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how's it going everybody a mecca here and I want to take some time to talk about how to make your first $1,000 with Kenna Publishing in 2018 man has Kindle publishing changed a lot over the last 24 even the last 12 months since I started publishing we've seen it go from people coming into the business and making $10,000 a month in as little as four to five months in from those exact same people having their income drop off to only a couple thousand dollars a month because Amazon made some changes got smarter and well they were really only using short term tactics I love love love love where Kindle publishing is headed in 2018 2019 and Beyond because it's headed back to its core it's headed back to where you have to really get down and dirty and learn how to build a proper brand for yourself in order to have some long-term sustainable income and that is what is key from the beginning I wanted to make sure I've built up my passive income with Kindle publishing the right way and build it up so I don't have to really worry about it and it's always going to be there so I want to share a few of my tips on what you can do going forward to make your first thousand dollars with Kindle publishing in 2018 so here we go so the very first one is gonna be building a brand now you're probably watching lots of videos on Kindle and make sense but you want to focus in on the ones that talk about building a specific brand around your books now then does not mean having to take your books off of Amazon and start a shop for I store like I might have talked about what I've done or anything like that it just talks about picking one niche and diving deep into that niche see when you pick one niche to dive into you're able to connect with your readers on a deeper level build a loyal following who will continue to support you by buying more and more books from you but also it helps establish your credibility your authority on Amazon this is what I learn from the very GetGo I found a niche that I really enjoyed I started publishing books it started gaining traction and then I just didn't really focus on any other niches I'd opened in this one and I have a loyal fan base now and they tell me what books to write I don't bother with keyword research anymore I don't need to I just emailed them how to say hey what are the next topics you all want to hear about I do some polls on social media I published some books and they end up ranking on Amazon and I sell enough of them to get by and you can only do that when you've established a brand and establish an authority when you type in my keyword 70% of the first page results are all my books 70% are all my books 80% of the top 5 or mine that is a brand that is a brand so doing that it really helps your book stand out and tells Amazon that you're serious and in turn it looks like nobody can prove it for sure but it looks like they do end up favoring you and just keep pushing your books to the front of the page so to speak the second thing is building an email list now if you are not building an email list why you got to build an email list you have to build an email list do you have to if you want to be in this business no not even if you want to be in this business if you want to have an income longer than six months in this business you have to have an email list this is something that's free it's something that's simple and it's something that's 110 percent necessary in this day and age building an email list allows you to connect with the readers and get ideas for new books sell more books right we I'm filming this on the Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend yeah it's been sending on multiple emails to my list by my books here by them here even if you know you you make sales on Amazon by dropping your price and promote that to your people let them know where to buy your books you can only do that if you're building an email list an email list it is one of the most it's probably the most essential tool you can have when you're making any sort of money online so all serious internet marketers talk about billing and email us right there's not saying the money is in the list they say that because it's true if you ought to be serious about Kindle publishing you have to make sure you're building an emails from day one one of the things I always preach to my students is before you launch your book make sure your entire email list synchron's is set up you don't want to miss out on one subscriber that's how important to do this all right the third thing more of a mindset but it's understand you're in it for the long game you're in it for the long game the money won't come quick most likely now there are some people who who really make their first thousand within the first 30 60 or 90 days now rare cases rare cases right myself it took me if I can remember it took me about four months four months or so I think four or five months I can't remember the exact thing but I've had many students who who hit that much faster they've also had students who took you know seven eight months that to figure it out to making their first thousand dollar that happened their first thousand dollar month but have that long-term mentality that you're not looking for the get-rich-quick thing you're looking for something that you're gonna be able to build up the right way it will take a bit of time and effort but once it's built table you don't have to worry about it and it comes in every single month like clockwork I just noticed you can't see my hand every single month like clockwork and that is so key but you have to have the right mentality and that's the