How To Make Miniature Books

Hi guys! Today I have a subscriber requested tutorial
for you. We’re going to make some miniature books
that are 1:12 scale which is the standard dollhouse size. I’ll show you a few options for book covers
and book pages. Which option you choose will depend on what
kind of look you’re going for and whether or not you have access to a printer. So let’s get started with the printer option. I just look up some book covers on google
images and copy that into a word document. Just be mindful that if you’re going to
sell your finished product, there are copyright restrictions with many images. I’m copying the image here and paste special
(as a picture) into the word doc. Then I keep my finger on the shift key and shrink that image down to ¾ of an inch (in length) to half an inch (in width). Then I just print that out. I print most things in black and white and
add some color later on but you can also print directly in color. You can also use this same
technique to print out some book pages. I’ll also be showing you how to create books with
blank pages (which is a lot easier). The first thing I do is cut out the book cover I’m using. Here I’m just adding some red to this Gone Girl book cover. And here I am
adding some light green to this second book cover It’s for “The light between oceans”. I am actually reading the book right now and it’s amazing so far. I can’t wait to watch
the movie. If you choose to print out your book pages,
you’ll just need to cut out all the individual pages To speed it up I like to clamp several
sheets together and then cut them out. I noticed here that my stack was thick enough
for 2 books so I just divided that up into 2 sections and clamped them with binder clips. Then you’ll just need to add some glue to
one edge of the stack. This will hold the stack together. Add some glue to the spine
of the book cover, spread it out.. and then add your stack of pages. Then to make the covers glossy, I just add
on some glossy mod podge. For blank book pages, you just need to cut out some ¾ inch strips of basic printer paper. I’m using 3 strips for one book. I stack them together and fold the stack in half 3 times. Just to keep it together, I clamp it with a binder clip. Then I just mark a straight line with a ruler
and cut on that line with an exacto knife. This will create a super clean edge and make
your final product look really good. So try not to rush this step. Once that’s done, I just add some glue to
hold the stack together and wait for it to dry When you’re spreading the glue out,
you want to ensure that you get all the pages so none of them fall out later. Then I just measure the width by comparing
it to the book cover I’m using. Draw a straight line and cut off the excess. As you can see, the glue is holding all the
pages together perfectly. Then just like before, I glue that stack to the center of the book cover and add some glossy mod podge. Make sure you gloss the back cover too. Here’s Twilight which I’ve never read,
but people seem to love. Another option for a book cover is using some
contact paper. I just peel off the backing and put my finished
stack of pages on the sticky side. Then trim off the excess contact paper and fold the over the edges for a nice clean look. I’m adding on a tiny gray label with more
contact paper and titling the book as IDEAS. That’s it guys! Super easy to make and the final product is super tiny and adorable. Let me know if you guys recreate this. I could love to see what you make. Oh and let me know in the comments below what else you want to see in the future. Bye!

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  1. Hum I will have to make the Twilight books first as I have the whole collection and you just have to read the books they are so much better than the movie which I loved even conned my hubby into buying me the whole DVD collection when it came out 😹😹😹 but well worth the read first then watch lol
    Loved how you made the books very much like how it's done in the real life sized books 😹which has now left me with the challenge of trying to make a hard covered book which is stitched lol now that will test my skill as a bookbinder 😳😹

  2. Your tutorials are really very awesome……Thanks a lot for your ideas…….I made a book and added a bookmark strip also in between two pages, it was looking very good…..

  3. Hi. i just want to said, your tutorial was incredible. you explain really well, show us all… that great! i hope i can make things cool like you one day ^^ Keep doing!

  4. Considering your attention to detail, when you first skimmed the book pages, I really thought you'd mini-fied the actual manuscripts!! Unbelievable, these are the best mini books I've seen!

  5. Most satisfying miniature tutorials ever.. I love your channel.. You inspired me so much.. Thank you, Byee 😊

  6. Yay, a Twilight book! Highly recommend the series. 😀 These books look so real! Great job! Is there a certain type of glue you use, or is just regular Elmer's okay?

