How to make Certificate using Microsoft Publisher

hello good day guys how are you okay this time I will be teaching you another method of creating certificate this time using Microsoft Publisher the goodness of this because it has already a prepare format page design and style what you need to do is to change some of the phone some of the font style delete and insert fonts or whatever things you want to to delete that you don't want to include in your uh prepared by a certificate ok let us start now by clicking Microsoft Publisher then P award certificates then you can choose whatever design you want they will be selecting pyramids because it is already the border then click create okay there then you can see it's just a plain design you can add some more design if you want you can also change the face design if you want to now we have different formats here there I think I will change the design to marine and I can also change the background you have here different backgrounds we have solid and then gradient and you can also have your own background by just clicking more backgrounds but I will be using this and then you can also change the font style you want to we have here prepare the matches but I will have my own design so not use any of the font style will be creating my own this so just highlight the pond and then go to home and then select the font style that you want to use hey which one do you think is best so let us say one this one here there can make this as bold fat and can increase the size also okay 36 36 and then you can also change it to normal pie or very high it's up to you how normal and you can also resize this like this make it bigger and the size of popery and you can also change the color the color of the poem okay let us say you want it to be in red : okay let's see it that's already red and this time I will now proceed to the next I will also proceed to the circuit it is corded – you can change the format style also okay let me see what is I am very choosy with regards to the form style I think I can use this one but also increase the size to 14 or to 16 and also change the its height normal whatever so that one is normal let us make it more money and then you can change also the style here for the recipient you can again choose among the font style here I choose Franklin politic and I will also find which one is to be to see normal and you can resize that also take two hope 38.8 alter to five let's see 36 can change the name way here you can also change the color if you won I think it's much bigger with this if and they can increase the size of this say make faces or things it could be look bigger in this one okay then you see to the next so I will be removing this business name I will also remove some of the lines which for me is not useful so I will be using only one line for the signatory later on will delete this but that alone oh babe this this one absolutely there this all will be changing the text here so we using the same font style here this is Comic Sans so we'll be changing that performance so there will be a similarity in the font style and also changing the size and then it's time for me to fight okay let me change also the distance is to normal just fighting okay let's see that's our text okay there's already a similar design at the beginning and then the continuation of the content you can also add some more – one – and then here you can write here the signatory you can add or insert text box we want to write then where you can delete delete this one two one two so we can add the text box thank you then say that is the center then you can type the name of the principle for example or the head of the school okay you can just increase the size hey there okay let's say want to increase the size of this just click again the size okay then you can make it bolder you can also change the distances with spacing make it normal then change also the style let's see I want it there Georgia okay just the main Swan a small one Helen please okay they're neither move it downward on what everyone okay let's see it the certificate is already ready for renting so simple as that okay if you want to print the certificate I'll just put your file and go to print so it will look like this in a short blank paper so then you can just click print depending on the printer that you have and then after that you can use the certificate and you can be given to the one or two the proponent that's it my dear viewers thank you very much for viewing I hope to see you in my next video thank you very much

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