How To Make Money Writing Online | $100 Day as a Writer

in this video I’m gonna show you a
simple way to make $20 $50 even $100 dollars or more a day and this
method involves nothing more complicated than just writing very very simple
articles what’s happening everyone my name is Greg Kononenko
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first of all I want to show you some proof that you really can make $20 $50
$100 or more per simple article that should be completely possible to write
within a couple of hours first of all a higher article writers myself you can
see here I’m inside my up work account where I do a lot of my outsourcing and
you can see how much money I have paid to article writers now the kind of rates
that I’m paying I pay a lot of premium rates for my article writers because I
need high quality content and here is an example of the sort of rates that I’m
paying to this particular writer I’m paying $100 for 1000 words so that’s
really really good money for you know if she writes a thousand word blog article
for me she can make a hundred dollars and it does not take her longer than
just the day to do this is another article writer that I’m working with as
you can see for two batches of articles I’ve just paid two hundred and forty
dollars so there is real money to be made there are a lot of people that make
full-time income as article writers and in this video I want to show you exactly
how you also can make money writing why would you actually want to make money
writing well there are a lot of reasons first of all in my mind that’s probably
one of the simplest ways to make an income online it is in a way trading
time for dollars you do need to sit there and you need to write articles but
it is so so simple that anyone can do this anyone of you guys watching this
video you can start making money writing articles 100% guaranteed you simply just
need to do it the second reason might be that it’s a great way to build a side
income so perhaps you working a full-time job
maybe you are going to college or university it’s a really good way to
make a side income in your spare time because there are no set hours you can
just do this at home you can do this whenever you’ve got a little bit of time
an hour or two you can sit down you can write the article and you can get paid
you can if you want to you can actually build a writing career
there are a lot of people that do this full-time there are a lot of people who
enjoy writing articles and there is absolutely no reason why this cannot be
turned into a writing career or perhaps even a business there are agencies that
have 1020 writers working for them basically there is massive demand for
content on the internet and you can take advantage of that by either being a
writer or having an article writing business lastly I think the main reason
why I back in the day started writing articles for money was because I wanted
to make dollars to invest into my blog and into my traffic article writing is
not necessarily a passive income stream model online you know something like
having a blog that just continues getting traffic all the time is of
course much more passive but writing articles is a good way to perhaps build
up you know a few thousand dollars so that you can then invest that money into
a blog you can hire someone to do your blog for you can hire someone to write
your content and that’s you know probably the final reason that I wanted
to mention why writing articles is a good way to make money all right so
let’s say that you’ve decided that you do want to start making money writing
articles so where do you actually go to get customers where can you start making
sales where do you get the clients that you can start writing the articles form
so there are a lot of different places I’m gonna talk about several that you
can see here on the screen the first place that I want to talk to you about
is up work up work is an amazing place to get high quality contracts with high
quality customers and you can build your freelancing article writing profile on
up work let me jump into up work and I’m gonna show you alright so I’m here in
site up work I’m a regular up work user I do a lot of
outsourcing on up work and if I just type in blog writer into
upwork you can see the different contractors that are recommended for me
to hire and how much money they have made all right so you can see sixty-five
dollars an hour three thousand dollars burnt recording recorded earned earnings
for this writer there is another person that has made over a hundred thousand
okay so she said thirty for hourly jobs three hundred and five fixed price jobs
over a hundred thousand that she has made on up work writing articles there
are a lot of other people that have made ten thousand twenty thousand six
thousand ten thousand look at the hourly rates thirty eight an hour forty to
forty five sixty five and so on so as you progress you can definitely make a
lot of money on up work now if you wanted to get started on up work what
you would do is you would need to look at the some of the profiles and lay out
after you register lay out your profile in a similar way you know make sure that
you have a nice logo put in your description and just try to copy the way
that you’re presenting your own profile or not work in a way that is similar to
the other profiles that have good success rate and good ratings the second
place we can grab clients is text broker so I’m gonna go over to text broker and
show you how that works so once you’re in the text broker comm website you
would go into I need content or our write content so of course as a writer
you would go into our write content and then you can have a look at the
information on this page so after you register for free you will need to
submit a writing sample based on that sample they will review the content
quality and you will just be assigned an author rating based on this author
rating you can then earn different amounts of money for the work that takes
Broca gives you also as you can see author rating allows you to select a
project from our selection of open audit so this is an open marketplace there are
always people who want content from decks broker and you will be able to
access this database of open projects and you can just select one and you can
start writing as simple as that here are the amounts of money that you
can earn depending on the qualification or the quality that you get assigned so
as a 2-star article writer you get zero point seven
cents per word as a five-star article rights you get five cents per word so
even at worst okay if you are only a two-star item you will be getting seven
dollars for a 1000 word article okay so that’s pretty good as a five-star right
so you would be getting fifty dollars for a thousand word article at five
cents per word so depending on how you get qualified you can get those
different amounts of money paid to you the good thing about tax breaker is that
they give you work you don’t actually need to chase anyone you don’t need to
spend time all you need to do is just register and then you will be able to
earn those amounts on text broker they will bring in clients to you the next
place where you can find customers is five are let me show you all right so
