How to Make Your Content Go VIRAL!

a single day that goes by where somebody doesn't private messages and ask us hey what happened what did you do to make the video the life of an entrepreneur 90 seconds how did that video get 10 million views within the first five six seven days and I think today Mario it said it said twenty four million views as of today what's today's date today is February 10th and a video and live on October 31st how did that happen so I decided instead of given you know bits and you know answers here and back let's just put a video together to explain to you step-by-step on exactly what we did for this video to go viral and I'll Wikipedia if you look online on Wikipedia Wikipedia tells you the word viral video what what is considered viral viral is considered something that gets five million views within the first three to seven days a lot of people think a hundred thousand views as viral or fifty thousand views as viral viral is when something gets into the five million Plus range not within two years but five million within a twenty to a seven day period so let's talk about that today what happened with us well first I want to show you this story and tell you the story and exactly what happened with this video so mid-october our YouTube channels been around for a couple years now we probably have two hundred twenty videos on YouTube we decided to come up with a video telling the stories roughly my story the life of an entrepreneur ninety seconds we make this video and we go live with it on YouTube and on YouTube within the first I think we go live on YouTube on Friday night October thirtieth we go live a day before Halloween and the first night it gets 2500 views okay and then we decided to directly upload the video to Facebook and see how it responds on Facebook so I upload a video on Facebook on Halloween October 31st you see it on the screen here I believe it's 3:13 p.m. Pacific Standard Time so I upload the video completely forget about it I go take my kids my two year on the for you see the pictures you dusty con Dylan I get the kids we go to go trick-or-treating okay and I'm with the kids we're going around I'm trying to carry this case matter of fact that day I lost villain for like ten seconds because he went to store and was hiding under clothes I couldn't find a kid and then we come back I open a phone Mario calls it says PayPal did you see what happened with the video so what happened with the video he said it got fifteen thousand four hundred views in the first four hours and so while it's never happened before and then a couple hours later I'm sitting down my dad you know Saturday is a chance for he not to go watch a movie Saturday let's go watch a movie go to watch a movie together and my dad says why it'll be interesting if this thing's by fifty thousand views by the time we're done watching a movie we finished a movie I turn on the phone and I look at the time two hundred and twenty thousand views eight hours later myth this has never ever happened before and we don't really know if it's yet going viral great I come home kids are asleep I go to sleep I wake up in the morning with messages my phone is absolutely blowing up our web sites shut down we're getting emails left and right from people that can't get on the website the video gets two million views in less than 24 hours and the next thing you know it gets five million views less than 48 hours within two days it gets five million views and then we have people from a hundred and fifty six different countries on the website looking at all the other content and and you know Philippines Malaysia China Argentina Brazil Russia UK we're getting private messages overnight was twenty three thousand private messages that was roughly sent to us and the next thing you know it's at ten million views fifteen million views twenty million views and now twenty four million views and this happened and people ask how would it happen I'm going to share with you twenty six points on how to make your content go viral and let me preface something before I go into this I did a video a couple weeks ago the video was titled how to choose the right mentor not how to find the right mentor and keep it it was titled how to choose the right mentor the reason why I said choose the right mentor people send me a message and saying hey I'm thinking my paying this guy $8,000 he's a social media expert and I want him to mentor me it's an eight thousand dollar package should I do it or not you know this other person's telling me if I go to his event it's fifteen thousand dollars and he's going to teach me all the social media secrets he has on how he now has this many subscribers on YouTube you know hey this other person I was watching his video and he advertises a hundred thousand dollars a month on YouTube and now he has you know four hundred thousand fans what do I do I want to learn from him but I don't have 100 thousand dollars what do I do look everything I told you with this video going viral this is how much money we spent boosting the videos zero if you look at the video you don't see a single boost on the video now one penny was advertised on this video that to me it's a true video that goes viral so let's talk about that the message I'm trying to tell you is you know we're not social media consultants you know hiring you you hiring us to pay us twenty thousand dollars so we run a financial firm that's growing rapidly we had our biggest percentage growth last year I'm purely running the YouTube channel to provide content because I'm absolutely convinced the world is a better place if we get more entrepreneurs around the world that are self-sustaining who know how to make their money on their own and they create jobs for other people they're happy because you're creating value for the world and marriage is better their families better they make more money the economy that's better taxes are lower freedom is higher that's what I believe in so my challenge to you is when I go through this you're going to probably watch this video a few times and I will offer a PDF at some part of the video to get all the content here where you can go log on and get the PDF yourself and share it and learn it and apply it to yourself to see maybe you can produce the next viral video that the world hears about and you inspire people so let's get right into it now before I get into the 26 steps what I want to do first is I want to first talk about you know the different types of content that goes viral it's very important for us to know this before I get into my uh my 26 steps first ones humor cats dogs pranks jokes I don't know how many cat videos go viral right I don't know how many dog videos go viral I don't know how many of these prank prank who's my favorite prank a like fouseytube fouseytube and Vitaly Zee TV or something like the vitaly z DTV something like that fouseytube you two are hilarious and I'll make one wager with you you can never prank me everybody's always try to prank me they cannot prank me but I'll make a wager with you guys you can prank me but I love what fouseytube and vitalyzdtv do they're probably one of the best pranksters online but that's one of the ways videos go viral that's one the other one is fights you