How to Make a DVD Menu & Author a Disc | CyberLink PowerDirector 13 Ultimate

What’s going on PowerDirector peeps let’s jump right off Into this DVD menu disc authoring thing You see I got my video clips down in the time line track First thing I need to do is set up some chapters So that the DVD menu can be created so I’m gonna go to The chapter room when I click on chapter room it creates chapter one and then I have some selections Here to set up my chapters I can insert chapters at the start of each clip I can insert chapters at Fixed intervals change some minutes I can insert Chapters evenly or I can manually add chapters by Simply going a placing my playhead where I’d like Clicking on the add a chapter button And then I can remove the chapters I can delete all the chapters Can do a lot of different things here I’m gonna let PowerDirector do all the work for me
cuz I’m a lazy son of a OK so I’m gonna make sure that I select
the radio button next to Insert chapter at the start of each clip and then I’m gonna click on Start Now I have four chapters It put it at the beginning of each clip like I asked it to do A few things I can do I can change the names of the chapters I can just Click on Chapter here and I can change the name of it I’m gonna leave them as they are for
now can also change The thumbnail so I came drag my playhead
I can scrub the timeline to A position that I like The thumbnail to be not lets say I like that better and I can click on this button here to set it as a thumbnail When I click on it you’ll see At the top where I have this chapter Changed it to where the Playhead was at so now thats the thumbnail alright So now that I have these Set up the way I like I can go ahead And click on the Create Disc button Now it automatically adds the default
disc which is this Monopoly type deal that we gotta going on So I wanna make a few changes The play button & the scenes button are fine I want this to be called my videos so I’m gonna Highlight this and call it test menu Alright so now it’s called test menu As I look at this I can click on a show chapters So I have all the chapters that I created a moment ago I can edit the title and actually set new chapters And I jcan ust get rid of this whole submenu Now over here on the left I have the import
additional videos So let’s say the I wanted to add some other videos that I already had created and they weren’t part of the project and I didn’t Add them to the time line now I wanna add them I can click on this button And I can add Whatever video I want to really so let’s say I just Added this intro and then theres also this button here for importing Projects so if I click on this button I can go to win my projects are mine are under Documents yours might be somewhere else And I can click on a project then click Open Now that project has been added And for the sake of fun let’s go ahead and add another Video on here Now what I also want to do is I wanna add Chapters to each one of these Videos I added because what they’re going
to create Is a submenu because when you add a
video from it doesn’t just create chapters It creates sub-menus so You need to be aware that so each submenu I want it to Have chapters so I’m gonna click on show chapters It says theres only one chapter here well let me change that I’m gonna click on set chapters and now I can manually set a chapter here simply
because It’s just one video clip so let’s just say I Added my chapters like that Now I can click on Create disc and go back
here Alright we’re golden So now I wanna look at this Menu structure that I have right now so I’m gonna click on menu structure And right now it looks kinda jacked up but the reason why is because this Menu only has 3 chapters per sub menu So if you go over 3 like with this one it was 4 It’s gonna make another sub menu and just have the one chapter Same thing with this one It had 3 on it made another sub menu on another chapter So I want to clean this up so in order to
do that I have to select A different menu so I’m gonna go to menu
preferences And since I know that There’s no more than 4 chapters per sub menu that I created I’m gonna pick one here that has 4 chapters I think this one will do the trick this one actually has 6 chapters it looks like so I’m gonna do apply to all pages Now if I go back to my menu structure Looks a lot cleaner now So each submenu is good to go Now this things called test menu so if I go to Any one of these I wanna make sure that it’s Named correctly it’s not called my video So I’m gonna click on them And now I’ll give them the name that they should have Alright now it looks everything Is beautiful in my world so I like what I’m seeing So if I click on preview We’lll get a preview of the disc and how its set up And right now it’s set up to play The first one so let me hit stop so it’ll go to the menu Some people might like that music but I don’t Alright it’s all setup it’s good to go I like How it’s looking right now A few options we got here we got the background music I said I did not like that background music You have the option to set your own background music Or you can remove the background music that’s on it Or you can use Magic Music to place some music in it I’m gonna click or set background music and when you do You have the option to click on this button here to select the file Open a file explorer and you just go to where you want Where the music is that you want and then you just click on open I’m not gonna add any music right now so I’m gonna click on cancel Now you have the option to fade in fade
out you can auto repeat You can trim the music as you do
you can tell that the start end & duration Times change down below You can change where it starts change where stops And then I would apply it to all pages so that it’s on all the menus and Submenus right now I’m gonna click on cancel You have the option to add a intro video Or what’s called a 1st play video so if you want something to play Before the menu starts Like on a lot of the professional DVD out there You can click on this button to add a first play video Click on it go to the location on your computer where the video Is click on that video and then you click on Open it’ll bring it in You can remove that video you can preview it All that good stuff Then you have your playback mode so this tells how the disk will act When it’s put into a DVD player you click
on this button here You have options right now it’s a start from the first title And play all titles sequentially That’s why it didn’t start at the menu when I went to the preview Then you have the option to start from the
menu page And then when you hit player it’ll play all
of the titles Start from the first title play Just repeat them some people wanted that option just repeat them Then if you want to you can click on the menu button and go to the main Then just play the selected title only That’s good for like instructional DVD’s so if
you just wanna play chapter 1 And then go back to the menu Or play chapter 3 and go back to the menu you can choose this option Once you pick what you want click OK You can make it the default can make your Menu time out after a certain amount of
seconds all the good stuff So I’m gonna click on OK now if I click on
preview again You’ll see that 1st play video So now we got all that done we can burn our disc so we can burn A 2D disc or a 3D disc I’m gonna go to go 2D disc Select the type of disc that you want to do Blu ray AVCHD a Video CD or DVD Select your recording formats DVD video
of course if you selected DVD Widescreen MPEG2 is gonna be the only
option for a DVD because that’s the best Quality for DVD You can do high quality or Smart FIT You got your sound all that good stuff you do Blu ray Disc Then of course your have your Blu ray
movie format You got widescreen you can choose
between MPEG2 and H.264 You got your 1920 X 1080 60i And also 1280 I’m sorry 720 60p 24p all that good stuff So you got all your options in there You get the freakin routine Alright people And when you’re done Just click on burn in 2D or burn in 3D or Whatever option you’re doing

