and I learned so much to that process and ultimately became in charge of departments and budgets and made a lot of money for other people but during that time I like especially the last two years I was in it I was going through a lot of soul-searching because it wasn't as rewarding as it once been and I had realized like climbing that ladder it was up against the wrong wall and I had invested everything I had into it I mean it was part of my identity and I didn't know I didn't know what else I could do and I think a lot of us face that in our lives we've invested so much into our career and it's hard to walk away right so during that time I had this gift of adversity hundred you ever had that where you you know you're going through a difficult time in your life and then something else happens and makes it completely worse yes well I loved I had never heard that phrase B you said the gift of adversity yes the gift of adversity is another way of saying of turning lemons into lemonade or something like that's right something that totally sucked yeah well so in your case yeah what was that well while I was going through that soul-searching working in the corporate world there was this woman in my office who was bullying me and it was really bad and I was having a very hard time with it because that's just not who I am I'm not I'm not that type of person and I couldn't understand it and I did everything that people tell you to do I tried everything and none of those things worked and I worked way too hard to run away from that situation so I was driving to work one day and I was crying because I didn't want to go and I didn't know what to do and I just had this moment of total surrender where I had no more ego about it and I just like said out loud help me I will do anything and in that moment and I don't think I've ever been that surrender to my whole life before I definitely wasn't meditating or anything before that and so in that moment this idea came to me about a rose that grows within a weed bed and thinks that she's the weed and then this like miracle happened where the story wrote through me in the car on the way to work and I lived in Orange County California at the time so I had a lot of stoplights to write the story and I didn't know what to do like it was flowing through me and never had anything happen like that before everything I created before that was conscious was like me thinking it through this was just flowing and so I grabbed the back of an envelope and a mini golf pencil because that's what I had in the car and I wrote it on my leg at stoplights on the way to work all the way through from the very first line to the very end and I never had anything like that happened before so I wasn't telling anybody about it because I thought that's crazy you know but I made an important decision that day and I decided that a year from that day I would either be working for another company doing something different or working for myself and that's the one I secretly hoped for but was too scared to clean of course yeah yeah yeah it's the scariest one cause curacao a year a year later I assume you chose the self-employment Deb I had tried other things but nothing's felt like the right fit you know I was still in the same job but I was exploring other possibilities but nothing got me excited like the possibility of being an entrepreneur so a year from that day I mean I had postponed you know I took care of the company before me I was like well let me see them through this client event let me speak at the company conference let me train a predecessor let me do all these things to get them set up in a good way until ultimately it was that day a year later and I got to work and I was like this is the day am I going to keep my word so I type yeah I mean I had a lot of cognitive dissonance about it like I had a good job you know and that's what I thought I had worked for all this time so I wrote my letter I gave it to my boss who promptly called the president and for emergency meeting everybody told me I was not to try to talk me out of it you know offered me all kinds of things but I was just like no I'm finally gonna I'm finally going to keep my word to myself Wow feels pretty powerful and I know from the research I did on you prior that that that story that sort of came through you in such a flowing manner what I just ended up being a book called the the little rose is that correct that's correct yeah but but at this point a year later when you turned in your resignation had any had you done anything with the book or was it published yet or how did that no I had put it in a drawer and I didn't tell anybody about it I had no idea what was sitting to minute or was I was finally open to the possibility of doing something different I didn't know what it was I thought it was going to be the online marketing for smaller brands and I started out doing that and my clients were doing really well they were very happy but I wasn't right and I started like looking at that and wondering you know what was wrong with me and so I went to a conference a week after I left the corporate job I had already booked this conference a year in advance and while I was there I had a random conversation with someone I've never met before about writing and she was like oh what do you write and then I said why marketing and business stuff really boring you know you wouldn't be interested she's like no no no you've got more and she kept pushing me and pushing me and finally I remembered I have this little story and I told it to her and she said I just got goose bumps you have to do something with that because my grandchildren need that message Wow and that's when I thought maybe it's a children's book and then I couldn't stop thinking about it like it was scary and juicy and I just thought wow if I could help one kid believe in themselves and think that they're