see a two girls fighting goes viral did you see this fight did you see these two gangsters fighting did you see this big guy get knocked up by this small guy did you see this guy that was being bullied and also he picks up the kid body slams them 28 million views did you see that fights making fun of someone always does well there's a lot of people that make fun of the president it does well making fun of LeBron it does well making fun of Kobe's turn around whatever it is it does well right controversy rebellion changed conflict it as well matter of fact media makes their money based on telling three types of stories controversy changed conflict that's how MSNBC Fox and CNN make their money just remember that controversy changed conflict they don't make money telling good news they make money telling bad news they make money finding something negative about Donald Trump Hillary Clinton you know President Obama Romney pret people they say negative things and it does well that's what sells for them right be why is that you may ask why because believe it or not people are more curious about bad news than good news I can't tell you how many people are attracted to bad news than good news they say bad news we share it with eleven different people good news we share with three different people which tells you what it's a lot easier for controversy and conflict to go viral than something good to go viral but let's continue fear goes viral end of the world earthquake is going to happen in California and palm bill is going to be a beach that's exciting to some people oh my goodness the big earthquake is going to happen San Andreas Fault there is aliens that are about to take over Russia and China they're coming right now people are afraid they like that because for whatever reasons like we like horror movies right next one is creative product commercials Mario loves it what's your favorite one it's a Dollar Shave Club this guy is like in love with Dollar Shave Club you know with the guy the way he does his stuff you know Old Spice that's a good one with two of the guys right there the one guy the bodybuilder guy the guy a horse yeah and then Pepsi did one with Jeff Gordon you know if you haven't seen these they did a very good job Pepsi did a great job would you know Jeff Gordon Kyrie Irving that everybody wanted to watch it was just hilarious Carrie's dressed like this old man in his 70s and he comes on the floor and he just schools everyone it's a great video people want to share that sex they do very well not talking porn I'm not talking porn because you can't upload porn on YouTube all the porn definitely goes viral it's just we don't share it it's private viral that people find out about but sex what I'm talking about is a beautiful girl talking about sex the good-looking guy with a nice body because people are always attracted to good-looking people so sex does well trust a voice of reason a voice of reason you trust although we don't have a lot of those nowadays next correcting an injustice connick Kony 2012 was about correcting an injustice I think within within the first 5 days he got 72 million views within the first five days he was trying to correct and injustice and if you remember that one scene in the video where the young boy is telling a story about his brother where he says I want to die because I want to see my brother I miss him it's about 15 seconds I don't care who you are any part of the world if you watch it you're going to be emotional everybody was sharing that people change your profile pictures on facebook to Kony 2012 people join the movement and then the person who started made a big mistake within a week or two weeks and then the entire think imploded so last one what is the toughest type of videos to make to go viral because that's what I want to talk about today I'm not talking about any of this stuff you can do all this about if I was a 13 year old kid I would probably have my own you know prank channel on YouTube is what I would do if I was somebody if I was 18 years old and all my life was all about body building you see some of my you know my entire life was all run bodybuilding I probably do something around bodybuilding but I'm talking about value-based I'm talking about stuff that you could do that's pure value in the area of business because the toughest type of content to go viral is value education ideas value education ideas my entire mo of this message here is disclaimer money not spent on boosting zero dollars spent on boosting I'm not talking about you boosting I'm talking about zero dollars spent on that content going viral and there's a formula for which we'll talk about value education and ideas now one one organization that's done a phenomenal job with this is TEDx TED Talks I mean everybody watches TED Talks and there's a lot of profound messages with videos that go viral with TEDx or TED Talks and I think they're probably at the top of the list with that another one would be Khan Academy I think Khan Academy is another one that's done a phenomenal job with getting people to go their students kids they have I don't know how many million subscribers on YouTube two and a half million subscribers Salamun Khan he's done a phenomenal job educating the world which is basic how-to videos and by the way there's nothing entertaining about him it's simply educational as what he is as he shares his content with them so with that being said let's get right into the message let's get right into 26 different ways keys to making your content go viral number one let's start off with number one tell a story people like to hear stories it is not a new thing that's been around for thousands of years parables stories tell it like a movie as if I'm watching something if you're telling the story when you're writing write it in a way as if I am feeling like I'm reading a story don't write it in a way where a professional writer that you learn back in school and high school how to write write it as if I'm sitting there now feeling your emotions I'm feeling what you're going through and as you're telling this story there is a key to reminding me of a time in my life that I relate to so you got to connect with me there's got to be a certain sort of connection when you're telling your story with your content the second one is knowing your audience who's the audience that you're speaking to is the audience you're speaking to that you want to connect with is it young what's on their mind if you want to connect with a 16 year old it's a 16 you were thinking about you know he's in school yeah that doesn't have a boyfriend or a girlfriend or he does or he just got broken up or he can make get on the sports team or he is a guy that's on the sports team he's playing football or he hates the guy that's the quarterback because all the girls want to be with the quarterback got to think like that person if your audience is a 22 year old graduate from college what is he thinking about what are his fears I can't land a job I posted 20 resumes what am I going to do next my father wants me to get my own place I don't have the money my girl and I'm dating with I got to take around she's got this place she's working on us she's got a job and she's making 60 grand I don't have anything