long-term thinking that you're in this fruit for the long and when I say long-term do I mean like two three four years no no I mean like commit to it for at least a year commit to it for a year to actually figure it out and get it going so you can see the potential that the kindle publishing has be aware of upfront cost that's the next thing right hey if you're going the route that I went and you're gonna outsource everything there's the costs that are associated with that right a book is gonna run you anywhere from two to three hundred dollars right then you know if you're gonna spend any money on ads you don't have to by any means but it does help make life a little easier you know there's gonna be some upfront ad costs but just understand that you're gonna it's a business money goes out and goes out and goes out before it comes in right so you just want to make sure that you understand that because I've seen a lot of people they kind of get into it I go I'm spending all those money I'm not getting a return it's like well yeah you've been in it for like you know three weeks what are you expecting magic know if it was that easy everybody would do B everybody would be doing it the next point is is ignore the large income claims that you might be seeing online so much this change like I talked about in the beginning so much has changed in the industry that when going after a ten thousand dollar month with Kindle publishing it's not the same anymore that has changed that was two three years ago it was so much easier to do that using certain loopholes and blackhat methods and things like that this day and age right to build a brand and do it the right way you know a consistent six to seven thousand dollar month business with Kendall is much more realistic and besides in my opinion unless you want to make Kindle publishing your full-time gig and you want to be one of those people that are making 30 40 50 thousand dollars a month with Kindle publishing you know be happy with learning how to scale your business to six or seven grand a month with Kindle and then start using that money for investments or or other businesses that you might want to get into that you'll learn about as you go through this whole self publishing industry wheel type of thing is the last point is whatever you're doing make sure you're watching the most relevant content out there there's so much content on YouTube that is no longer relevant in this day and age and is no longer relevant for for one main reason most of the people ended up moving on to something else and so their old videos are still there but it's all outdated and their or their tactics that don't work anymore this and that make sure you're following people whether it's myself or somebody else it's stably cool but just make sure you're following people that are producing videos you know in this day and age that of being there for you know within the last six to eight months they've been producing a regular amount of videos or they have blog posts etc but the number one thing you want to make sure is that they're actually still publishing books one of the things that has really made my self publishing blueprint stand out this year is I'm the only person only person when you take a look at the top course creators that is actually still publishing books every single month that forces me to keep my information and everything as relevant and up-to-date as possible because I'm still in it I'm like it's I built my brand and I still AM I haven't coming out this week another one will be ready in about two and a half weeks published another one when did that go but two weeks ago I'm still actively publishing books so it forces me to keep my videos like on youtube like this one extremely relevant because I know the changes that are happening how if you even go back to some of my videos beginning the year then you watch some this at this time it's November now you'll see messages have changed right some of the things that I was promoting earlier they've changed because the Amazons changed you had to it so I had to make some adjustments and those type of things I don't practice or do anymore so I say hey no I'm doing things this way now so it changes the internet changes so much and so often then people who aren't actually active in it they become old and irrelevant really really quick let's just say it that way but hey if you get any questions I got a free guide I ain't gonna promote my course to you today you can buy it if you want but there's a link in the first the first the link you're gonna see it's my five step blueprint the five step blueprint to making your first thousand dollars online you can download that for free you just enter your email and you can download that for free and this will really walk you through in a bit more detail and exactly what are some of the mechanical technical things that you need to do to make your first thousand dollars online I'm gonna be following up with the second part to this video that's gonna dive into some more technical aspects but right now I just wanted to take some time for this video to kind of give you a more overview of what it's gonna take to make your first thousand dollar month with Kindle publishing in 2018 as always everybody I'm a mecca if you liked what you saw 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  1. I am so freaking happy I found your videos. I recently purchased a kindle course and found out that it's dated… It has advice that was beneficial in 2016. I've been binging on your videos all afternoon. I can't wait to see your channel explode like Stefan's! Thank you so much for your transparency and documenting your journey.