84 thoughts on “How to Make a DVD Menu & Author a Disc | CyberLink PowerDirector 13 Ultimate

  1. That was great! I learned a lot, but After editing a project I click on Create DVD, select a Menu Preference & Disc format (16:9) and once the DVD is completed the Menu doesn't show correctly on my TV monitor, the Menu looks as if its really 4:3 stretched out and when I click play the video picture is cropped or zoomed in and grainy. I have made sure all my setting from the start of edit to creating the DVD are 16:9. I use a Lumix GH4 (1080p-4K,16:9 MOV, 50Mbps) camera, what is wrong? It looks correct though when I play the DVD on my computer. ??? Thanks!

  2. This was helpful, but I keep having problems with burning to my disc.  I have 14 chapters that I inserted manually.  It is taking over 8 hours to burn to a disc, what am I doing wrong?

  3. Worked like a charm; thank you!

    However, the video on the DVD has two problems that aren't seen on the source movie files. (1) the title on one of the clips see pixelated. I've tried another font, but pixelation is still a problem. (2) in some shots, a veil (this is a wedding video) seems to flicker over the image.

    Are there some things to try to try to correct this?

  4. Just ordered 13 and going through some of your tutorials, do you have a video on putting video and photo overlays? I'd like to overlay some pictures and video clips onto some of our future videos. (preferably at the same time) That is why we ordered this software. Tried using MIcrosoft Expression encoder but it became very involved and took a long time to do more than 1 overlay in a video! Thanks for these!! 🙂

  5. How to get rid of the monopoly thing when I preview? By the way, when you first changed your title to test video by typing over the name, it didn't change the title. I had to go to the upper left and change title there. Thanks for all your great tutorials, they are a HUGE help!

  6. Is there a way to change a premade downloaded Root Menu to a Title/Chapters Menu? I burned the 1st of 2 disks that only needed a Root Menu. Now I wanted to be able to use the same Root Menu as a Title/Chapters Menu to match the 1st (2nd disk has 2 movies) and I don't like the prefab Title/Chapters Menu. New and learning from my mistakes with every project it seems…hopefully you can help?

