How to Grow Linkedin Organically – Melonie Dodaro – Author of LinkedIn Code

hello and welcome to one more episode of passion dinner live and as you guys know as always we come with one amazing influencer amazing leader and personality to bring their learning their knowledge their wisdom and shared with you so that you can also grow in your life this is Dave Gardy India's first passionate in and mentor India's highest paid influencer best-selling author TEDx and Joe struck speaker and I own I'm on a mission to transform 1 billion lives this initiative is part of this and I'm sure you have one of those billions of people so with that let me just welcome and let me introduce you to today's personality who is really vibrant really amazing with Laura wisdom her name is Melanie da da row and she has written best-selling books she is in LinkedIn expert her book LinkedIn unlock and Lincoln gold has been phenomenally successful all around the world she has been featured in media she has been a contributor on LinkedIn blogs and she has won multiple awards she has been running the social media business for a long long time coaching and training people around the globe she's originally from Canada but right now she is an absurd am so join me to welcome Melanie Melanie welcome to the show thank you so much great to be here you're looking pretty good thank you thank you making for the show so as always the format of the show is simple Melanie what we do is we actually get into our guests life because everybody wants to be successful but a lot of people have the question hey how do I start where do I start and often people just get caught up with that so why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself like how did you get started where you know you were easy from Canada how was your journey how did you begin to this journey yeah great question so huh how much time do you have it's a little bit of a long story but I'll try to make it short so I owned a number of different businesses I used to own franchises and I sold them and after I sold I really couldn't started to pay attention to some of the stuff that was happening online by accident so my family so I'm originally from Canada I would grew up in Toronto but I lived on the west coast of Canada in British Columbia and all my family lived out east and they were reaching out to me all the time they're like Melanie got on Facebook I'm like what is this stupid Facebook like I'm a super private person didn't want to be on social media didn't want to be online didn't even really want anyone to know who I was so it was this journey of kind of breaking through those barriers in the beginning in the early days I wouldn't let anyone be my friend on Facebook unless they were immediate family or really close friends and and then I started sleepy attention so I you know have an entrepreneur mind and so I started to pay attention to it from a business perspective and I thought hey this could actually be a really good business marketing tool I'm gonna start to pay attention and so I looked at that I looked at Facebook Twitter Linkedin basically everything online really started studying it became like almost a full-time student for several years just immersing myself and everything digital and I started to get really good at it and people were reaching out to me so business owners were reaching out to me professional service providers and various people saying hey Melanie I really like what you're doing can you help me like of course I can sir no problem and so I started helping a lot of people and of course just doing it for free I thought you know what I could help a lot more people if I actually created a business around this and so that's how it started and in the early days I did everything in terms of like social media related stuff I shouldn't say everything like Instagram didn't exist you know snapshot none of these things exist it was like Facebook LinkedIn Twitter blogging stuff like that YouTube so we really as a company focused on helping them you know manage their their social media presence build it brand it create great content for it grow community and so forth but I quickly realized that you know all those tools as great as they are and people can certainly generate business from it the opossums you're waiting around for people to come to you in hopes that you know some people reach out and that's what I like to LinkedIn especially for a b2b perspective so anybody that's selling the service or product to another business it was great fit because you didn't have to sit around wait for people you actually do direct outreach and so you could find people you can connect with them you have conversations and ultimately which is the goal is to move those conversations offline and so I really streamlined what I did to focus solely on the things that I may have produced results which is you know social selling which was LinkedIn lead generation LinkedIn you know there's I looked at every single tool as what was the goal and objective for it so for example back in the day I spend very little time on Twitter these days but back then I used to spend our time on Twitter because it drove a lot of traffic to my blog and by driving traffic to my blog it increased my SEO ranking and by increasing SEO ranking it generated more inquiries so everything I did have a purpose and a goal and so with LinkedIn the goal was business generation lead generation client acquisition and it's always been really really successful at that in in helping my clients reach those goals and so I just later focused so much and I think that it served me well I mean when I first wrote my first book on LinkedIn it was in 2014 and that book was two years in the making I started writing it in 2012 and it was actually a social media book it's gonna be about social media in general and I was like hockey for us guy who's a professor at a university in the United States I think that's me he said Melanie let me ask you this what are you best at and like one pasta-like did of course and