How To Install Visual Novels

hello people of the world I am personified here and welcome to this little tutorial video I'm going to teach you guys how to install visual novels so I'm gonna have a couple of things to say first thing first you're gonna need wood wire WinZip or 7-zip I all of them exactly the same so just grab one and go ahead and use it when zip is a program that I think that years ago I don't know if it doesn't now but years ago you had to buy the license at 30-day trial but one thing you could end up doing was keep reinstalling the frickin trial and they wouldn't know you just keep going the back when while you can install for free you can keep it for free completely but we're constantly but after you've done with the little trial thing or constantly bug you to buy a license or whatever the hell they wants you to do um so yeah and then you have 7-zip which just shuts up and doesn't do anything after you installed it so pick your poison all exactly the same you do exactly the same thing so it doesn't matter which when you grab the next thing that you can do is either grab daemon tools or power I so I kind of don't recommend daemon tools anymore although I think it's easier to use the problem is with it now it has freeware on it so you know if you don't want little tiny viruses on your computer don't grab that or you don't care then go ahead and do what you will I power ISO is the more recommended one it's kind of tougher but not really I don't really know I just prefer daemon tools cuz it's just easier to use and all that stuff final thing I want to say is um if it's possible to buy a visual novel just buy it because quite honestly going through all this crap is a pain in the dick you don't really want to do it so if it's at all possible device divide the visual novel you are looking for it go ahead and buy it um the patients will you can buy them or manga gamer jasc USA J list you can look all these up J list I think actually does send you a physical copy of the game and it comes straight from Japan so that's gonna be I think the most expensive option so there's that and finally the steam which is starting to get a bunch of visual novels now so uh any one of those forward will work out pick your poison with any of them j-list I think it's the most expensive and then you have the two now and then you have monkey game a jest and steam that all I think for the most part would end up having roughly the same prices for all the visual novels that they feature almost all at least but yeah that's basically it that's all I have to say early on two things you need you know just in general and the final thing is just food for thought if you can buy it I recommend buying it cuz you don't have to go through this I'd really suggest today would be stalling bunny black because someone was having trouble with it I believe his name was or she not entirely sure which go he because that's just a normal not in this just I guess I don't know what it is when it comes out of pronouns or whatever but a lot of people is we go with you I think but either way they think the name was Brandon whoo I think that was it hope I'm pronouncing it correctly if it was and he need help unfortunately wasn't able of helping them to you know regular messaging so making this video I was gonna do it anyway but it comes a lot sooner because well we can just help him with bunny black and just in general to you guys what to do when it comes down to installing which one out so first thing you want to do is change your look at the Japanese that comes number one if you are running Windows 7 or Vista what you do is press starts you go to your control panel if you are running Windows 8 what you do is open up the little document folder thing then you go in make sure your on my PC and then you go to the upper corner where it says computer you open up your control panel and then afterwards we all do the same thing you know Windows 8 7 Vista whatever the hell you're using you go after you're under control panel you're gonna go to clock language and region go to region change location go to the administrative tab and then change the system of how to japanese afterwards when she change your system will reset itself when it's reset everything will be perfectly fine nothing really changes all your games will work the exact same the only difference is there will be like random Japanese character if you press like one of the – buttons or when you right-click and you see your Intel will be in Japanese that's basically it nothing really changes for the computer itself this is just to help uh make the games think your plank on a Japanese computer that's really it either way when you finish with that you're gonna need to go to a place where you can download them personally I go to a guy download comm this is where I get most original novels that I play and yeah what you're gonna do is download all the single parts from this one right here uh if you're playing a bigger game let's say it's keep getting school days that game is like nine gigs that's like nine point eight gigs right there and you're gonna end up downloading like 50 parts dude so you know yeah you could have to download each individual part there's also this right here what it does is basically allow you to download the entire thing in one go however you're gonna need to pay for it I don't know how much it is so that's on you if you want that next thing you have to do when that is finished you're gonna make sure that you want to get the patch the English patch specifically and also grab this one I don't then also grab whatever the extra patches this is for civil chaos I don't know exactly what this does but it enhances the game and some is probably like an extra add-on within the game so so grab that if you want to go ahead and do that I generally recommend it because they could probably fix any potential