How to Nail Conflict & Stakes in Your Novel

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  1. Alexa this isn't book even though there's a few comic strips for it but everything you've talked about in this video is used in a masterful way with this show called
    Avatar The Last Airbender. When I say this show is a near masterpiece, I'm talking every single topic you've covered on this channel regarding character, world-building, and magic systems is done almost perfectly. I can't stress more that you give this show a watch it's only 3 seasons (following the rule of 3) and it's family friendly, very funny and deeper than a fucking canyon. Please Alexa w a t c h i t

  2. I'm struggling with stakes in my novel, because when I asked what will happen to my protagonist if he doesn't reach his goal, my answer was… he'll just have to keep trying until he succeeds or until he eventually dies in some way. Because his problem is not an outside threat, it falls into the Unhappiness category. And that in itself will not punish his failure. So, is that truly not enough? Do I have to add stakes later on to the story to make failure something that would actually hurt him? Something that would put him in a worse place than his original unhappy state?
    There is a chance that the more I think about this the more I'm confusing myself 😛

  3. These are great videos but I’d love some different examples that provide structure than like trials and tournaments

  4. When you create conflict, it's important to know your characters well enough to know what they would and wouldn't do under the circumstances. If you have a really smart character, acting extremely stupid, you're going to frustrate your readers. @advice_writing

  5. This reminded me of The Host by Stephenie Meyer, I loved the concept and can even say I enjoyed the book. But I was constantly waiting for something to happen…and it never came.

  6. What about to much conflict. I've noticed in my writing that I love making my characters suffer. I enjoy tragedy because I feel like I can make it more emotional that way, but can to much of it have the opposite effect?

  7. All stakes are about death. Either death of the body or death of the soul. A piece of you dies and you have to live with it. Mental health, identity, your home, a loved one etc. I personally prefer the later over the former. Once the character is literally dead they won't care anyways.

  8. I have enjoyed every video I've seen on your channel. Your passion for your craft is genuine and radiant, a pleasure to witness! You provide valuable information, you're thorough, and you do it in such a casual, easy to understand way. You're relaxed, relatable, natural and not condescending or rife with clickbait-y tactics, sales pitches, or affiliate ads, etc. like a lot of quality independent content. You're generally respectful of other's attempts at creating, and you can critique works or styles without tearing them down or getting petty like some others whose videos I just can not sit through. Thank you for your efforts. Kudos also for your production and editing quality. I really appreciate your channel.

  9. Well, I've never read the hunger games, but I think it's about vampires. Not really interested unless there's a murder to solve. I'd ring the little bell if there was one. I've looked. It's not there. But YouTube has things that work or not depending on the phases of the moon. Damn, it's contagious.
    ~ Jon

  10. This might be a dumb question. But I'll ask anyway. If character A has looked up to their parents their whole life and suddenly they learn about thee horrible things they did… and they have to go through this process of figuring out who their parents were… can that count as stakes? You know… I guess in this context their previous opinion and stuff would be at stake…

  11. you could mix up your examples more. try the classic star wars, the matrix, raiders of the lost ark. Old school classics

  12. Super accessible and beginner-friendly! I plan to use this for my Creative Writing students this week. Thanks for being so thorough!

  13. You know what my problem is?
    My characters NEVER FAIL AT ANYTHING. Why? Because I'm so attached to them that the thought of suddenly slamming roadblocks in their way pains me. I know it's a problem, but I pretty much can't help it. XD

  14. I'm just curious. I would argue that Mockingjay is (spoiler alert?) "the Hunger Games without the actual Hunger Games". I know the movie adaptation when they fight in the city, Finnick says, "Welcome to the 76th annual Hunger Games." Do you consider the conflicts in the book to be the "Games" at higher stakes, or would you have preferred Collins to have somehow incorporated more traditional HG's somewhere in the novel like with Pres. Coin?

  15. I like you using the hunger games for examples because everyone has either read the book or seen the movies so it's easy to talk about the story and plot so you don't spoil other books. But that's just me haha. Great talk! Love the dynamics of everything you laid out 🙂

  16. I struggle most with chapter by chapter conflicts, big conflicts all good, but those scene level ones those I struggle with.I always look to movies and books for conflict help, and The Hunger Games is used by a lot of people for explaining, so don't feel bad lol

  17. I'm so happy I found your channel last night! I watched like 2 hours worth of videos…oops. lol this is such an invaluable resource. Thankyouthankyouthankyou!

  18. Lol Hunger Games Example Disease 😂😂 Hungergamesphillia?

    This was a great video! Super informative, I adore your craft videos! Definitely more craft videos. You do a really great job explaining and breaking down your advice 💛💚💙💜

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