How to Memorize Scripture (8 TIPS!) Memorize Bible Verses FAST!

Hey, what’s up everybody welcome to our channel. My name is Brian. I’m Lisa and today we have a pretty sweet video It’s 8 tips on how to memorize Scripture and if you’re new to our channel, and I’ve never seen us before You should hit that subscribe button below. That way you can be updated whenever we post a new video We post faiths videos like this lifestyle videos and vlogs kind of do a little bit These are eight tips on memorizing Scripture that we have personally found to be Extremely beneficial in our own life. Let’s get started with tip number one So the first tip is gonna sound pretty obvious But it’s gonna be start with one verse we hear all these different awesome verses and it’s like, where do you start? Maybe you try to memorize Three or four different verses at once just going back and forth You stop doing that Pick one verse that means something to you and start with that one verse until you have it down in memory Completely. This makes it easier to just focus on one and actually memorize it rather than getting overwhelmed by Oh, I want to memorize all these different verses. It’s it’s cool Like I get excited and want to memorize a bunch of different verses too but just start with one and this tip actually leads into tip number two, which is to know and read the verse in Context so whatever verse you’re picking out Make sure you read the whole passage that it’s from and you know what that passage is talking about that way you actually know what the verse is saying and what God’s intended meeting it is I feel like when we know The verse we’re memorizing and know it in context It actually makes it easier to memorize and it’s super important that we don’t try to pick a verse that Doesn’t actually mean what you’re wanting it to for a specific situation Yeah, because then we’re just demeaning the Word of God We have to know what it truly means so that when we take it to God when we say God This is what your word says That’s actually what it says Yeah So just remember it’s super important to know the verse in context knowing the verse in context is going to help you with tip number three which is Tip number three is pick a verse that means something personal to you now This one is kind of easy as well A lot of times when we do want to memorize scripture when we want to have that in our in the bank of our memory It’s usually because maybe we’re going through something. Maybe it’s a hard time. Maybe it’s a joyous time Maybe it’s anxiety depression Whatever it is pick a verse that has impact in meaning at your current stage in life If you’re feeling anxious about a certain thing coming up, maybe look up a verse about anxiety so I remember when I had to speak in front of a large crowd there was I was speaking on the Bible that In just the Bible, so I was one extremely nervous to talk in front of people That is my biggest fear is talking in front of people I can say without a doubt one of the most powerful things that got me through being able to do that was memorizing Scripture. I memorized Philippians 4:6 through seven Which talks about not being anxious and instead being thankful and actually during that time Lissa Memorized it with me, which might be one of the next steps So we both ended up learning it and now we will recite it for y’all Philippians 4:6 or 7 do not be anxious about anything but in everything Moving on to tip number four writing the verse down where you’re going to see it throughout your day every day So one example of this is I actually like to write it down in my planner So as I’m planning out my day I see the verse I’m thinking about it and it actually helps me plan out my day accordingly with that verse in mind And then I can see all throughout my week and usually by the end of the week I have that burst down But another thing you can do is actually save the verse as the wallpaper or lock screen on your phone So whenever you go to pick up your phone, they use their phones a ton Maybe a little too much hmm speaking of writing the verse down Tip number five is to write the verse down on an index card. This was another big thing for me when I was Memorizing philippians 4:6 through seven, I would carry the index card in my pocket and everywhere. I went we were in the store if We were in the room if I was watching TV Barbecuing whatever the heck I was doing I could pull out that card and just read the scripture. That way it wasn’t It wasn’t just the weight of man. What was the verse again? I have to completely memorize it without memorized like, you know, I’m saying like it’s easy to just pull it out of your pocket and Read it and that actually helped me memorize specific verses Literally where it would take me maybe you know week and a half two weeks Yeah before this really helped me to be able to memorize it in like three or four days tops along with index card another helpful tip would be to Memorize your scripture with somebody else. This is gonna add some accountability You can quiz each other You can memorize the verse together bribe lock this up earlier and one of the other tips how we memorize That Philippians 4:6 through seven together and it really helped us in Memorizing that scripture we would ask each other. What’s the verse we almost turn it into a game. Yeah I was fine like who could memorize it first? but it can be really helpful and beneficial to just have somebody else that you’re raising scripture with and after you think you have your verse down a really good test to see if you’ve actually Memorized it is tip number seven So tip number seven is to share your verse with others kind of like right now me sharing when I memorized Philippians four six or seven and why I memorized it It kind of helps rese Park that verse within me and then we were just having fun Trying to say it who could say it faster because it was IRA. I remembered it. No, I remember Just share it with others When you’re having a conversation with somebody maybe it’s a non-believer sharing a verse and yeah you know, I was going through this and this Bible verse help me get through it and they’re like What? Bible verse why would that help you get through it? But they can like sense in you that that really did give you strength tip number eight would be to pray about your verse First just praying and asking God to help you with memorizing scripture But then you can actually pray the scripture In your prayers turn that scripture into a prayer So that you can ask God to help you apply that scripture to your life. Yeah So prayer is absolutely fundamental in every area of our walk with the Lord So applying the scripture Praying the scripture like Lisa was saying is absolutely powerful but also praying that God would give you the strength to live out that Scripture I mean He wants to answer that for you. He wants us to live out his word and to really just Saturate our minds in his word. So for you to take that to him, he’s gonna bless that and provide the ability to Remember what it says when you need it. So those are our eight tips on how to memorize Scripture We hope you guys found them helpful. If you did, please give this video a thumbs up We would love to hear from you guys Leave us a comment below on maybe a verse that you’ve just memorized or a verse that you’re going to memorize Make sure to hit the subscribe button and a little bell next to it to stay up Day with our Channel and make sure to follow us on Instagram If you want to stay connected with us throughout the week, you can follow Brian at Brian rigs and myself at Lisa M. Rigs We’ll have those linked below But we’ll see you guys in our next video You You