he's like well why are you writing look on social media and I'm like oh my gosh yes why am i writing a book on social media scrap the book start it over and within six months of the day of making that commitment my book was published interesting that was your first book Lincoln unlocked yeah yeah so that's one that's you know a little bit outdated at this time I'm actually planning on doing a revamp of that maybe late this year early next year but I have a new book called LinkedIn unlocked which is totally up to date and relevance because things change things change a lot and things have changed significantly in the world of LinkedIn in the last few years it wasn't always that way you know one of the things I liked about linked to this it remained consistent so I could teach things that didn't change for people yeah but so much has changed that I really had to produce a brand new brand new book on on the topic mmm that's interesting tell us a little bit about your journey there you know did you have those days like oh you know very you like this is not working out I want to do this but how did I make money or how do I grow my business do you have those moments or everything was like smooth and everything was you know everything stuck in place I still have those days I'll tell you one of the reasons why I have those days is I actually am NOT a fan of social media I know so I've always considered myself the anti social media social media girl I don't like playing on social media and so that's why I always gravitated to LinkedIn where so many other people in the social media space they didn't like LinkedIn and they still don't like the LinkedIn because it's boring and for them they like to play they like to socialize and and that's just not who I am I'm not really interested in mindless entertainment on Facebook which means for what people have had from lunch or any of the mindless stuff that I see so you know a lot of times I actually think I'm like what am i doing you know but because of the nature of where my focus is you know I don't spend a tremendous amount of time playing if you will or even online you know I certainly do in terms of producing content and and doing a variety of different things but you know I'm not glued to to my my computer you know I look at people that attend different events for example and they're spending the whole entire event capturing pictures you know even when I teach a workshop or I teach a seminar I actually don't like people taking pictures or I'm not saying that they can't absolutely welcome to do whatever they want but I I don't like them taking pictures or taking my quotes and tweeting me and hiding me not be this isn't beneficial to me because it is beneficial to me if they spread that message because I know they're not getting everything that they need out of the event they're not learning but they they're not focusing on what they need to be you know really focusing on so is it beneficial for me for them to do that absolutely would I prefer them not to absolutely because I want them to get the most out of it so I think that we're just too focused on so many things social and that we're becoming antisocial in in the as a result interesting interesting so how do you cope up with those you know times when you know you had your down moments like listening to this you know they're like number one you want to get started but when they get started yet they get stuck there like no work I don't think the entrepreneurship or the business or being an influencer is is something that I can do for a long time so how do you actually get unstuck and unlock yourself yeah by doing less you know I've always said this less is more so looking at what are the highest leveraging activities that you can do and should do and as far as I'm concerned there's three one is LinkedIn hands down if you're b2b and if he's doing it properly not just having a profile on LinkedIn and maybe accepting the odd connection requests having a lead generation system in place where you have a direct outreach to your ideal clients and you're moving those conversations forward to turning them into clients the second thing is creating content preferably written content the form of blogs because I love SEO I love the fact that you know I get well gosh I'm gonna say I probably get about 40,000 used to my blog each month that come from just SEO organic and then I get additional ones from other methods that's a lot of people visiting my content because I optimized it because I first of all created really good content secondly I've optimized it for SEO and over time Google has recognized my site as an authority site meaning it's not brand new it's been around it's got a lot of people linking to it reputable sources and so forth so you know that's a wonderful way but it's a long term strategy and so you need to start somewhere so start now the others video and video could be through youtube as well as native video on LinkedIn and I suggest both so those are the three things that if you want to focus on four business buildings that you should be focusing on if you enjoy Facebook and don't get me wrong I'm not like 100% slamming Facebook I like Facebook for some things I like it for family stuff but because of the size of my network I see a lot of garbage shoe that I don't want to see I also really like Facebook groups so if you've got a like I've got an online program an online training program and coaching program that I teach people everything about LinkedIn content and social selling and in it as a support system I've got a Facebook group and people find that so ironic Melanie you have a course on LinkedIn but you're providing the group with Facebook why is that Emily because LinkedIn groups suck and it's really about looking at what is the best tool for whatever it is that you want right and so I don't spend endless amounts of time on Facebook but I do have a group there I like the notifications that groups give and so forth so there you know you'll really need to look at what are the tools that