more than that circumstance that they're in that moment wouldn't that be worth it and of course it was completely terrifying to I want to stop you for a minute here because there's a number I've been taking notes this whole time it's and it's a fascinating story before we get to the publication of that and we're you what that launched into some suppose what I highlight and a couple of things here so one that's hold this idea that when you were a kid you sort of created your own world and you write like a lot of children you're expressing your creativity in your own in your own way and I think I mean and I've done you know hundreds of these interviews over the years and back and I used to publish a local music newspaper here in my own town of st. Louis back the late 80s through the late 90s and then I that you know transferred into the podcast I'm doing like this one now it's not with everyone but it is quite often that people who are self-employed tap into something that they did when they were a kids which most people move on as you did you got you went through the school we got the corporate job and that was your identity and you left behind those childhood creative urges but a lot of people bring them back realize this an important part of who they are I assume you experienced that too yeah I mean it was scary though like it's scary to to give up something that has been so consistent and steady and stable in your life and what everybody who like you know everyone I grew up around that's what they would aspire to and when I walked away they're like wow what are you doing like you know so I didn't have a lot of emotional support for it but I just felt there was something more and then when I got home from that conference I couldn't stop thinking about it I just it's like I had to do something with it so I made a decision I said you know I'm going to publish this book in six months I had no idea what that would take or like what would happen but I just knew that I needed to move fast because if I didn't I was going to chicken out yeah there's a phrase that I use actually a song called just do it and there's a bend in the bridge of the song the lyrics are focused on the what focus on the why but don't get stuck in the how yeah a lot of people get stuck in that yeah go I don't know how to do this so I better not do anything you know until I know everything but it's like that moving forward and and and I think if you're familiar with marie forleo which he has a great phrase it's everything is figure a bowl yeah that's true it is I mean when you have a passion for it and I was fired up I was like I just need to get this done and so within six months I figured out the basics of what I needed to know to publish a book and within two weeks after it was published it became a number one bestseller on Amazon whoa much to my own surprise and then it stayed at number one for over 60 weeks Wow that's a man we need to peel that back a little bit too it's some at some point here I'm not sure how much you know about my background by actually my fourteenth paperback book just recently what came out most of my titles of our self-published or independent publish is how you get out the little rose was itself I did Oh independently published okay good for you and then I served as president of the st. Louis Publishers Association here for for several years and so I encountered you know authors of all types and I know that the children there's a lot of people are interested in children's books and they put something out there's a conundrum with children's books because you have you have dual audiences you create it for the child but the person who actually purchases it are the parents or the grandparents or the teachers child care providers whatever and so it's like you have to cater to one audience even though the book is it's for a younger reader yes um it's so – yeah for that to be Internet to be number one on Amazon it's quite a feat so congratulations thank you so a lot of times people who will go through this traditional career path and then realize it and then find regain or reawaken their passion and turn it into a business sometimes there's an inclination to think that those were wasted years I think everything that you do in life comes together to serve you if so I have a feeling that you going into the corporate world and doing marketing in the corporate world served you as an entrepreneur because you were familiar and I had a similar situation in my career path – I've been mostly self-employed but there was a period my last day day job our time every work for somebody else was 13 years ago and that was a corporate short-lived corporate gig but yeah they trained me send me workshops to learn some of this stuff I use in my own business and so I do you see that – how that helped you oh my gosh tremendously I mean I learned everything about writing a business through working for other people I mean I learned what not to do from the bad bosses I learned what to do from the good bosses I learned you know how to manage a budget how to manage people I learned like how consumer behavior evolves and I got excited about that because marketing is never dull you know a lot of people don't like it because it's unpredictable but I like that about it because if you had to go do the same thing every single day I mean that just gets so boring for a creative person and I never really looked at myself as being that creative but in all those environments I was always the one that came up with a creative solutions and I think of things in a different way and sometimes like people be like God how do you even think like that and like I don't know I can't help it you know and now like it's wonderful to create a business around you know having creative solutions and not having limitations and you know it's not always easy because I'm blazing a trail but everything that