yet her father thinks I'm a bum you gotta understand your audience that you're trying to connect with so who is that audience you're trying to connect with and by the way the more specific your audience the more it goes viral believe it or not the more specific the more goes viral because you're able to give birth to more loyal followers the more general your audience the less loyalty there is to your audience we try to have the message be too general to general of a message you're not going to produce any loyal of followers of yours three be specific of an outcome clear message what is the outcome of the video when we produce this video a life of an entrepreneur 90 seconds the idea of it going viral was the last thing we were thinking about we weren't thinking about it going viral the idea was for someone who's an entrepreneur I remember door knockin I remember how embarrassing it was when people closed the door in my face at 21 years old when I got out of the military I hated it I can stand sales I wanted to quit every single flippin day about being an entrepreneur so I wanted that person who's out there running a business to hear it and see it and feel it and say that's me that's what I wanted our message was for the entrepreneur to know it's going to be difficult it's going to be hard it's going to be painful it's going to be embarrassing people going to reject you but if you stick around the glories around the corner that's the outcome of the message that we produce number four be loved or hated but not like if you're only liked your vanilla people like vanilla ice cream people don't love vanilla ice cream people love chocolate cookie people love you no give me some of the weird flavors Mario of ice cream that they have some of the ones that evil rocky wrote I mean I hate rocky road but my wife loves rocky road it's a love and hate it's not vanilla we both like vanilla we will settle for vanilla but we're not going to settle for rocky road rocky road is a lover hey B rocky road do not be vanilla vanilla content me to content to sum so many people try to take something and just refurbish it over and over and over again there's nothing unique about it don't do me – look the way I produce content people ask a pad you have so much content how do you produce it you don't watch me you do well wait a minute I help you create content but all your content is unique yes it is but you helped me create content how do I do that a conversation with you question pops up I answer it conversation with you I take a sheet of paper and start writing it's late at night 11:30 my wife is asleep and I'm just writing writing writing got an episode somebody asked me a question I want to come up with a solution do some research come up with a content so the idea is just don't be a me – don't try to be a like guy there's a lot of people on this episode on this channel that actually don't like my content they don't like the fact that I talk about free enterprise capitalism entrepreneurship but there are those that absolutely love it and it's an entrepreneur living in African Zimbabwe that all he does is follow this content I'm trying to inspire him to become a successful entrepreneur and become an example to everybody around him to also do that now that's the person I'm speaking to but also the person that hates me you're also loyal follower to me the person that likes me will watch it and close it at any time I'm not talking to the person that likes me neither should you point number 5 is volume what do I mean by volume explain to my what volume is look my entire success story in business is purely about volume he reading books I used to there was a guy that had read a hundred books and I was so amazed by the fact that he could just spit any quote from any book and then all of a sudden I started reading five books and I can't stand reading books 10 bucks 20 bucks 50 bucks 100 bucks then when I got 200 books he stopped reading he's more like at 120 books and we all of a sudden started speaking the same language then all of a sudden went to 200 books 300 books for men or books 500 books 600 700 800 1200 he then I all of a sudden got wider and wider and wider your brain elevates and it vibrates at a whole different level because I got white or volume duplicatable you can't watch this and so you can't do that your 13 year old person watching this video out of whatever part of the world you can replicate that and you can rep replicate a way earlier than me but it takes discipline business volume I got into financial services I don't have a market my father works at a 99-cent store my mother's back in Iran I'm a welfare kid I lived in an apartment homeless for 30 days before I joined the Army in my market I don't come from a family with a last name of Ted Williams or you know Kennedy or any of this stuff so I can't go to my market and say hey I'm with Morgan Stanley deal with it can you give me two million dollars of your money there was none of that went to a friend I said what can you say be say 50 bucks or money to American funds so what do I do with that I can't compare with the other guy volume deeper relationships wider then you get better more relationship more handshakes more places you go to your YouTube channel or your blog is the same exact way it's about volume creating good content you cannot just put a hundred videos and one night and it's all regular videos and you're hoping you're going to be an overnight sensation it's not going to happen you're looking at a product that took from 1999 when I got out of the military of reading books selling failing producing creating content producing value rejection to it then becoming what it is today so it's not an overnight thing that you're talking about you're going to learn from a lot of my mistakes you're going to save yourself ten years but it takes effort create a lot of good content again same message avoid me too content if you don't have a blog right now if you don't have YouTube channel right now and you're producing your first video of going viral the chances of your first video going viral is slim to none but you start producing more than your your wider to have one of them potentially go wider next go viral next point over six phone number six consistency you know consistency guy says I want to be able to see man what happened with you and they take the life of the entrepreneur video and they do the same exact type of a video matter of fact I think to brands a mimic our commercial life of an entrepreneur Mario what were the two brands one was one was the mini coop Mini Cooper that identical commercial as us that just came out a few weeks ago that talk it's a current video yeah it's called what label yourself define labels and we did a video called label yourself and the other ones Stefan curry he did a commercial for it's called everyday if you type in Stefan curry everyday and then you go watch life of an entrepreneur it's verbatim pretty much identical commercial but that video came out eight weeks after ours went viral so you're seeing that our contents getting national attention from other people watching what would produce it and it's a compliment right it's a compliment but it's consistency you've got to come out with your content