are best for you and I think that the mindset that many people have about LinkedIn is oh is boring there's a terrible mindset to have because it is generating new business boring because if it is maybe you shouldn't be in business mmm you know what I mean like it's not boring it shouldn't be boring because it's part of the thing that you need to do to generate the revenue that you want to hit the goals that you want to and help the number of people that you want to help and so if you find that boring and you're looking at ways that are fun meaning you know playing or commenting on Facebook or Instagram all day well don't be surprised from that doesn't turn into revenue yeah yeah that's interesting and I remember when I started my journey as a passion trainer I was leveraging the number one tool for my business has been LinkedIn till date all my league all my campaign when I had to you know when I started coaching and you know passion for a journey have had my program or quit 95 and build your business or fashion all my attendees of my workshops came only from LinkedIn organic reach no ads whatsoever and that's how powerful it is still I till date I focus number-one on LinkedIn and it's also predicted that LinkedIn is gonna be a huge platform which is going to overpower it already yes it already is right and it's getting momentum yeah it is getting momentum because people are getting very turned off of Facebook and there's a problem with that as well LinkedIn skate always has had a really great consistent momentum but right now the momentum is exceptionally high and the problem with that is a lot of people are disillusioned with Facebook and they're turning to LinkedIn hoping that Lincoln's their solution but they're treating LinkedIn the way that they treated Facebook and that's not gonna work you know David one of the things that you know you've heard of the 80/20 rule right where you know II you know 80% of the market share is dominated by 20% of the businesses or you know 80% of the company's revenue is generated by 20% of the customers the 80/20 rule applies in a lot of different scenarios but with LinkedIn it's the 99 one rule meaning that one percent of the people on LinkedIn are doing LinkedIn per a and are actually generating business from it 99 percent are getting any revenue any gender any clients any leads or any opportunities from it or very few because they're not they're not employing deploying the right strategy so this comes down to the 99 percent of the people that are using LinkedIn they fall into one of these three categories the first one is they're the sales pitcher aka also the spammer right you connect with somebody and we know these people because immediately after connecting they send us their sales pitch message yeah it's the first group the second group is are the people that are the ghosts right so you connects with somebody new you and then you never retouch them again you never have a conversation with them again you collect connections yeah this group doesn't also doesn't get any clients from LinkedIn and then the third group is the social butterfly now these are the people who really love social media and they really like people and they're good Pete but they like to you know engage and they engage and they engage online and they never moved the relationship forward they never move those conversations offline so they're just too social so everybody pretty much almost everybody is gonna fall into one of those three categories you know have you sent something that seems a little bit like a sales pitch after a connection category one have you just never followed up with people after connecting category suit do you just engage engage engage and never move you know but conversations offline to actually get to know somebody find out their issues and their promise because no selling should happen on LinkedIn mm-hmm no selling should happen on LinkedIn LinkedIn is a tool it's a tool for you to find connect and start to build a little bit of a relationship with somebody so the you but earnt enough to trust that they're willing to move to an offline conversation and it's offline if you're a b2b business that you convert a prospect to a client not online hmm that's very interesting so what other top two or three strategies that people should focus when it comes to optimizing their business through LinkedIn you know generating more leads connecting people so I'm sure you know you'll be teaching this to your mentee and people can definitely go and read the book more in detail but if you have to share like two or three key elements that people should focus on when they're generating these well they didn't what would that be yeah so the number one strategy is to not be the ghost and not be the sales picture right it's have a message that you send after connecting with somebody thanking them for connecting with them starting to establish some rapport making mention of something in their profile or something that they've shared and showing some interest in them and then continuing to you know have a couple more messages over time not too frequently you know like not the next day or usually like a week apart and continue those conversations to to generate enough rapport and trust that they're willing to move to that next step so I have an entire message kind of sequence that works and how to structure those messages that's the first thing but before you even do that you need to make sure if you're going to use LinkedIn as a tool for lead generation that and you're gonna start sending these messages to people they're gonna spear gonna start off with a connection request that's the first step if you send the connection requests to people a lot of times most times they're gonna look at your profile to see who you are if your profile sucks if it doesn't represent you professionally if it's sparse if it's you know looks like it could be a fake account they're not going to accept so your lead generation is stopped right in its tracks right there the third thing is as you start to