How to Profit from SEO Content Writers

8 thoughts on “How to Profit from SEO Content Writers

  1. Thanks for watching guys and drop any questions you have below! Also, if you want more traffic this year, enroll in my free SEO class:

  2. This video explains exactly the topic it claims to discuss (the value of content creation for businesses, by leads and revenues). As usual, the explanation is clear and thorough, and includes hands-on examples. After watching the video, the concept of investing in content creation feels intuitive and clear. This indicates that the video done a great job at simplifying and explaining it. Thank you very much!

  3. Hey Nathan I love your trainings! I’m in the gotchseo academy course… is there a module on creating a [content brief]?

  4. Thanks for the video. I'm glad you brought up this subject but i have some questions. So in your example, in order to get that extra 100k visitors, you would have to spend $50,000.00 on 50 articles? And even if you could talk your client into spending another $50k just on content, that doesn't leave much room for profit. How much should you be charging for an article that cost $1k to outsource? It seems like only the very highest end customers would entertain this idea. And how/where do you find these premium writers that would charge that much for the articles. Also, many articles may have to be more than 3k words in order to be competitive. What I struggle with is that no matter how good the writer I outsource is or how much I pay, I still have to take time to write an outline, then wait for him to finish, then thoroughly go over and rewrite it in better wording and/or SEO. After doing all that work anyway, I feel really butt hurt by what it cost me and waiting all that time. I could have done it better and faster myself and kept the money… but then we are back to not having any time for anything else so I really want to outsource. What am I missing or doing wrong?

  5. Been there done that. Done it all fixed technical SEO, written content myself, the works. That's because I work in SEO but when I do have my own business I will take these tips to heart.

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