regularly you cannot just put three videos out there and say I'm gonna do it just like him a mine is gonna go viral it's not not that your audience doesn't think you're serious if you put up three videos and you stop no it's about I would rather have you do one video every other week for three years straight then you put up three videos on the same day do one video every week then go to two videos every week or one video every other week but the key is consistency 7 keep growing your fan base keep growing your fan base whenever your base is keep growing it whether it's Facebook Twitter email newsletter website YouTube keep growing your fan base focus on the fan base that you currently have 8 timing timing has a lot to do with when you come out with the content let me explain what I mean by that many years ago when I started the blog limitless came out the movie limitless I don't even know one limiting schema can you search to see one limitless came up so the movie limitless with Bradley Cooper comes out and I'm watching the video and I'm telling myself why is this pretty impressive video and I'm big fan of Bradley Cooper and I'm a big fan of DeNiro so both of them in the same movie 2000 March March 8th mm so the night it comes out that Friday night it comes out I go watch it okay and at night I decide to write a blog and I'm not a blogger I decide to write a blog something to do with NZT Einstein took NZT something like that overnight then puck just went viral overnight the blog went viral I'm getting messages from people all over the world how can I get my hands on NZT and NZT doesn't exist but it went viral so it's pure accidental you see this works because people wanted to find that the same question where can I get my hands on NZT there's a drug like that exist another one was a blog I that Jordan Kobe LeBron who's the greatest and it was at the right time at the same time that everybody was debating that next you know that went viral so match match calendars holidays right something that hazard with that holiday MLK write an article the night before prepared for MLK let it go out it could go viral if it is a good story movie opening if a big Star Wars movie is coming out and you time it perfectly and you write an article because your big Star Wars guy and you know all the history about Star Wars who knows because potentially go viral Superbowl something related to the Super Bowl Academy Awards like Super Bowl these commercials which by the way 80% of commercials that the Super Bowl were absolutely pathetic it was embarrassing even watching it we're sitting in our room watching the Super Bowl at the theater in our house and I'm just watching commercial who's pathetic commercials I think the best one I saw I would say the Doritos commercial was a good one I was hilarious with the kid and following an embalmed she throws it and she goes into labor another one that was funny was I would say the Prius how at the end the cap gets the Prius and he can finally catch up there was a few good while Mario said the monkey won he remembers a monkey the monkey pitbull dude Mountain Dew commercial which I thought it was terrible but he liked it he still thinks about it 80% of it was terrible 80% of commercials were terrible but so what if you write wrote something having to do with the commercials right okay Academy Awards is coming out so your predictions on who you think is going to win you know inauguration speech we're about to have a president so you could time it with inauguration the day the inauguration is going to happen you have an article that has to do with the last five inauguration so something unique about it it goes viral a debate consistently right now there's a bunch of political websites YouTube blog vloggers that are doing very well because all they're doing is writing stuff about the current debate or fight a big fight and when when the was a big fight Mayweather against Pacquiao I go meet with Pacquiao I think the day before the fight day before the fight or a week before the fight I would pack here friend of mine Dudley introduces me to a Paki ah we go over there now meeting him and then the next week the fight takes place and it ends up becoming the worst fight of all time probably the worst fight of all time with Pacquiao Mayweather you know how many people did very well because they were talking skin and when Mayweather is gonna win here's my man here's what people don't about so there's a certain timing of when you come out with that contact next 24 9 have influencers on your side you won't have this right off the bat but you will eventually if you keep contributing now we have many people that want to collaborate with us and they reach out to us and we reach out to some that we want to collaborate with but have informs on on your side think about it say for instance this is you okay and you have 1,000 people that follow your content okay this is Joe Joe has 10 million people that follow his content well a retweet from Joe automatically puts you at what 10 million 1,000 followers and an influencer is sharing your content so how can you get this influencer to want to share your content for it to go viral well a friend of mine Joe Brown who founded their the website addicted to success which I believe it's one of the best motivational websites online he's done a phenomenal job I was speaking to him and I said hey what happened with your website he says honestly I'll say how my website blew up I said tell me he said one day I write an article said 10 keys to why'd Wayne Johnson is blowing up something like that and he says we tweeted it out and it was fine all of a sudden I saw Dwayne Johnson the rock retweeted an article I wrote about him and it went absolutely bonkers he said all over the world people started coming to my website addicted to success and next thing you know he's got the best motivational website online his Instagram account is phenomenal at the content he creates he does great material he produces but he had his own big hit because an influencer Dwayne Johnson retweeted a link to his website and that article went viral number 10 study human nature what I mean by studying human nature okay so Paul do me a favor let's put up that picture on the screen there was a study done here by your buzz some that New York Times picked up and the study was what are the most popular emotions that we have okay what are the most popular emotions that we have in the top three emotions that we have you see it if you're looking at the screen with the diagram there musi are 25% which is not necessarily oh that's so cute all is about I'm amazed I can't believe what I just saw wow this is an interesting surprise fear it was it got people to to to have that amazement feeling Oh number two was laughter and number three was amusement right and other but if you look at all laughter and amusement what does that say laughter isn't necessarily number one human nature responds to all as a popular emotion we like to be spooked if you want to call it if you ever seen the movie cocktails it's probably a few more people have seen the movie cocktails by Tom Cruise we watched a movie a couple hundred times when I was in the army there's a scene where the girl says I bet I could spook you and he