grow a network of you know really targeted prospects other people within your industry that you might want to be connecting with as you're growing your network with people who could generate business for you whether it's a strategic partner or it's a potential prospect you want to stay top of mind with them so sharing content is important so that you stay top of mind because a lot of times you'll be reaching out to somebody and what they what you offer isn't what they need right now for a number of different reasons they might be going through a divorce they might be having an chil problems they might be on vacation on extended vacation they might have an illness right now you never know what's going on with somebody at that moment that's not something that they won't be ready for what you have and three or six months from now so staying top of mind is important now I do want to caution you again with the contents that the content is important for establishing credibility establishing authority on your topic but it's what people rely on too heavily you know most of the people out there that teach social selling which is essentially what I'm talking about will say that the secrets of social selling of sharing content and I completely disagree because it's passive you're waiting around now for people to find your content you're waiting around for many things you're waiting around for linked ins algorithm just show your content then you're waiting for people to actually see it and engage with it and respond to it these are all possible way ting for it you will never ever have a business that hits the goals that you wanted to hit but it is one of the strategies that are important as a supplementary thing the designing your profile the sharing content they're essential but only the one in the middle is gonna produce consistent and predictable clients which is the having this message sequence that's going to resonate and speak to your ideal consonant to do that you need to not look at shortcuts I posted today on LinkedIn I get messages every day from people saying I have like you know eight thousand people that I'm connected to you how do i mast message them all at once I'm like you don't I'm like first of all like didn't you can't do that on LinkedIn but even if you could it wouldn't work what that's called is spam and if spammers were successful at spamming they'd all be billionaires right because I mean the amount of spam we get if spam worked they'd all be rich yeah that's true that's true I woke up coming up and there was some tool which LinkedIn provides right so you can send the mass messages of our people I realize now that's not a really good strategy so all my content has to be more organic and engagement on so that totally makes sense now one of the top concerns the people have like if they are named in the train you want to utilize the social media they want to use a LinkedIn to their best abilities but one of the problem that they face is the message the content how to be generate the content what are the basics of connecting in or creating the content how do we get through that are you saying that when you say content you're talking about the the content of the message that they would send to an individual right yeah both like you know in the organic within the page LinkedIn and maybe you know sending it individually as well so how do i I think primarily to get the engagement on the post that I'm making like videos and texts and photos and all how do i generate those you know content that's one of the most asked question that I get okay so now we're talking about the content so articles videos and stuff like that got it that's really actually very easy what are the most frequently asked questions that you get write them down what are the specific problems that people ask you about that are prospects or clients what are the specific problems that you're helping your clients solve each one of these is a piece of content so let me use a LinkedIn profile as an example so I've written tons of articles infographics videos about how to create a great LinkedIn profile but in that there's so many different sections within a profile I can create a piece of content on each section of the profile here's how to create a client a client focus and click where the headline these three steps or these five steps or these are the things you need to think about you know so you can come up with your big topics and then look at those big topics and what are the micro topics within that if you do that alone there's 52 pieces of content for you guaranteed one a week no problem now here's where I am out with my content I've created so much content over the last nine years and it's not that I have run out of ideas but you certainly do start to run out of ideas after a while especially if you're talking about the same types of things I'm not producing new content anymore I'm going back and updating my old content Google loves that interesting so content that you know and it's a it is actually interesting because I go back and looked at an article that I wrote you know 2012 and I'm like holy that was really bad but it's bad by today's standards now I've written several books and I've produced massive amounts of content so of course my writing is much better at this stage of the game but it was great content back then and you know you look at it I've got eleven thousand shares on it that means people really liked it it was good I'm now looking at it through a different lens and like oh that wasn't really that good here's the other thing too is now that content that's got eleven thousand shares is now new content and that's a level of social proof instead of going and writing a new article on the same topics I'm you know making it better let's go update the old one so I look at a lot of people you know as I'm working with my clients I'll go through their blog post and look at their content I'm like you know you've got no SEO optimization here the articles short there's no real substance to it let's revamp this