problems at the base game ad but eh so after everything has been No downloaded everything's fine now you're gonna open up one of the parts that you downloaded on WinRAR WinZip or whatever using and then you're gonna extract it in terms of confessing you can either compress before or after you extract the file it doesn't really matter personally at least I don't think it matters you don't even need to compress it if you don't even need to press it if you don't want to personally when it comes down to compressing things I usually do it after I've affected the file because the wind bog you know think itself I complete I get rid of after like I've extracted it and at least I know that everything is you know working fine why not but yeah compress the file afterwards or before whatever you want to do doesn't really seem to matter and then in the terms of bunny black when it's finally done being extracted you're gonna get this this is the folder that you extract from bunny black and Nexus is where power iso or even daemon tools comes in you are gonna want to activate it so that way power iso ordainment will pops up and then you're gonna mount it when it has been mounted you're gonna go ahead and get started the installation process now there are actually two ways of installing bunny black the first way is to go to the natural installation process which i will be showing off right now so we're gonna go to this right here and then we're gonna go ahead and run it so that way we can actually start installing and now this is how you're gonna be installing bunny black the normal way the second way of installing bunny black is if you were to open the actual file that has been mounted the bunny black you know rom thing if you actually open it you will see that there is this right here this is the actual game itself all the files that you're going to be installing to your computer we're going through the natural installation process is all right here let me go ahead this way all that stuff is right here you can just extract this from here and put it onto your desktop and everything will be fine either way that's a quicker and easier way to do it and I pretty sure this and from what I've seen because I didn't even know this was here actually because most of the visual novels that you might get that will have you do you know a CD installation whatever probably don't have this year lease I'm the ones I ended up doing a CD installation for didn't have one so I don't know lucked out here so dad this is the actual game all you need to do is distract that and you can start playing instantly but if you're just going through the normal installation process what you do is click on this big top button right there I'm pretty sure the 2101 should work if it doesn't you're gonna do that you'll create if it doesn't work just go to the bottom one that says 1500 but it will start installing right now sleep so when it's done installing and all that stuff next you're gonna start adding the patch I'm going to go ahead and just show you what to do when it comes down to patching the game um when it's done installing you and go to where the installation folder is however if you just extract it and put on your desktop what you're gonna do is take the patch that you downloaded earlier and you're just gonna go ahead and put the patch in here whatever you installed it if you did the natural installation you go ahead and put the patch there if you put the if you just take the folder out from the CD things the CD file that you you know mounted then you just go ahead put the couch right there and everything will be fine you're still installing yeah you are you're gonna take a while that's not good fiction time soon I'm probably just gonna end up uninstalling that anyway so we're gonna move you down there pretend like you don't this but either uh yeah that's gonna go ahead and strap it on there then when it's done you're gonna go ahead and activate it so when it finishes when finishes oh god yeah well things of bad things about to happen Oh a phantom pain is about to happen come on now don't be done come on go ahead and do it you can do it come on I believe in you how are you doing installation oh yeah going slowly oh you have 30 percent that's nice well as long as you're doing stuff really this is just you really gonna act up right now Wow well whatever when it's done extra hey I was making fun of you decided to start working I think you started working I don't know what's happening right now great this this gets would happen oh now the dolls are here what do you want okay shut up tablet what young boy what are you doing in the dogs all right well he's just looking around but either way when it's done extracting after take a tea after it takes eighty years of doing it oh he just walks away now okay so when it's done distracting what you do is go ahead and just double click to start it up and then it afterwards it'll say hey do you want to run the patch you say yes you go through the process it will do all the work for you and then after it's done for bunny black what you're gonna end up doing next is adding this stuff you just take all this and then replace the files that are in there if you have whatever you in blue whatever you installed it just put those files in there and if you extracted it on your desktop then you just do that is that simple easy gents and afterwards when it's done it's done it should start working um for buddy black you might also need to run it in administrator so that way you can actually save but other than that everything else should be fine I also did have a minor problem at one point when I did install it for whatever reason the games kind of didn't work um when that happened I ended up trying to run it in compatibility mode for whatever I looked it up and see you know what people were saying about it and somebody said to run the game