  7. u make crazy girl i wactched half of ur vids just now,i am an artist i mostly draw but i like tp make stuff with my hands too,if i had space in my home i would have made a lot of ur projects.i am glad i found ur channel😙😙😙

  8. I can imagine a barbie reading one of the books then getting utterly disappointed when she realizes the pages are out of order. XD

  9. That is so cute :D. But can you tell us where did you find those pages? I tried making one book but it was a disaster. I can not find any book cover, with front, back, and side cover. And the pages… 🙁

  10. Sorry to be a nuisance but if you don't mind, please make a miniature fountain. I'd really like that thank you and sorry

  11. I am really enjoying learning from you. I especially like when you slow down your talking speed (like in this video) and show exactly what you're doing. I'm an "old lady" (heading on to 70) and just beginning to make a few miniatures and sometimes I have to rewind and listen really carefully to get what you're doing… but eventually I get it. 🙂 I'll be staring with a kit in the new year because I believe that will help me to understand how the building goes. Eventually I want to be building things for HO gauge models. Thanks for sharing your techniques. They are going to make my miniatures better.

  12. I've made a few of these. I cut out pieces for the cover and spine from poster board and glue my paper cover to those leaving a slight gap between the cover pieces and spine. This makes the book look more realistic as a hard cover. I then glue in a fine paper to the inside to cover the edges of the folded over cover paper before glueing in my pages. I use one coat of clear nail polish on the outside cover to seal it. If you want a leather look use three coats. For printed pages it is far easier to cut out four in a row then fold this over on itself and glue it so that you now have a two sided piece with double pages on each side which can be folded again before stacking and glueing. Much easier than cutting and stacking them individually and your pages will be printed on both sides like in a real book.
    Just my two cents, take it or leave it.

  13. How to make a miniature school with the desk and all the supplies on the inside of it and the outside of it

  14. Mini flash drives
    Back pack
    Messenger bags
    Keys for house/car
    Locker block
    Lock for locker
    Jewelry box
    House hold accessories
    Just a few ideas love your videos
    And love miniatures

  15. I just finished a floor to ceiling "built in" bookcase in 1:24 scale and have been dreading making all the books needed to fill it. At least now I know the basics of how to make it, though these are twice as big as the ones I need to make…

  16. I just came across this mini book video. I really liked it. However, I was wondering if you have a video showing how to make the desk? I really love it and think it would be perfect for the hall in my dollhouse.

  17. Really awesome – I have made a lot of tiny books, too. Just haven't filmed it yet – my technique, of course, is similar to yours, but I have my own method. I never thought about using contact paper as book covers, but that's a great idea. I think I would use contact paper for spiral notebooks or composition notebooks cuz they have that kind of vinyl look/feel to them. I love looking for miniature books to make! I hope you will check out my video when I upload it on the mini books. You rock, as usual, Cath. I appreciate the talent, the skill, the personality, and the quality of your vids!

  18. Hi… I'm following you also in instagram… You re so talented. Im new at miniature… And these days Im trying to make mini books. But I have a problem… Im using Ms word, adding a picture and trying to downsize… At the first its ok, looks beautifull….after few seconds, the quality of resized picture is so bad 😭😭😭 can you help me whats wrong?

  19. Way ahead of you, kid! I've been making miniature books for years. Mine are 1 1/4 inch X 1 inch big. They are addictive to make, too! ~Janet in Canada

  20. I think it would be cool if you made dorm room spence you have made a college dorm desk. Also I like watching you make houses

  21. I have my yr 9 personal projects, and I have decided to do a miniature home. So I’m literally binge watching all of your amazing tiny videos! ( it helps so much)

  22. How do you get the book pages? Might sound like a totally stupid question…but I am quite clueless. I so want to make some books with printed pages :).

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