you know revamp it change the title the title is not you know attention-grabbing it's a click worthy if you will so you know look at the look at going back and improving the things that you've done in the past versus starting from scratch that's gonna save you a lot of time – that's pretty interesting perspective you know I I never looked at blogs and articles so seriously but now I need to get into this myself oh yeah you're like Melanie you're getting 40,000 visitors to your blog just organically a month I'm gonna start doing that ya know what other things that people should not do on social media oh my gosh the list of not to do is longer than the list of to do you know I we are in an age right now of personalization and when I say an age age of personalization I let me rephrase that where personalization is absolutely necessary to succeed the days of templates and copy and paste and not paying attention are long gone example somebody sent me a message last week I can't even remember oh it was a survey they wanted me to fill out first of all why would you send me like you don't even know who I am and now you're asking me to do something for you you're already the ask is too big many ask is too big of somebody who doesn't know you then they send me a message and it's a guy who works for a sales guru in California and I said do you you send me a questionnaire and I know of the sales guru that he works for but I don't know this guy and I said do you do you know that I'm not real estate he said yeah but you know I whatever he send me a questionnaire for a real estate people like what part of this like is this guy not getting like he hasn't taken the time to look at my profile or people who will look at your profile so so where do you where are you from well you know what just click it says I live in Amsterdam you know not where are you from where do you live or whatever you know so people are just lazy and I think that laziness is going to be what destroys so many businesses going forward you cannot be lazy anymore there might have been a time where you could get away with doing some things that were you know lazy tactics but that time is gone personalization is key it's it's doing a little bit of homework you know a lot of times people will think oh I actually had this disagreement with somebody once I posted something about you know the need for personalization in connection requests and I right now I've got 2,400 connection requests sitting in my inbox all of which I'm gonna not accept except for the ones that have something a personalized message if I like their personalized message sometimes people send personalized messages that are very self-serving and very salesy hey you know I thought you know you might be a great client for my products well guess what I'm not accepting that connection request or you know they always make it about that yeah and so some some smart people will make it about you and they'll say hey you know I I'm reading your book and I love your content and I just really love to continue to learn from you okay I'll accept that you know so it's really about understanding and even though it you know it's about done but they made it about me too you know what I mean so anyway as I was saying that in this post that I had at that point in time I think I had like 1,600 connection requests coming in in a day and I'm like I accepted like seven and this guy says to me in a comment he's like I totally disagree with you Melanie sending personalized invites is a waste of time thirty percent of the people that I said invites to accept why would I bother you know personalizing them well first of all that may be true that 30% accepts but that numbers gonna continue to go down if it is true secondly 100% of the people I sent a connection to your accept so who exactly is wasting time is he wasting time by not sending the invite or my you know what I mean or like 100 percent of my I'm getting a 100 percent acceptance right now in addition to that by not sending them all you need is five people that click I don't know and your accounts restricted that's restricted meaning you can no longer use LinkedIn for lead generation because you can no longer send connection requests to prospects unless you know their email address guess how well that's gonna go that's gonna be painful yeah good I mean that's that's really good inside anything else that comes to mind last tip that you people should party yeah there's so many you know not taking the time to to really you know make sure that you have a great personal brand that your profile looks great that you're taking advantage of all those opportunities continue to learn from you know what's working and what's not you know I see people do the same thing over and over again they post the same type of posts so it's a status update and day after day after day after day they do the same things they don't get any engagement on it and they just keep doing it they're like I post every day yes but have you looked at it I look I'm you notice that nobody engages with your posts do you think like the thing is to learn is to constantly learn and you know with marketing it's always testing so you know that would be something that's really important to what's working if you're sending a message to people and you're not getting a response what's wrong with the message guarantee the problem is in the message anybody that says LinkedIn doesn't work just means it doesn't work for them because they they're not doing it properly yeah everything doesn't work when the user doesn't know how to work it right I'm actually not at all a technology person you should see me with you know some things I was up with my IT guy the other day I was having some problems on my computer and I'm like I don't know and he's like like two seconds I'm like oh really okay that's all it was yeah user error and trust me I make my fair share of user errors too we all do whatever our area of weaknesses mine is you know learning anything that's too techie and Linkedin really isn't too