  7. with other software I was able to automatically fit a video to dvd if it was to big, I can't find that option here. I'm about to burn but it just a little to big.

  8. Thank you for this tutorial.
    If you don't mind please, can you explain to me why I get low and tearing quality picture when I'm about to create the cd that is the preview even when the original video is sharp. How do I get sharp quality video at the end of the whole process. Thank you

  9. Thanks Maliek for all the great info!!

    I am getting ready to copy over about 7 YouTube videos, (and creating
    menus), into a Blu-ray DVD.  The Blu-ray
    disc is 25 GB and each video is about 1.3 GB, so it should fit. My question is:
    will I be able to add other movie clip/chapters to the Blu-ray disc once the
    first burning seasons is complete? Eventually I would like to have a total of 10
    different parts/chapters in all. Or do I need to wait and burn them all together
    once I have them?
    Thanks again

  10. Because of the audio issues (can't remove all of the
    default) with "Cinematic" menu option within "Menu
    preference" I decided to try creating my own (Create Menu) from scratch.
    But I can't find my "Background Images or Videos" folder. I
    went to the website to see if I can download some there-can't find any; I
    checked the CD's that I order/came with the software, didn't see anything in
    there either; it looks like it should be part of software installation. If you're
    unsuccessful in helping me locate them on my computer, any chance you would be
    willing to make yours available or instruct me elsewhere to down-load a variety
    of them?

    Thanks, Chris

  11. Hello, my burned cd is too pixel has light blur ones. Why is that? I'm using new i7 hp laptop I bought 2 days ago. Using canon hd cam, hdtv and blue ray player. I went w Mpeg-2 format.

  12. I have a issue on setting up a custom menu.  

    For the Background audio & video, for the menu page, I "sinked"  the both tightly together at 1 minute and 42 seconds long. The video rendering went well, still remained at 1:42 long;  I selected it in the  "Set Background Image or Video" option under Menu Preference. But when playing it under "Preview" option, it played about 23 seconds longer than what is on the " Time-Line", longer then the recording time/play-back time in other programs. Consequently, it no longer matches the audio timing I planed for and
    there is now 23 seconds of silence while the video portion is finishing up at
    the end. What happened?

    **Is there any video play-back speed setting option under Menu Preference that can address & correct the problem?  
    **Does anyone know what has happened here? — I am using Power Director 14

  13. Your tutorials have been invaluable to me.  They are the BEST on the internet!  ONE QUESTION:  I completed my first project and burned the disc last week.  Now, I need another copy of my video.  I reopened PowerDirector and went to Open Project and my video is "all jacked up."  Many of the songs in my music track are missing, as well as, some of the images.  What is happening?  How can I retrieve my original completed project.  I saved it continuously and saved copies to Documents, Desktop and even a flashdrive.  None of them open correctly.  Please help!

  14. Maliek…follow-up to my last post.  I am using PowerDirector 14 Ultra.  The message I get when my video is trying to reopen is "Cyberlink PowerDirector cannot open this media file because it was moved or is missing.  check that it's available, and then try again.  C:UsersMYNAMEDesktopLet – it.mp3".  After burning my discs earlier, I "saved as" and exited the program, just like I did every time after working on my project.  It always reopened just fine while I was editing my video.  Only after burning the discs, will it now not open correctly with all the music and images….ugh!  What can I do to retrieve my finished project?

  15. Great Video. In 13 minutes you taught me what it would have take an hour to learn by reading the manual. Thanks for doing this.

  16. I have put together a slide presentation that I want to play at a memorial. Once I have burned to disc I am having a hard time getting it to play on my lap top or dvd player. It comes up as an assortment of files…or won't play at all. What am i missing? Do I need Powerdirector 13 on my lap top for it to play? Thanks for your great info and help.

  17. I made my project too long. It's 2hrs 3 min. I was able to reduce the size to by cutting the last part of the project off, but now I'm trying to create a project that only contains the deleted 2nd half of my long project. Any advice how to do this or how to make a long project fit on a single disc?