  2. Thank you jus found your channel 💯 I wnt to write a book I have a amazing life story everyone keeps saying write my book my daughter jus brought me a new apple laptop but am so scared I have a MBA in psychology but I had a bad car accident that lefte in a wheelchair now and am home nothing to do my daughter and sister told me to write my story but I don't knw where to begin facts so am listening to you try to find my way lots of time now that I had the accident by way a drunk driver hit me was not my fault am a great story teller have so many ideas and myself life story will be the kicker but thank you am goin to follow you see where this goes but I really want to do my book so if there anyone that can give a young lady the encouragement and the knw how 💯 to do this I would really be happy got my new laptop ready to go thank you young man I will be a new sub and get started gotta get my brain working again didn't give up but thank you ,your so helpful and the tips you give is amazing thanks 😘

  3. The email list is the most important thing. You ever notice how many people have ads on videos and social media where they are jumping out of their skin to give you free content? Why? So they can get you on that list, people spend so much money on ads just to do this. It’s key

  4. So is it possible for me to make a living selling a series of books about thousands of Useless facts and random trivia for people who love obscure knowledge?

  5. i like what you said about building a legitimate business! many of the people that started were out for dirty tactics and i think Amazon kicked them out! and you were right, many people moved on. Ryan Deiss has since gone and formed his company Digital Marketer, him as an example because he was one of the pioneers of building a business around it! yeah m all for building a legit business and not any short cuts. your advice sounds solid.Love your work!

  6. hi Emeka,, thank youuuu for all, i wnat please to know how to market my ebooks are they are not selling and ranking lower even that they stand well for a title and book cover

  7. Hi Emeka, do you have a coaching consultation or something like that? I've been on KDP since 2014 but I can't seem to crack that first $1000 per month barrier.

  8. Just found your video today and subscribed because of how you gave the tips and your sincerity. I will check out your other videos to help with the publishing of my first book in the next month. Thank you!

  9. This might be a dumb question, but what would be the least expensive form of passive income to initially start off with? I’m a student and don’t have much money to start with, so I’m looking for some less expensive methods that could still earn money. Btw, thanks and great video!

  10. I was searching for kindle related stuff and I stumbled upon your channel. I must say your videos are very informative. Keep it up dude. Thanks for the videos

  11. Thank you for this video. The comments below are also helpful. I just subscribed to your channel. I will be checking out your other videos. 🙂

  12. I have had a novel in the work for over 25+ years, with many other outlines. It is completed. My husband is an artist, so with the help of Canva, the cover is uploaded. I started with your videos this afternoon because of download problems using my Mac and pages. You, dear one, are an answer to my prayers. I have written for several years…blogger, devotional writer, former teacher, etc. This is something I had to do for myself, and with your help hopefully it will supplement my income. Your honesty and humility are such wonderful traits. I am off to watch the email list video, but I had to stop and say thank you. I believe you are sincere and I am thrilled with your success!!

  13. Hi Emeka kedu? How many books do you have on kindle to date? Does kindle have a minimum page,p line spacing etc. Writing my first eBook and want to publish. Hope anyone from any part of the world can publish.

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  15. What does this mean??
    kdp: While reviewing your book(s), we found content inside that's freely available on the web.

    I don't know what this means.
    The internet info, pictures and links is from my website.
    The ebook is filled with tips & research links. I stated that in the book description.
    What am I doing wrong? Im new. Please tell me.

  16. For this to work you need more than one book. Most self published dont sell more than 100 copies in their lifetime. It is all luck and a big scam, like giving away a book for free to sell new books. My book sold 2 copies in 4 months.

  17. Hi Emeka, I tried to find a book of yours on Amazon but I couldn't – maybe you use a penname? Can you send me a link please?

  18. On createspace you only get one small space for your key words but on KDP you get seven and you can cram multiple words in each slot. My question is; are multiple words in one slot okay for KDP and also do I need to put commas after each word?

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