techie it's you know uh you know you have to understand how to do certain things but once you do them there's no tech involved anymore so you know continuing I think that the number one most important thing that people need to do is you are responsible for your education you are responsible if you want to use these tools to educate yourself to use them to the most you know effective a way that they can be used and if you don't you'd risk damaging your credibility your reputation and wasting a whole bunch of time yeah interesting so whatever that is that you want to learn whether it's you know how to write great blog post so that you're showing up in Google search or how to use LinkedIn to generate new leads or you know what is the best tactics for creating a video or whatever it is you have to take the time to learn and you know if I could go back in time to my early days my education let me tell you first of all you invest heavily in education but my education that's been painful because I learned a little bit here and I learned a little bit here and I learned a little bit here and here then this stuff they can try to piece it all together and gosh my education is come at a very high price in terms of time paying resources money all that kind of stuff you know look at you know one topic that's going to be best for you in your business that you need to focus on right now and then best in something that's gonna help you solve that now where you can where you don't have to go to five different areas to find the information you can get it all in one place the other thing too is you know a lot of times people will be going through my course or going through my book or you know one of my clients and those I saw this video where I saw this article but somebody that somebody else read only okay here's the deal please don't read or listen to what anybody else tells you but the topics that I'm teaching about you can listen to what people say to you about anything other than what I'm talking about because I only teach that which I know I know so well like if somebody asks me a question on something that isn't my area of expertise and I know it well enough to maybe answer the question I'll answer the question certainly but I won't give them advice because I always say if there's someone out there that's better than me that's better than me on a topic and you should go see them not me because like I could I could accidentally give you one little piece that would misdirect you and prevents you from actually achieving the goals that you're looking at so I only give advice on that which I know that I'm masterful at and because of that I don't want people to screw like get screwed up by listening to a little bit of this and a little bit of that because there's also people out there that have contradictory information for example there's some LinkedIn experts may use that term loosely that will say you should write your profile and third-person well I've always been an advocate from the very beginning that you should write your profile first person why is that well first of all social LinkedIn is a social network and you should be social and at the end of the day it's a single individual that's going to be reading your profile so you need to speak to that one person one person at a time and if you want your marketing message to work you need to speak to that one person and if all you're doing is talking about yourself guess what nobody cares nobody cares we've heard the acronym WI IFM you know it's what's in it for me so every single person that's reading your profile your messages your content anything about you your offerings all they're thinking about is what's in it for me if you're not answering the what's in it for me question for them your loss like they're not gonna pay attention so this one particular individual that was teaching this I don't know if this person still teaches this to this day but they were saying you need to SEO optimize your name like what that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard you do not leave SEO optimize your name your name is gonna show up automatically you need to optimize for the keywords that people are looking for for your name you know so anyways that's just a very basic book random example so you know Paul wasn't someone's like oh you know Melanie but I you know this person said I should write a third person and you know it's really important to you not get your information from too many different sources follow the people that have been really really successful at doing what it is that you want that you want to do and just follow them or just you know invest in their books or their programs or their services or whatever and don't try to get the information from five different places cuz you're gonna be so confused because everybody's gonna have a different perspective and you're not going to know whether you're coming or going and you're gonna make bad decisions yeah that's a very interesting I myself personally had an aha moment when you said that don't write your profile as a third person what is my profile now I need to go back and look at it so for people wondering what is third person so when you see the summary or description that you know they've got me has been acheived is this it's all crap you should not do that you know what you should do is hey I am so-and-so and you know what can I do for you or something like that right yeah absolutely so instead of you know instead of it saying you know Melanie Todaro is an author speaker trainer coach consultant whatever I'm saying hey you know what I work with companies that are X Y & Z or you know in the beginning of my summary section for example I list out all my accomplishments because I kind of like have a model that I talk about in my book and their programs about how to really write an effective summary section the first thing is you do need to write a little bit about yourself so that you gain some authority and credibility right so you're telling them a little bit about you then you're