  18. I think I figured it out. I had to delete everything in the previous 6 chapters by "delete and leave gap". THen I deleted the chapters in the auto chapter settings by hi lighting chapter 1-6 and clicking [C]- THen I hi lighted the first picture in the chapter I wanted to keep. THen selected the entire project by clicking CTRL A All remaining pictures, effects, and music became hi lighted and I was able to drag the project to the beginning. It didn't move at 1st because I found 2 straggler pictures I didn't delete on line 5. After I deleted them I was able to drag the entire project to the beginning.

  19. dude i got problem when i want to BURN my DVD i have Porwer Director 14 they said i need to update the software and did and the said the same. can you thinK help me.? thanks

  20. Hi Maliek. Almost done with video & trying to burn to DVD. Once it burns I get the 2 files w/audio & video but it doesn't playback on my computer. One of the disks I tried in my DVD player played the intro & the beginning of the video for about 45 seconds then it automatically went to a black screen with the dialog box of "resolution is not supported". I checked that it was set for NTSC in the cog wheel, but is there something else I need to be doing? Thanks.

  21. Hi I did a menu already and I noticed there is a 3'rd option besides root menu and scene/chapter menu I think called subtitle menu what would that one be for ? Plus Hollywood menu's the main/root menu for them also includes special features to choose from besides Play, and scenes and sometimes even sound 2channel or 5.1 sound.

  22. Hey power director university I have a question for you I have power director 14 and when I import my project to create a disk the quality is fine but when I go to burn the discs the quality goes down. I you smart fit because the videos are long with that cause the video to go down reminds me of an old VH one video. if you can help I would appreciate it thank you

  23. Maliek,  Thanks for the Great Tips, although your style is it's different from mine – I like it!  In "DVD Menu & Disc Authoring Tutorial":  1.  How do you get rid of the "Monopoly Board" intro – I hate it!  2. I have PD 15 – Where do you find/download – 6 Chapter Menus (I only found X-mas & other non-useful menus, not the standard PD menus.  PD 15 only came with 1 menu.  My previous versions had others.  3.  In creating a custom menu – the default text looks fuzzy (in other tutorials – they look sharp & sophisticated).  4.  One on-line tutorial about "Fix Freeze Error" create disc, said to uninstall titler control – What are your recommendations?  –  Please Help! – Thanks, Bobster

  24. Maliek,  How do you change the duration of the background video in menu director from 15 seconds to a lot longer when you bring it in to Title/Chapters menu?  Thanks!

  25. Hi! In the audio options, what is the difference between LPCM and Dolby? I shoot in Dolby – 48, or at least that's what my file clip says in priorities. I choose LCPM in audio option when I burn Blu-Ray and it seems great. So does it matter? Is there a significance? Or is it just one of those extra options that works either way? Thanks!

  26. Hey good buddy, I put in my 9 chapters manually but can't seem to deselect all of the three auto choices above. Aren't the chapters the points where they can "skip" ahead to? I just want 9 simple chapter points… no subchapters… or anything fancy. Can you tell me please how to disable the three auto choices?

  27. Hi Malik, I need an explanation of the TV SAFE ZONE.  Do I have to resize all my photos to that grid to it?

  28. Malik, my thumbnail images are too big for the frames.  I can't seem to resize them.  Sorry to bother again, but I'm doing a memorial slideshow and I need to turn it in by tomorrow.  The menu is really giving me a challenge.

  29. Dear Sirs, I am using PD13, and want to create a dvd with two video clips. I want to create the disc that I can select first video to play and return to the dvd menu. I selected the play back mode of the disc to Play the selected title only and burn into the dvd disk. However, after created the disc and play in the player it continue to the next video clip. Kindly, help soft my problem.

    Peter from Singapore

  30. I have a problem. When I reach teh alst step, I click on burn and it does nothing at all. What can I do?

  31. Thanks for the video, man!! But does anyone know how to delete the texts? I've got a custom background with the DVD title designed in it so I don't need those "My Videos" and "Item 1" "Item 2" texts messing my layout :/

  32. Thanks. I am learning more about using PD. Can I create my own menu template with PD 14 or am I stuck with the choices provided by PD?