I learned in the corporate world help me make help make me who I am today and the connections that I made during the corporate world the guy I helped the ton of people when I was in corporate like I I'm like a natural connector so if I know that you love something and I know someone who creates that I'm going to connect you and I didn't ask for anything in return so then when I came out with my book and I was so nervous and I was like oh my gosh I have this book you know I don't know if anybody's interested but but it's out there people bent over backwards to help me and I couldn't have predicted that just going to take a quick break here from the interview to offer you something for free that's right free and that is the creative entrepreneur VIP list when you get on it not only will you get an update every time I post a new episode of the podcast but I also give you free access to my online course called 30 ways to become an empowered artist this course is hosted on the udemy platform and it features about three and a half hours of online video training that a lot of artists have raved about no matter what your field of creativity you will benefit from it did I mention it's free all you have to do to get all these goodies is to go to promote your creativity calm again that website is promote your creativity calm go there sign up and get on the VIP list now and now back to the interview so share even though I want to get onto some other things I'm just curious how did that your first book out of the gate in a very competitive market the children's book marketplace you know and being a best-seller can you just give me like a couple of bullet points of how you what you did to market that or what you feel catapulted that into the bestseller charts there um well when it initially happened I didn't even understand it right like my mentor had to call me and tell me like Cherie you were number one best-selling author you need to buy champagne I was planning to do a big marketing push in July and the book came out in March it hit the bestseller list early April so I wasn't really prepared for that but then when I rolled the tape back I started thinking like okay what did I do here and the thing that I did was I was very brave and everywhere I went I would tell people you know what I want to write a best-selling children's book do you know anyone who's done anything like that and people you know most the time people said no but they were very supportive and then sometimes people said yes like those corporate relationships that I told you about I would ask people strategically like you know some of my old bosses like do you know anybody who's done anything before and sometimes they would be they would know someone who's a best-selling author even if it wasn't children's and I'd say if I give you a little blurb about me and what I'm trying to do would you introduce me so that I may ask for a 15 minute phone call with them and because I had helped so many people before was never asking for anything people were like oh yeah of course I'll do that so I ended up having these conversations with like nine different best-selling authors and I use bestseller because I think whenever I do anything I want it to be a huge success and I used that at the time as a measure of success because I didn't know any others so I would have these quick conversations with people and I would ask I mean I beat my knees would be shaking right and I'd be trying to sound profession but I had no idea what I was doing so I would ask them what did you do that work what do you do that you would not do again and knowing what I'm trying to accomplish what would you recommend and is there someone else you think I should talk with oh well and if they said yes then I'd say would you introduce me if I gave you a blurb so I make it so easy for people to help me that they don't have to think about it you know if they know someone it's an instant yes because I'm giving them a copy and paste little bio saying you know here's this woman who's working on her first children's book wants to help kids with their self-esteem that kind of thing so I had had these calls with these amazing people and almost everybody was wonderful there was only like under say 1 or 2 people that kind of patted me on the head and like good luck kid like you're never going to be a best-seller like that's not realistic and and I don't know I just I'm like you know what they don't know me they have no idea what I'm capable of neither do i so we did work maybe I felt down for the moment I didn't keep I didn't keep that in thought in my mind at all I was just like no I'm I'm moving forward so I was so grateful for their time and I thanked every single person you know I sent them a thank-you note and an email and often I was shout out about them on social media and I didn't have a huge following at the time but I was very genuine because I was excited like these are people who are doing amazing things that are taking time to talk to me right you know so I would give them a shout-out and tag them on social media well then when the book came out I sent out an email to each of the folks who would who had helped me and I said oh my gosh I can't believe it like my book is actually on Amazon like thanks to you for your help even if it what they share with me wasn't super helpful like their time meant a lot so I just sent them the link and then unbeknownst me many of them shared that with their followers and I think that is what kicked it up initially and then after that it was a word-of-mouth and lots of events always planting seeds yeah yeah because I can tell you know yeah just from your photos and then looking at your website before this interview you you are not a slacker you're a proactive getting out there and speaking and posting things of your of what you're doing you know and this is a reoccurring theme