22 thoughts on “How to Memorize Scripture (8 TIPS!) Memorize Bible Verses FAST!

  1. Great video!, 👏🔝👏 greetings from Colombia. 👋😉👋 Psalms 23 love this chapter ✨🙏✨

  2. One of my favorite tips is to write the first letter of each word on your hand or on a piece of paper. It helps me so much! I went through a devotional (I haven't finished it yet! Oops haha) and it had you memorize the virtuous woman scriptures in Proverbs 31. It was just one verse each week and after 90 days, you know the whole section. It's really awesome! 🙂

  3. Awesome tips guys! I like writing down over and over again and also using scripture typing app is helpful. More faith vids guys please!

  4. James 4:7 submit yourselve to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you!!!

    One of my favorite verses ever

  5. Oh my goodness, first of all Lisa, you are gorgeously glowing! Love the verse Philippians 4: 6-7, as a huge worrier myself! 🙂 Wonderful tips, thank you for sharing! XO

  6. Great video! I'm working on memorizing Joshua 1:9
    This is my command – be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord God is with you wherever you go.

  7. Thank you for this video you two! I enjoyed it and found it helpful. I’m going to do the index card in my pocket and pull it out throughout my days. Hope all is well. Take care! 🙂

  8. Thank you! I love your channel so much. You two are adorable. Keep up the good work of Jesus. God bless your new baby.

  9. Yes Tip #1 is key. Focusing on just one verse. I struggle with this but it's so important for true memorization. For me I knew if I could not trust God with all my heart my soul and strength I could not be a true follower. I wanted to be completely submitted to Him. I lived in a one bedroom apartment at the time and had full sliding mirror doors in the hallway. I just took marker and wrote the verse on the door in large print to see all day everyday and did not erase it until it became a reality for me not just memorized. That verse stayed up there for months. It truly changed my walk.

  10. Just a little tip. When you pray a verse back to God, not only does it help solidify it in your brain, but you get a deeper understanding of what the verse (or a part of the verse you're struggling with) means.

  11. I have a hard time remembering and repeating things back verbatim and I feel like it holds me back from my capability to know the scriptures. Because of this, I don't feel confident or equipped enough to share the gospel. But I love these tips and going to try to implement them in my every day life! I love Romans 12:2 Do not be conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of you mind so that you may discern what is the good, pleasing, perfect will of God.

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