  33. Maliek, I got PD16 about a month ago and I absolutely love your videos. Very informative and easy to understand. With your help I have created a wedding video for a friend that's 1 hour, 45 minutes long. A preliminary rendering shows it will be about 60 GB with at least one of the chapters over 9 GB. Obviously way too big for any DVD's. Question #1: Is there a way to burn the project (with DVD menu, 7 chapters and multiple sub-chapters) on a flash drive? Question #2: Since there were 16 chapters spread over 7 titles, to get the sub-chapters lined up correctly, I thought I had to create separate projects for each title. I have done this but now the chapter structure I created (at least for the first title) does not seem to be carried across when I use "Insert Project" to bring the first title into a new project. Do you have a tutorial on this that I missed? Thanks for your help.

  34. Hi there… many thanks for all your excellent tutorial videos….I have one question for you….I have modified a DVD template , but I can't find any way of saving it to my PC ….am I missing something here?..I have PD14 ultimate… Thank you…

  35. …thank you…I had just changed the text without opening the 'modify' window…my mistake..JR..Thank you again for excellent, informative videos.

  36. I did all the steps as shown and when I play the DVD was only sound and no image to see. What I did wrong? I want to play it in my TV also.

  37. I am trying to download user created DVD Menus on Director Zone and every time the download bar gets to the very end the download stops and PowerDirector 14 freezes. I have clicked around wondering why the download stops and found the edit tab and opened it and clicked on Preferences. This leads me to clicking on "DirectorZone". From there I auto signed into my account and click on the blue underlined "Templates Downloaded to DirectorZone". In there I have 40 DVD Menus I downloaded but they do not appear in "Menu Preferences" in my PD14? They are all located in 'My PC/Downloads' folder as a ".dzm" file. When I double click on any of the ".dzm" files my computer goes to a pop-up window titled "How do you want to open this file?". Below that it asks if I want to look for an app in the Store. I dont think changing where downloads go to on my computer from the PowerDirector website would be of use at all? What is going on?

  38. i see mpeg2 was the only option for downloading to a dvd. i have powerdirector 16, so is that still the only option? cause i need to convert it to mp4 for television production.

  39. Question?
    Do the clips need to be pre rendered before adding them to the project?
    Or will the DVD burn render the clips?

  40. Hey there,
    thx for the tutorial!

    Is there any way to change the automatically inserted video in the main menu? I would like to take another part of the main video, not the beginning.
    And the thumbnails of the chapters aren't centered, so I would like to move them a bit. Any chance I can change that as well?

    Thx for the vids! I like 'em 🙂

  41. HI Maliek.

    Great Tutorial!

    I'm loving the Tutorials! As we say in Australia, they are "Grouse Mate!" (i.e. Very Good!). Quick question, please? (Hoping you can help me!). I'm using PD16 (Loving it). I have created a few DVD's and Blu Rays. Awesome. So here's my question. I know how to create a Menu in "Menu Preferences" (check). I know how to import content of my previous creations (Check) and how to assign a previously created Menu (check). And I know how to create Chapters, and then edit Chapter Names, under the "Menu Structure" (Check). So here's the thing… Is there any way I can change the background image on each of my Titles when I click on them and arrive at the very next "Chapter Page"?

    Here's how I set up my movies. I always uncheck the "Root Menu" Page. I have no requirement for this. This leaves the very first page on insertion of the DVD as "Titles/Chapters" for which I create a generic background image for all of my 6 x Titles. Then, I have my separate movies (x6) as icons and ready to go when I click on them. What I would like to do is have a different background image for each of those 6 movies on the very next page (i.e. the chapter page of each movie). However, when I click on an individual title (which opens up the chapter page specific to that Title) it shows the same generic image as before. Is it possible to have a different background image for that specific movie's chapter pages? Have looked at your previous tutorials but didn't see any solutions to my problem.

    Thanks Maliek. And keep up the great work. Your PD University Tutorials are helpful, informative, and delivered with humour and friendliness. Very enjoyable to watch!
    Hoping you can help me soon!

    Pete Frayne

  42. Does PD 16 compress a bit so that you can fit 2 hour videos onto one DVD? The program my son has on a MAC does that but I only see that I can fit approx one hour on one DVD. Thanks. Wonderful videos BTW. Thank you so much for all the help.

