How to Overcome Writer’s Block: Intro: The Myth of Writer’s Block

Clancy: Hi, I’m Clancy Clawson with the University of Maryland, Baltimore Writing Center, and in this workshop we’re going
to talk about writer’s block. In this video, we’re going to talk about the myth of writer’s block.
Purple Man: A myth? You mean like the Easter Bunny? You mean like Paul Bunions? You mean like a low carb vegan diet?
Clancy: You see, writer’s block has taken on a mythic status as the only obstacle to successful writing sessions. However, most productive writers agree that writer’s block is pretty overrated. Philip Pullman, the
award-winning author of Northern Lights, said this [reads sentences on screen] In other words writing, like any other job, is hard work. And “writer’s block” is just another
name for underdeveloped writing habits. When writers get blocked, it’s because they don’t have habits in place to maintain their productivity and their creativity.
For example, if you don’t have a writing routine and if you don’t have clear
writing goals you’re going to be less productive. And if you’re self-censoring,
you’re not going to be as creative. This workshop series will help you identify
and eliminate blocks to your productivity and creativity. Throughout
this workshop we’ll be using our writer’s block handout, so if you haven’t already
done so please download it by clicking here. I’m Clancy Clawson. Let’s get
started overcoming “writer’s block.”

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