I’m inside five are calm and I’ve typed in right article and clicked search as
you can see there are so many listings with so many successful completions of
projects so there are over 10,000 listings in total for this category and
you can see that there are a lot of gigs on Fiverr a lot of listings that charge
good amounts of money you know like this one for example starts at think this is
either 50 or 60 US dollars so it’s 70 for Australian and they have had 503
reviews okay this one has had 410 491 reviews now don’t forget that all of
these things are like four so if you see for example two hundred and seventy
seven reviews that means that they’ve done thousands and thousands of orders
because not many people actually leave reviews not everybody leaves reviews so
there are tons of listings with a lot of reviews which means that there is a lot
of work going around and once again if you wanted to start writing the articles
on five are what you would do is you would just model you and these things
for your gig on Fiverr after another successful gig on Fiverr presented in a
similar way and you will get orders as well lastly another probably one of the
best ways to find work is to approach bloggers directly so approach writers
sorry owners of web janeshia for example if you want to
write about technology or about business or about health look for blogs that at a
stage where it feels like you know they probably need more content contact them
and offer them your services so you would you would want to offer to write
first let’s say one two or three articles for free so that they can test
out the quality of your content and then if your quality content is good then I
you can talk about working out a deal we can charge them a particular amount of
money I’m gonna talk about that in just a second how much to charge and so on
you can you can work out that deal with that blog or unit directly so your
process to actually get this up and running would be to offer free samples
so you can do this with up work you can do this if you do approach someone
directly you can basically offer them free samples like I said one two or
three articles for free is a fair deal especially as you’re just getting set up
if you don’t have a portfolio and let’s say you’re brand new you want to make
money with with your writing skills what you would do is you would offer free
samples just to get your foot in the door you have to do this with any
profession you know and writing is no different so if you wanted to be a
plumber or you want it to be a web designer you will want to build your
portfolio now after you’ve done your free samples and the customer is happy
and wants to go ahead with you what you would do is you would as a beginner I
recommend starting and approximately ten dollars per 1000 words all right now to
write 1000 words depending how skilled you are it might take you you know two
three hours but it is totally worth it because you’re gonna be getting your
foot in the door you’re going to be actually building your skills building
your portfolio and then don’t forget then from there on you can then progress
okay if you very fast at writing you can actually write a thousand words in
probably as little as let’s say a couple of hours but the good news is that you
can then scale up to prices of $50 and $100 or more per 1000 words as long as
your writing quality is good and you will get better you know the more of
these jobs you do the better your skills will become
so as your skills improve your earnings will improve as well so how do you
actually write good content you know and let’s say you got an offer from somebody
how do you then create content so there is a lot of information of course about
that on the internet I just wanted to give you my tip because when I started
blogging I had no idea how to actually write content where to even begin what
the write how it should sound and everything else and I think the most
important skill like with any online business is the reverse-engineer
existing content so for example if you were requested to write an article about
best exercises to develop writing in kids all right
you would you would Google for that let me show you exactly what I mean okay so
I’ve just changed this slightly and let’s say if you google for how to cheat
teach children to read so most of the time blog owners will ask you for
content that they will hope will eventually rank in Google now what you
will want to do is you will want to type in that keyword into Google so how to
teach children to read and then take a look at the top perhaps three articles
okay and analyze and try to figure out exactly how they’ve laid out this
content if Google ranks this content in on the top page it means that it’s good
high-quality content and you will want to analyze exactly what they have done
okay so what they have done how have they written the introduction how have
they then laid out the information on the page what’s under each of the
subheadings and then you can model your writing based on these results okay so
you can just model the structure introduction each of the card key areas
topic subtopics model your writing model your article after these are the
successful articles and I believe personally that this is the best way to
write blog content that’s basically this is exactly how you can make money
writing and like I showed you you can easily make $20 $50 or even $100 a day
just by being a writer if you enjoyed this content men do my
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passive income online thank you so much for watching and I will see in the next

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  1. thanks Greg , once again u touched the points , i want to ask if ""is only for US citizen or permanent resident over USA?

  2. Hi Greg, I'm kind of addicted to your channel 🙂

    Do you know websites like TextBroker but specialized in web development ?

    I mean website where they give the job directly instead of me applying like on upwork.

    Thank you in advance for your response.

  3. can I make it from Turkey?? I really need help to work from here in Turkey and get paid by paypal or my bank account. I have healthy problem I cant work if anyone can help me I really appreciate it

  4. Great video, got me motivated to test out the freelance sites and there are a lot out there, but I love the way you show the steps to sign up. I signed up with Textbroker and am waiting to hear back, but it looks like they only give you up to 4 stars max when you first sign up. Do you think anything has changed or is there a way to get to 5 stars after signing up? And how would you recommend finding blogs to write for? I am thinking about searching for articles to read on subjects I like or love and checking out the sites and seeing if they need more writers. Is there a more direct way? Or do you have a video on that? Thanks for the good instructions and demonstrating with screenshots – very helpful.

  5. Just something that you did not mention: TextBroker is actually for the US only by now. I do not know it that will change, but they need you to have a US citizenship. The video is great just wanted to clarify things.

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