says you can never spook me yes I can spook you how do I spook you we're having twins I'm spooked you want to spook people and the top emotion for human beings that's all so how do you create content for somebody to say this about them having that feeling right and a lot of times you'll see people that'll say you know what was the reason why someone goes viral and what was the reason why someone reads an article New York Times at an article where they interview 2,500 people to determine the primary reasons why they shared a story online look what they said 2500 people Paul let's put the link out there as well for them to have it number one to bring valuable and entertaining content to go together listen number one to bring valuable and entertaining content together hence we call our channel on YouTube value tainment value and entertainment together with this article came out recently we made our channel long time ago just so happens we got we named the channel value 10 next to define themselves to others give people a better sense of who they are ok 3 to grow and nourish relationships they connected with others for for self-fulfillment to feel more involved in the world than 5 to get the word about on causes they care about that's a study New York Times that on 2500 different people why they shared specific content maybe there is something there for us to be thinking about so that's one of the reasons why I say study human nature you got to study human nature you got to study and read the books about what human nature thinks about how they like to be communicated with that's a product that's never-ending it's something that we're going to be studying for the rest of our lives when you sit at a restaurant sometimes watch people I like to sit out restaurants and watch out some people are talking to each other reactions people's facial expressions says a lot what is that person thinking about many times I'll settle my wife and I said what do you think they're thinking about right now what do you think is on that guy's mind how do you think the waitress is feeling I'm curious about human beings I'm curious about how they think I'm curious about why they feel the way they feel I'm curious why all of a sudden somebody got upset or happy or annoyed or what happened to that be curious about human nature because the reality of it is your number one product is human a human is wanting to follow your content you are making a human being be interested in you point number I'll have a bigger net the bigger your net is the more likelihood you have of your content going viral see what if that video would have gone viral life of an entrepreneur that was my first video how terrible for it to go viral you know why I don't have a net so after somebody watches that video that's it there's nothing else there so what are we going to see after that there isn't 220 videos for them to go watch there isn't any other content that brings value to them they watch it I have a big net bone everything a rising tide does what that's what all ships right so you want to make sure you have a bigger net 12 try different outlets don't just stick to one outlet Facebook YouTube and Twitter Facebook YouTube and Twitter member the video the life of an entrepreneur didn't do what all YouTube if you go on YouTube it only has 130 thousand views it didn't do very well on YouTube it's only at 130 thousand views on YouTube now kid it all of a sudden have some traction next year two years have a million or two million views yeah but it's not considered a viral video but it is on Facebook so one platform work the other platform didn't work some videos we put on YouTube it does incredibly well and it doesn't do well on Facebook it's not on you to determine which one's better it's on you to put it on both platforms and let them decide what's going to do better just think about it some movies didn't do well in the theater but they did very well in DVD some of these did very well a movie theater but they did terrible in DVD it's not for you to determine that it's for them to determine that some movies do well on Netflix some movies do well on Apple TV you're not going to be able to figure that part out because certain community is doing that all you could do is wider net right so try different outlets 13 don't be general don't be general I talked about a little bit earlier and I'm saying this twice because it's that important to be thinking about that don't be general don't have a me to channel don't be like everybody else don't have a topic that you're talking about you know 75 different topics in life that don't have to be connected to one thing choose one subject take a sheet of paper it's very simple take a sheet of paper and make a list of things you like to talk about okay make a list of things you like to talk about to then take the same sheet of paper and make a list of things you're good at okay then based on this ranked top three which one are you the most passionate about top three and which today are you're the most expert about then find a one and have your passion be linked to the number one thing you're an expert in make your content be about that talk about those two things now you may sound not very clear about what I want to do my life and my content no prompt listen go take the ultimate discovery questionnaire on my website ultimate self discovery questionnaire on the website Patrick Madiba comp ah let's put a link up here so they know exactly what it looks like ultimate self discovery questionnaire it's a free pdf sheet that you'll get thirty thousand people have taken this test around the world and if you read some of the private messages I get they're the most emotional private messages I get on a person that had an absolute breakthrough and they finally figured out what they want to do with lives and they're living in East Africa which I'm being invited to go speak to and they're living in Chile and they live in El Salvador and they took their self-discovery questionnaire but it helps you get away from being general to being specific linked to your passion and skill set and it'll really also make you be looser and comfortable with yourself because you finally have belief and confidence in you where you're okay being you I think a lot of time when I sit in with somebody mentoring and and I talked to somebody I'm talking to and I say listen why are you uncomfortable why are you why are you uncomfortable let's let's process some things together and then we process some things together next thing you know just today we were we were sitting around our team in our staff every month we have a book club in just today one of the executives who's a top executive of our firm opened up and talked about how he feels right now and he's making so much money right now and he's at his best he's never been this happens says the other day I'm in my place in Dallas Texas and I'm walking around and I said I passed him and I said never been this happy before but I remember him from you know five years ago three years ago or 1012 years ago why is he so happy today because he finally has a certain level of self-acceptance with them that he knows for the rest of his life he's going to live with this guy and it's okay what take a self-discovery