throughout the the interviews and I thought just love that you're reinforcing the importance of relationship this is all people get all wrapped up in the technology and the machinery of things and its really is all about people you know in connections with people and caring and it sounds like that's a big part of who you are oh yes I always say that people are the secret of my success well and that's so like hard for people to digest because they want a formula they want like a do ABC recipe for success and I'm like no you need to care about other people like that's the key again and I couldn't have predicted that either but it's just it's naturally Who I am and it has happened organically because of that right well yeah that's what the thought that came up as you were talking about you know I'd write I don't know what's gonna happen with with this I think there's a kind of a a lot of people buy my books or whatever they are they're people that want to know it all or have you know have all their ducks in a row and there's all these cliches about being prepared I mean you know they don't make any mistakes and and I guess that's kind of what you were doing when you reached out to these people to learn their best practices but I think there's a beauty in being naive sometimes when you don't know the rules you actually have a little bit more willing to experiment and try things and so I wouldn't downplay that kind of beginner's mind I don't know why how do you feel about that I agree with you because you don't know the limitations so you don't accept them for yourself right and that's that's how I like I mean people are amazed when I say I'm independent they're like wow you have seven books not five number one bestsellers they're all bestsellers but five number ones and you're doing all these speaking engagements and you have a beauty line and you have this and that and that and like your indie 100% indie mm-hm and I'm like yeah it's totally possible I'm like the unicorn of the publishing world you know and people meet me sometimes Bob they will cry because they've been told for so many years that there's only one way and they keep beating their heads up against that brick wall hoping that it changes and meanwhile I'm over here having fun charting a new path that's you know a little bit more adventurous and a lot more scary but a hell of a lot more fun and they're like oh my gosh I want to do that and I guess I've been living this life and preaching this message for so long that I assume you know in this day and age that most people are aware of this you know the opportunities to take the independent path but it's amazing that people still and it's funny too even with like younger musicians who were like we're born and grew up in the you know and the era of you know iPods and on mp3 downloads in the digital world it's almost like it's embedded in their DNA that they think they need a record deal or writing a book publishing deal it just says where do you get this you didn't even grow up in an era where that was the case you know so I don't get it so let's um so yes so this one book you and you sort of hinting at it there so let's just kind of hit on some of the other things that you do and I want to get into my official istic question so we can reveal more as we go along but so that one book led to a series of children's books on similar topics yes and they're all designed to inspire and delight kids while planting seeds of self esteem and they all tackle different aspects so like the first book the little rose is about authenticity which helps kids remember that they are special just the way they are they don't have to be liked or appreciated or anything by anybody else to be wonderful just the way they are and then the others tackle themes like adaptability looking for the good and change being a late bloomer true friendship and shyness overcoming bashfulness in order to be able to make friends that's awesome Wow Wow and so how many books in that line at children's book line now there are five five of them okay when you say bestsellers I know this kind of that word is used a lot you mean in your category or your children the children book on Amazon number one on Amazon oh man it is indeed yeah I've been number one in the music business books category so I will usually I do I do say so yeah number one in the music business books but it's a best-seller so you you can honestly say that yeah and there's a couple of the things that you have like so them so so those are all for kids but then you have three other things that I was able to discern from your website one is a my bliss book which I guess is for adults and following their passion is that true yes it's a it's an inspirational journal so a couple years ago I kept getting asked in interviews how are you doing this like how are you doing all these things and having the most fun and that was like well I created the daily journal based on things that I have best practice I learned from other people from mentors for trial and error in my own life and I had this one sheet journal like one sheet a day and when I would check off the things that I accomplished I'd write my victories I'd write you know the five priorities for the day I would you know all these things my Serendipity's inspired actions like all these things I would capture then at the end of the day I felt like wow I've really lived today and then I would go to sleep like feeling satisfied and the next day I'd get up and do it again and I showed them that I was like this is what I'm doing and a couple friends started asking me what are you doing and I showed to them and like I need that I need that so I can have momentum in my own life and so I was like okay well I'm gonna publish it as a pink journal because that's what I want and you know if people want it great and if they you know whatever I'm just I didn't do a whole big