of compare compatible a dispassionately it said to run the game in compatibility mode because it worked for them I did it and I went it for like Windows 7 or Windows 8 one of the two it should work um and it did so yeah that's all there really is to it let's go ahead stop patch but yeah ladies and gents that's how you install a visual novel generally that's all the steps to really is you download you extract you mount if needed to mount then you install and then you add the patch it's that's all there is to it with all that and for a game like Sona better if you're grabbing something like that this is a going to end up doing most of them the disk installation thing doesn't happen very often at least myspace doesn't happen all the time but every now and again it does happen but for the most part whatever you get on air you download what you're gonna end up doing is just downloading it and then when it's finished you're gonna take the file that you download it and then just distract it right there in desktop and it will start working instantly that's usually what ends up happening but for cases like this and also if you need to add a patch you can add it but yeah for cases like this it's just a matter of doing all this crap once again if possible to buy just buy it it's easier and you don't have to go through such a big hassle ok yeah I don't know what it was asking I think it's probably asking if I want to play the game and it probably is just gonna start up the game Oh No ok so yeah that's really all there is to it hopefully this video helps if it does then uh you're welcome home thank you I don't really know what to say there but uh yeah well I guess I can go ahead and show off when the game is in itself starts working so when the patch is finished I will go ahead and see you guys in a bit already then so the patch finished and then I replaced all the files with the quick fix thing and now we're going to go ahead and run it I've also had the planning in administrator mode if you want to know how to do that then you just right click drive it all the way I'll show you afterwards but yeah let's see if the games working this is the one that I extracted from the CD file so see if it starts working it is it's just lagging a lot all right so yeah this works and now we just need to see if the other one works the one that I actually install so we're gonna get you outta here yeah the lagging piece of loot but yeah that one's working to have it currently in administrator mode if you need to know how to do it you go to properties and then you go to compatibility and then you click on run this program as administrator apply and then you're done so yeah the one map you can just extract from your you know C file it seems to be working let's see if the one I installed doing the normal way is working so we do this and here it is so let's go ahead and add the patch I should've did this earlier we're gonna go ahead and that patch in and then we're just gonna see if it starts working it should be working normally so I'm gonna go ahead and check and see if there is working normally and then we're gonna add the patch then we're gonna add the other file in that used to be added we'll see if it starts working so while this is being dumb I will see you guys in a little bit to see how everything's working already then so I'm back everything is finished again so this is the one that I installed using the normal look doing the normal way let's go ahead and see if it's working double click on it I have it running in administrator mode but see if it's quick ah shut up dog and it's working oh right then so ladies and gents that's how you install a visual novel that's how you do all the steps that you can be done hopefully this video was helpful if it was then know you like if it wasn't helpful at all and I'm a dirty liar and I did help you and I suck then go ahead and leave a dislike it happens but yeah this is the general way this is the general process that you're gonna end up needing to take um in once again if you get a game like Sona Hanabi or something like that or you grab something like I don't know I think princess waltz probably doesn't have to I know it doesn't have you I don't know which I don't remember which ends will have you go through me you know CD installation but whatever games that don't have you go through a CD late installation whatever games I don't have you go through a CD installation all you need to do is just distract the file from Anwar put it on your desktop and it will start working instantly does a pass that needs to be added just put the patch in there and it'll start working at least it should start working if there's an instance for any visual novel that you download new that doesn't allow you to say well you can't say you know you can't load or whatever the hell run the game is administrative it usually works and any other problems that could possibly pick up our problem can generally vary by game if it's asking you to download some you know says that it's not working because you don't have some dot DLL file or something like that you can just find that install it they were added in there that he's in the place that he's fee attic um in other cases that could probably happen like just a random black box or some other that could be gay that could be a problem that's what that specific game I don't really know but yeah that's basically it I hope this video helped if it did then kudos and for Brendan Lou if this helped you at all with your installation or there was something you did wrong or you you don't know what you did wrong you did everything right and whatever reason you computers being an asshole to you then well I don't know what to tell you buddy either way lazy jesters gonna be the in the video hope you guys enjoyed and yeah I will see you guys later

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