question you learn more about yourself to help your message not be any more general and be more specific next point number fourteen point number fourteen okay catchy title verses a searchable title when I write that because so many times we try to come up with a catchy title and I think a catchy title may be more effective when you have a bigger following and I think a searchable title is more effective when you have a smaller following let me explain what I mean so the title of this video was life of an entrepreneur in 90 seconds by the way on YouTube the video was titled best motivational video in 2015 and it didn't do well well I changed it to Facebook and I titled a life of an entrepreneur 90 seconds and it did well so mix up your titles sometimes on different platforms searchable title is how to write a book how to start a business people search that on Google and boom you pop-up okay how to get married how to do this how whatever someone's going to search on whatever you search it you got to think about yourself when you get on Google what do you search yourself that's how you're thinking 72 success keys to success in business keys to success in marriage keys to success in health keeps the success in investing people will search that keys to say Keystone but that that that keys to success in investing that's a searchable title so play with this smaller platform use more searchable title bigger platform use catchy types okay 2016 for number 16 this whole myth about length of time or length of article I think it's an absolute myth where people say you know with the video you don't need to make long videos because they don't do well really okay I hired a consultant and he kept telling me this over and over and over and over and over again so listen I don't agree and one day we got into this big I said listen I just absolutely disagree with you know it doesn't do well and I said who said this in the first place some social media consultant they convinced somebody paying $10,000 and then all of a sudden everybody else wants to say mimic the same thing he'd say because you wrote in a book that doesn't make it true I don't agree with that no it's not right I said look why is it that Harry Potter it's a long novel did so well so you should write a book enough some 10 pages ago viral no way it's BS no Harry Potter went viral Atlas Shrugged went viral you hobbit went viral yummy to tell you how many books the Bible went viral you know Dianetics went viral all these books went viral there are so many books that go by so why is that why is that so you need to write no don't believe the hype when these experts give you this advice and they sound so certain about it and people buy it let me give you some research from New York Times again little bit research here they did a study and here's what the study was they did a study finding out how much words in an article causes it to be sure the most okay let me see if I have the exact numbers here yes I do perfect so here's the average now let's put it up sedate see it they they show average going through thousands of articles on how many words in an article made it go viral zero two thousand words it was roughly 4000 K that it was shared with a thousand to two thousand words is roughly six thousand shares but two thousand to three thousand words as nine thousand shares why is that I thought it was said that videos need to be short no look here's what I believe it if Titanic that's a three-hour movie can go viral soak in your fifty two minute video okay we go what do you think happens with movies movies go viral why do they go viral if a movie cannot up watch movies we're like this I fall asleep if I fall asleep that's a terrible blog that's a terrible YouTube channel you'll lost me but if you captivate me for three hours I'll watch your North and South was a long series Godfather is long but it's captivating don't subscribe to this myth of your video needs to be longer your blog needs to be short absolutely disagree with it you can disagree with me I may be completely wrong I may be completely off on what I'm saying but I have subscribed to this concept and I've looked at both sides and it's just worked in our favor it's 17 entertain our channels call value tainment your own value came in watching this you may see this on youtube you may see this on my website you may see this on Facebook you may see this on Twitter if you go on youtube and type in value 10 me where the first ones to come up we produce the channel and we call the value tainment because we decided our being value and entertainment together we did a video last week with Mario and I was trying to make a point of how how how to handle chaos as an entrepreneur and and there was a part where I explained an amateur entrepreneur you know how they react to it Paul why don't we just put a 1520 second clip and show what it looks like here's what it looks like just look at this so first one is first one is amateurs amateurs tend to overreact all day long cut the video all day freakin long we asked you to do one thing right you can't even move nothing it doesn't matter we're doing a damn video over here man what the cut the damn video all day long he does this crap something that's called overreacting that's what you don't do right people saw it and they said wait a minute was that real did you really get upset at him did that really take place it doesn't matter whether I did or not the point is the point was made and it was entertaining people look tense oh my goodness he almost fell he felt pretty bad so entertain when you're doing your videos as well or you're creating your content as well let your personality be seen in the Articles they're reading about 18 call to action okay call to action you know subscribe share this tag and entrepreneur tag a millennial tag somebody give me some sort of a call to action that can make the content go viral and be sure because the key is if within the first 5 to 10 minutes there isn't traction it's generally not going to go viral it is typically an immediate thing we produce another another video that was called um if you allow the world to let you know what's a call it was called how the world views entrepreneurs in 30 seconds okay we put the video up and boom it did well but it only got 150,000 views it didn't go viral right why it's because the first five minutes and then it wasn't shared by the right influencers it wasn't tagged enough times and then it didn't go viral great video put a lot of heart into it but it didn't go viral right so you got to have the right call to action there 19 accessibility make it easy for me to find it and share it don't make it difficult 17 different steps for me to do this now it's got to be boom it shirts the reason why videos Facebook is competing with YouTube at a whole different level because I can see the video easier I can upload the video easier I can share the video easier YouTube's a little bit more difficult but YouTube allows you to create a searchable place where you and I go to learn we don't go on Facebook to find videos but Facebook allows videos to go viral in a way YouTube probably doesn't allow for it to go viral 20 be real and genuine when you're when you're when you're talking to people