campaign around it I was just like I'm creating this for me and if you like it awesome and people love it it's been incredible it's just unexpected but I guess principles work for a reason you know right right yeah like I'll have what she's having is that's what she's using I wanted to yeah and I've been asked to create it for kids and I'm thinking you know I really think kids could get it the way that it is I mean they're very smart they're much more clever than we give them credit for most of the time absolutely and then um one thing I didn't realize at all is that you so you also has some like music tracks out I do I have two albums yeah Wow so you are you a singer or a songwriter or what was your I didn't have chance to listen so what is your role in those in the music you know I don't consider myself to be either of those things they came about through serendipity just like all the other wonderful things a few years ago a producer from the UK approached me and said I'm creating an inspirational album and I've got all these inspirational thought leaders who are on it and I really want you to contribute a song and I thought that was ridiculous because I've never done anything musical I mean I love music but I've never done anything so I said thanks so much I have really full schedule not really fit for me and he wrote me back and he said you know I know that your mission is to help people believe in themselves and achieve their dreams I know you do that through your books and your speaking but this would be a whole new way for you to reach a new audience and have a bigger impact and I believe that you belong on this album and I'll wait for you but not forever and I was like who is this guy you know what I couldn't stop thinking about it and so during that time I just I was like you know I what do I have what do I have and I remembered years before when I was going through a divorce I had written this poem for myself called remember who you are and it was like basically an affirmation Elohim but for whatever reason the words really hit home for me and I would read it like 50 times a day so I remember that I was bigger than the circumstances that I was going through to keep myself balanced and I was like you know what I'm going to dig that out and I found it and I hadn't read it in a while and I was like oh I got it so personal and so I say I'm ascended to him and this will kill the idea and he'll be confident that he'll pick somebody else and I'll be good I'll keep moving along I send it to him within minutes he wrote back I love it can you record it and have it to me tomorrow Wow I need us no time like the present yeah so it didn't have time to think about it I just moved everything off my calendar for the day and then I'm like how do you record something I have no idea so I just tested tested tested and I like the way that that final version sounded I sent it over to him and he mixed it with music it's kind of like spoken word songs okay I had never heard anything like it before but people really love it and they say that their kids it helps them fall asleep at night right and they like it in the car and it keeps them calm and it's very interesting so so the album came out with my track will remember who you are and then a few it hit number one in its category on Amazon outsold like all the others and the producer called me and said guess what your track outsold all the others oh and I was like oh that's so amazing and then he says I'd like to do an EP with you and I never you know he had never done an EP before and I had never done anything like that his tell me what it was and so he's like you know let's do a five track album together including that one track and I was like oh my gosh like I don't write music and he is I just write from the heart so I did I took a week I wrote all the rest of the songs sent him over to him he loved it he produced it we went back and forth on the sound of things and then the album came out and it hit number one in his category it outright Deepak Chopra everybody else it was incredible and then he came back and said let's do a dance version where you are like a creativity opportunity magnet it sounds like these things keep coming to you because you just cuz you're doing good work in the world and you're open to opportunities so there's one other thing that doesn't seem to be a fit but maybe I don't know enough about it you also have a book out that's like a like a romance novel called cake in bed is that yes and maybe you've explained how it I'm sure it ties in with the other things but there's a conundrum that they've created people like me a lot of people that have a lot of different interests and the things that they're pursuing and they have a tough time sort of melding them together in one brand identity and so so maybe you can tell me how this fits in and how you approach that sure yeah and I struggle with that initially too because when I first had the idea my goodness that was like four and a half years ago now and I started writing it I didn't know what it was but I knew it wasn't for kids because the vocabulary was different the tone was different that's before I even got into the the juicy parts of it but I knew I needed to write it and I wrote it and at the time like I started mentioning it in interviews maybe a year before it came out and I had one interviewer say have you ever seen a children's author successfully navigate their way outside of the children's box and at the time I hadn't so I just honestly said I said no I haven't but I don't understand your question because I don't believe in your box whoo nice and anyone they were a little bit adversarial when they asked me the question and then when I said that they like thought about it for a moment and then moved on but I don't believe in limitation like why why would I limit myself to one form of creative expression just because