  43. Hi, I need help, I need to finish a protect I am working on, I am in the process of burning the disk but for some reason when I click on Burn in 2D button nothing happens, been searching for hours on a solution but nothing, why is nothing happening, it also doesn't work in 3D or in produce MPEG-2 Video exporting, nothing seems to work, I try to click the button but nothing happens, why? I am using PD16 any help I will appreciate! I need to finish this by today so help!

  44. I have PD 16. I have been burning disks for awhile now with no problems. Now I find my disks have video but no sound when played on both a PC and a Mac. They play fine on a dvd player. Do you have any ideas why this is happening? BTW, if it wasn't fpr your videos I wouldn't be able to create anything with PD. Keep up the good work.

  45. Hi Maliek,

    thanks for your nice and helpful videos about Cyberlink
    Powerdirector. CurrentIy I have Version 16 on start. My request to you is the following:

    How can I create a (Bluray) Disc with Powerdirector 16 and well encoded Video files (M2TS) – without encoding the M2TS-files a second time.

    My Idea is:
    1. Start Powerdirector
    2. Load one video file ( file1.m2ts)
    3. Switch to Disc menu
    4. Load the other needed video files ( file2.m2ts, file3.m2ts ….)
    5. Create chapters and descriptions & disc menu for all video files
    6. Go to burn menu -> burn into ISO-File and option "Do not encode files already in target format"

    Can you please show me and the world, how to do that ?

    Thanks in advance!!!! 🙂


  46. Loved the video, I was just wondering how could I set different songs for my title and scene selection menus?

  47. Great video and a great teacher for power director. I have a question for you sir? I have a movie I wanna burn that’s over 2 hours long it’s in 4K how do I get it on a 2 disk cd or 1 disk?

  48. hello there!!Help me please.i put 4,10gb video files to create dvd disc(4,7gb) and i cant ! the total volume of my files shows me at the bottom that it's 12934 mb! what i do wrong?thank you any way!

  49. As always great demo, lovely to watch and listen, but what happens when no matter what you do it will not burn to DVD I have used PowerDirector for many years tried most other film studios as well. But saw earlier on You Tube CyberLink was having issues due to PD12 (linking and corrupted files) what ever that means that's been driving everyone crazy and wasting hours of precious time.  I have PowerDirector 16 but not matter what files I use just will not burn to DVD which is annoying especially having wasted such lot of time setting up and making menu to fine out it doesn't work.  CyberLink are like Corel notoriously poor when comes to customer support issues.

  50. I like to edited my movies on my laptop on the go and then move the finish product to my desktop for burning to DVD or Bluray .
    I use to do this on another program that gave me a folder with I’ll call the DVD image . I would just copy that to a USB and take to desktop without needing to take all the original media .
    Can I do this in powerdirector . I have tried to search for a solution but have failed to find an answer . Perhaps I’m wording my search wrong .
    Thanks for any help

  51. I'm still a novice and I love your videos… I have learned so much from them! I'm working on burning my first DVD but when I change the DVD menu music to my own selection, there are still about 5 seconds of the preset music before my music starts. What could I be doing wrong? Thanks so much!!!

  52. hey home boy omg thnaks so much this is exactly what i wanted now i know its like similar to Windows Movie maker but thanks to home boy here i know how to make good vids that i can burn and distribute for profit if if wanted to do so and i learned how to do the damn menu creation so i can have my own menus thanks so much home boy as a symbol of appreciation i dropped a boom big thumbs up and and subscribed you mudda awesome youtuber keep up the 5 star dope work my boy

  53. May I know why I receive this notice when try to burn "either a menu thumbnail(menu caption) or the navigation buttons are currently overlapping. try adjust them for this disc format

  54. Hi Maliek. I'm trying to burn a PLAYABLE DVD using PD 15 Ultra. I've got "play first title only" in menu, burn in 2D, HQ Best Quality and the MPEG-2 video file is around 3.8 GB, well under full DVD disc capacity. When I play disc in my Sony blu-ray player, it says "unknown" "unable to play disc". This has never happened before. What gives?

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