or you're you know doing a video writing an article just be real and be genuine don't act like you're somebody else you know this is how I am if you see me around me and if you do business with me this is how I am this is my personality I don't I don't have an I don't have an you know it's not an act so you know there used to be town where you know this is what this is how you talk them the best way to do a video is just if you can speak on video the way you have a cup of coffee with your best friend you're at best if I can watch you and I feel like I'm talking to you 101 and it's just you and I talking together that's the best way to do any kind of a communication if I read a blog and I feel like it's a letter I got for my best friend those are the best blogs those are the ones I want to read if I read a blog and I read it as if a you know professional journalist wrote it from XYZ place I can tell it's too much profession behind it sometimes for me I'm not the biggest fan of hiring people with tons of degrees because they've already been diluted into thinking a certain way sometimes want some Street you know experience that you're coming from the school of hard knocks and you've won in the streets and you haven't lost your identity so be real and be genuine when you're telling your stories 11:21 be visual you know if you're telling a story on an article I did an article recently when I left California body was asking me why did you leave California so I did an article and I wrote it I said dear California here's why I'm leaving you a love letter to California and Paul may have put the image up you know what it looks like it was shared I don't know how many how many thousands of times and there were some images in there there were some pictures in it there was some stories in it there was some things that I talked about in there and people are visual in videos post pictures in articles post images of what it is people are visual 22 be vulnerable show if you're her schon I might say something at the end here before we finish the video and you'll see because you know the former ability is not an act you can act you know great actors when they saw he's such a great actor in Hollywood or that person such a great actor in Hollywood saying Kevin Spacey Edward Norton you know Johnny Depp or a Pacino or who else give me some great actors Paul you're you know a a Meryl Streep I forgot well no what's the Titanic was a good-looking guy keep the camp you want some of these guys you know hearty oh my gosh to me you know McAdams you got Rachel McAdams you feel your emotion and again you know you totally people you've never seen The Notebook obviously we have never seen Notebook ever before because it's just not a masculine thing to do right but anyways be vulnerable don't try to be in a box and not show any weaknesses these days about you know you're trying to hide yourself those days are done so don't don't hold back from being vulnerable now I got to that I held for the end and I'll explain those two why I did that I'll explain that here in a minute but let me give you the other two points and I'll get to the last one 23 it's very weird that title on 23 is is I put don't try to go viral I think that was probably the biggest thing for us as we were not trying to go viral there wasn't an intention of the video going viral the intention was to inspire an entrepreneur out there that watches this and says I'm not going to give up today and that could lead to another 17 job so that could lead to him meeting his dream girl and his kids they give birth to three kids and his and her three kids end up having the enough environment and the right money and platform to go to the right school and one of the kids ends up becoming a governor that makes the state the best state ever and produces hundreds of thousands of jobs and the other kid becomes a doctor who goes out there and comes out with the cure for cancer that's the inspiration the inspiration is for that video to connect with somebody connect with a lonely entrepreneur that somewhere to want to do something about it it wasn't to try to go viral the only reason I'm producing this video I don't want this video to be Oh he's bragging about this video getting 24 million views it's a it's a video we didn't make a penny off this video this video doesn't make me any better than you it's just a pure video that inspired you to want to share with other people that's all it was it's you show me love by having the content give value to you where you say man you know I love is content you're royalty is why we are able to share this content with you because if there was no loyalty there is no value tainment right so you helped validate what we're doing but don't try to make your content go viral don't don't make it that hey we hope this thing goes right it's not going to go viral it's almost like the desperate guy that wants to date that girl that girl is not just interested in the desperate guy that that girl is interested in the guy that is almost not interested in her and then she says wow how come he's not going googoo gaga over me like everybody else is you know hey we you know so here's how we know go viral know produce good content and if it goes viral goes viral point number 20 for a cup of coffee mentality I wanna give credit to chase in a stat my goodness Casey if you ever see this man you're an absolute stud on who you are the way you tell stories minutes it's amazing Casey I don't know how many videos he's got on YouTube I want to say 50 100 200 I don't know the exact number on what it is he's got one point eight two million subscribers or whatever it is the guy's absolutely the guy's absolutely phenomenal 435 videos 435 videos and he's got 1.8 million subs 2.1 million subs is what he's got Casey if you ever see this man you're a total stud your total stud I would be very interested in doing something with him because that's a professional storyteller out there on what he does study somebody like him and see how he tells a story in a story is there it's not the most here's 17 steps to do this now he's simply telling you a story but you feel like it's just you and Casey talking to each other man you're very impressive on what you do so cup of coffee mentality I want to be able to hear the story from you as if I'm having a cup of coffee now point 20 five on point number 26 and then I'll wrap up 25 in order for your content to go viral you do need luck yes we got lucky we absolutely got lucky but I've been seeing this all my life my wife will tell you I always get lucky cop pulls me over lets me go and you know all of a sudden we go do something and I win I get lucky oh you know pal you always get lucky I really believe that I really believe I'm the luckiest man alive and I really believe I always get lucky I really believe that so part of being lucky is really believing that you're gonna get lucky it's almost a mentality but we did get lucky we didn't do everything and study this protocol and seventy-three steps on having your content go viral where that that's no we run a financial firm we don't run a marketing firm we get asked by people and come up don't say we'll give you a hundred thousand dollars you know can you help us out with our marketing cuz