that's what people know of me right you know and if I can help a lot more people by creating something that I really want to create why wouldn't I and then we were going through the editing process with that book I was working with my editor and going all through all the rewrites so my goodness painful I realized this is an alignment with my brand the whole time I'm thinking I'm going to have to promote it separately it's going to be different weird and then I was like we know at the heart of every single thing that I do even when I'm on the radio even when I'm on stage everything even when I'm like at the store it's all about self-love it's all about empowering people to love themselves more and go for what they really want and that book is no different it's just for a different audience and so that was a huge like aha for me and I wasn't too concerned about the success of it commercially I just I knew I needed to create it for me I needed to prove to myself that I had the courage to do it once again step out on that ledge and I did and it's been almost a year now and it hit the top 20 best-selling romantic comedies in Canada which was amazing and you know people write to me all the time and men write to me they're like I don't usually read romance but I like this book they seem surprised to you know well that's right that's very cool or smart of you to see a theme and I mean yeah I mean she had some kind of an evil sinister seize you know theme in the book that like to see where it didn't tie in but yeah that's the way you describe that was beautiful and having that mission and knowing what that is I think it's a crucial part of there's a lot of creative people especially early maybe in their careers are focused on the craft and the and the what box they fit into as far as you know marketing themselves as thinking about it being an extension or an expression of their personal mission like what's their real purpose you know and how they serve through their art and you seem to have a really good a handle on that which i think is inspiring thank you yeah I think the way that we've been taught to think about it traditionally has been very cerebral it makes sense on paper it sounds good in our heads but when the heart wants to create when the heart longs to do something to have an adventure to make a difference you cannot always box that in on a piece of paper right and and that's something that I've had to let go of control of because in the corporate world I was very regimented like I delivered I over delivered all the time like I you know I had the goals like seeded the goals and like now in my business stuff I've learned let go of the goal so much like it's not that you want to hold tight to that you want to hold vice the intention the feeling that you want to create and other people and in yourself and your life and so now I'm more focused rather than pushing to get what I want it's more about becoming the best magnet for what I want to attract and that seems to be a game changer in my life and I get a tell you like business isn't easy you know as an entrepreneur like especially a creative entrepreneur like you've got to balance multiple sides of your personality and your time and you have to like use your intuition a lot about what's a yes for you and what's not but you feel a lot better when you don't keep yourself in a box I don't want to be limited by other people's limitations ever love that words of wisdom I hope you enjoyed that interview with sherry and I hope you found it is inspirational and riveting is I did so stay tuned for part two which should be coming at you next week and I'll just remind you one more time to get that free stuff when you become a member of the creative entrepreneur VIP list you access to the 30 ways to become an empowered artist course and some other goodies and updates every time I publish a new episode just go to promote your creativity dot-com again that web address is promote your creativity calm also if you'd like to support my ongoing efforts to educate inspire and empower creative people around the world I hope you'll consider becoming a patron just go to and Comm slash Bob Baker I would greatly appreciate your support thanks for all you do to express your creativity and share it with the world I wish you the best this is Bob Baker saying so long for now you

7 thoughts on “How to Publish a Bestselling Children's Book: Sheri Fink Interview

  1. Sherri is a sweetheart. I remember sitting by her at my first Los Angeles SCBWI Conference. She and I kept in touch and she is very generous in answering questions and sharing her journey.

  2. I have books to publish about Autism, Asperger's and how to spot this and deal with it educationally, at home and socially. Then another about how to see the Aura and develop you spirituality.
    Then other kids books on how to overcome issues for kids who don't eat, can't get rid of dummies or nappies etc. Crossing the road book with a song how to remember the safety message and moving country. These things are huge hurdles for some kids, but I have helped my sister with her kids and have a wonderful series of books to publish, they are picture books and will help parents too with how to deal with difficult kids or upset kids. All kids need is love and attention and realistic ways to learn and understand. I tried Amazon but they are not taking self publishing at the moment but I am looking for a publisher but I don't have the money to pay to have them published. That's a shame. Also, how much can we earn from a simple small picture book story. Thanks Bernice.

  3. Sheri Fink – beautiful words and beautiful way of thinking. The interview was both educational and inspiring. ❤️

  4. Thanks for the video. Interesting stuff. 🙂 I'm going to be launching a children's book this year. I'm really excited.

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