How to Outline Your Novel Part 2: Plot & Character Arcs

26 thoughts on “How to Outline Your Novel Part 2: Plot & Character Arcs

  1. Is it okay to not give all the characters a ton of development? In my story the main focus in upon this rag-tag team of 5 people. (The central protagonist is the leader of this group) Should I create arcs for all 5? Or just the people integral to the main plot?

  2. The part at the end about how the plot arcs and character arcs grew organically, and the process of jumping around as if one was "discovery outlining" really helped me affirm the process I found myaelf engaged in, so… yeah, def helpful, fam… thumbs up

  3. It's Really interesting that I'm 15 and I actually know this already. For me it just helps to see how other do their stories

  4. I am prepping my next novel by following the examples you are giving on how to outline. I always do a lot of prep, but this method is clear and efficient. Thank you so very much for doing these videos.

  5. Did I understood it correctly?
    Plot arc means:
    1)Relation between characters;

    Character arc means:
    1)Role in the plot 2)Transformation of the character

  6. I have been watching videos for 2 years! Trying to find SOMETHING to help me. The blood, sweat, and tears I have went through writing my novels, is nothing compared to how angry I feel right now that I am JUST NOW finding your videos. I have a lot of refining to do. These videos need to be out there and sponsored! Great job!

  7. These videos are a treasure! Congratulations from Portugal.

    However I have still some difficulties to separate the plots from character arcs. For example in the hero's journey the character arc coincides with the plot, correct?

  8. Will your methods work for Romance novels? How many characters should my novel obtain? Also, I'm struggling with Inciting Incident?

  9. Hey Chris i'm trying to write a semi-fictional TV drama about two countries involved in cold war. I will use some central characters to point out their role in either sowing seeds for, or making gains out of or suffering due to the confrontation.
    Should i start by plotting a story or following characters on their journeys?

  10. I'm really enjoying your series of videos Chris. As an aspiring writer myself these outline ones are the best as I've been trying to find the best way to outline and these videos are going to help me. Thanks again!

  11. As with the 21 day challenge videos, I'm enjoying your journey through plotting the prequel. On another tack, I was curious about what software you use to produce your videos – both screen capture and video editing. They're highly professional videos and attention-grabbing.

  12. Fabulous. You have a knack for taking complex subjects and boiling it down to its understandable essentials.

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