I like the way you guys think etc etc we don't have time for that we running a financial services marketing organization that's grown at a fifty six percent rate annually this past we had our biggest growth rate ever we're all across the country you don't have time for any of that stuff we produces content for purely value because we want to inspire other people to become entrepreneurs and so there's a lot of luck involved in it and then I'll say the last one on what it is the last one is magic now tell you what magic is you know it's a a the magic part is what you know you it's very interesting what happens let me tell you story on what took place the other day Tigran good friend of mine sequence part of our production team Tigran you don't see Paul back there and Mario Paul's probably the most incredible editor I know he's phenomenal what he does I love his mind Tigran is a great idea guy and he's grown a lot over the years that I've had a chance of mentoring him I'm proud of where he's Anna I'm proud of where he's going to go and what things were going to be doing together and Mario's a leader and Tigran and I were having a conversation and we were walking in all of us and he brought it up and we're talking to says Pat you know s'ti do you remember what happened that morning before we shot the video the life of an entrepreneur because we started at time Paul 5:00 a.m. 5:00 a.m. we started at 5:00 a.m. we start at 5:00 a.m. and we're in front of house and production team is out there we have the cameras all this stuff and we have a 10-man crew and and all of a sudden you know I come out and my wife text me and we're at six o'clock we're about to start shooting at around 6:15 because the sun's coming up we have the perfect timing I go inside to see my wife and my wife is absolutely ballin I've never seen my wife cry like that before and you know as a husband you know you don't ever want to see the woman you're married to do mother of your children she's absolutely in tears bawling and you know what kind of a tear pain type of tear like truly in a lot of pain and I said baby what's going on baby and she says you know my dad just passed away this is at six o'clock we're about to shoot my dad just passed away we have to go to Arkansas I said you got to be kidding me no my veg is passed on oh my gosh what do you want to do what can we do we have to go drop off the kids we have this and we have to book and okay I call my mom and we got to buy this and government and just just pure emotions she doesn't know how to control herself this is her dad this is the man this is the man she looked up to this is the family she's in pain emotions and I come out and I asked her I said hey you know what do you want me to do babe you want me to cancel this whole thing what do you me to just no baby you got to do what you got it and I got to go drop off the kids but I get also figured a second's we got a fly out to our concern so great so I come out and we go into the chute and Mario comes up to now say Mario man you know Jennifer's father just passed you got to be kidding me no and then so 15 minutes later these guys are the guys they're just they're trying to do their job so we start shooting so entire shoot were shooting I am an absolute confused you know energy pain my wife guilt all this stuff come by together and you know sometimes life happens and it happens at the most interesting times and most people said oh you know when I watch the feeling and I watch you know how you felt in a video when you're holding the steering wheel etc says certain scenes you know man you really you really you know act it out or whatever sitting most people don't have any idea my wife's father died that day the next week we're in Arkansas Hope Arkansas for the funeral that following week when hope Arkansas for the funeral is what we had to go to and so sometimes you know when you're when you're doing what you're doing a life is happening to you those are sometimes the most important moments for you to write something for you to record something for you to put something on paper for you to put something on video because many years later you're going to see then you're going to see the stories behind the story that's being told you know the stories behind everything that's being told and look you know at the end of the day the purpose of why we're in the world is to inspire the next generation yours mine's everybody's I really believe we're here to inspire the next generation I really believe that one of my favorite songs of all time by uh Whitney Houston is you know I believe the children our future teach them well and let them lead the way show them all the beauty they possess inside give them a sense of pride to make it easier let the children's laughter remind us of how we used to be I really believe that I really believe that because that was a kid at one point looking for somebody to inspire me and I really believe it's you and iris responsibility to inspire others out there so if you're creating this content or whatever you're planning on doing because you want to be a celebrity it ain't going to go do much for it it's it's going to have a short life soon because people can tell but if you're really going to take this content that we share today and somehow someway you apply to your business and I hope it helps you and you go out there and get this content to go around the world and you make an impact from a place that you truly want it to impact in another person's life as someone do to you it's almost like to pay forward concept I think people gonna sense that that's um people gonna feel it I think you're gonna get a lot more loyal people that are truly going to want to hear your voice be heard maybe you're a better writer your voice through writing be heard and next thing you know there's somebody out there that watches your content who you don't even know about you're inspiring on a daily basis that's the great thing about today's platform that we have with social media we have the opportunity to inject an inspiration and hope in people from all over the world so with that being said with that being said here's what I have for you I promise you initially that I was going to have a PDF page for you to get all the 26 points there's a link on the bottom are you what are you going to put it's going to be on the bottom look for the description on the bottom click on the link it'll take you to my website it'll be everything I covered in PDF format for you to print out and use as a platform to help you produce your next content that you're doing with the hopes of one of your contents going out there and possibly grabbing traction and going viral for itself so click on the link go get the PDF if you haven't subscribed to this channel do so and if you got any questions or comments about it do that as well Mari am I missing anything so if yeah that's right you got to subscribe to the newsletter and when you subscribe to the newsletter you'll have the PDF for 26 keys on how to make your content go viral it will be sent over to you with that being said thanks for watching and subscribe to the channel comment with any questions and we'll see you soon take everybody you

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