moving it into talking about them so then you really need to know who they are and speak you know what's important to them then you have kind of call to action at the end Salomon what's do next so for example I might I talk about all the different things hey you know I'm like top 100 digital marketers top tips 50 sales influencers top you know 50 this and whatever and then I and then I say but you know the only the only well can't remember the word I say but the only thing that really matters to me is their the the results that I get for my clients so I'm like these are all great accolades and you know whatnot but at the end of the day all I really care about is the results that I get from my clients and here's who I work with and here's how I help them here's the problems that they have and so forth so interesting know this is some amazing tips I I'm just going to go ahead and implement that right away if people are watching this you guys have to go ahead and implement this as well now before I move to the last question because I know we are right on that mark it Browns the last question if somebody wants to continue to learn from you what is the best way to get started right where can they find information we can they LinkedIn definitely people everybody follow me only only then I'll share the links as well but what what do you suggest if somebody wants to start learning from you yeah great question Ivan said that the the best place to get started right now for the smallest investment is my book my book is absolutely phenomenal it's a roadmap to creating a great personal brand to creating a lead generation system and really building your authority through content you can get it through Amazon and Prince or the digital version but I also have a special URL that I can give you where you can say 40% off the price of Amazon so that URL is LinkedIn unlocked and you can get the digital version there so instead of I think 995 on Amazon it's 595 dollars and ninety cents so book is phenomenal it's helped thousands and thousands of people around the world it's it's a fantastic first place to start if you're interested in more and a lot of people are like oh my gosh Melanie I don't want to learn those stuff can you just like set it all up for me and of course that exists take a look at my website top dog social media comm there's a variety of different services that I offer from profile development services to what I call my LinkedIn domination program where I create you know the whole lead generation sequence for them so there's a number of different things but and of course there's my blog on that website I post really really high quality content once a week and if you wants to join my my email list as a subscriber to the blog I send out one email a week with a notification of the newest featured blog for the week it's fantastic go guys and going grab the copy I will put the link of the book in the description below and the website link as well so you should go ahead and check it out so now this is the last question so Melanie what is the one thing that you want to leave for the world when you depart for heaven the final word that you want me to leave the group and I'm the one who I was gonna say is one of the things I talk about is stop collecting connections start building relationships so really at the end of the day and if you read my book I share a real personal story in the introduction about how I used to be a connection collector and I wasn't referring to that on LinkedIn because this is way back before LinkedIn existed and so you know you'll get a little bit of my personal story and kind of the dysfunctional childhood I had I never knew my father until a few years ago and you know just you know different things especially one of the reasons why I live in Amsterdam I family here and it's great for me to get to know I have a brother and sister here and little nieces and nephews and aunts and cousins and it's just a wonderful experience getting to know them but I was you know I always had this this guard because I was always afraid that's you know if I ever was to got too close to people that you know I get hurt and so I really kind of put up this wall with with relationships and that really all changed for me in 2015 especially where it really just kind of drilled home it changed years before that I had other circumstances but that was like the final one where I was like wow you know what I really let people know who I am the world wants to help me so how this happened is I shared a video on Facebook that went viral around the world and I told everybody sorry that many of the people that never knew me my whole life not my whole life but since I was young like friends I didn't know and that was that I had never met my father and they didn't even know that like they had no clue because I was so private I never tell anybody that that's why I didn't want to be on social media I didn't want anyone to know anything about my life because I was kind of embarrassed of these different things you know I had a teenage mom I had no father Allah you know raised by my grandmother so I think that you know the thing is is is really kind of opening up and letting people letting people in and and let doing that when you do that online those online relationships turn into offline relationships and they turn into business or they turn into friendships or they turn into all kinds of different things and for me I had so much appreciation for the network that I've been able to build over the years I'm grateful for you know how it translates to business in my life but more than anything the world I'm grateful for how it translated its my life personally and how this amazing community of people that I've been able to reach and touch and they've been able to touch me once helped me in that one particular time when I asked for help hey guys we share this video so you share this video I don't let viral around the world oh that's very interesting yeah this is really that was heavy stuff I wasn't expecting to end on such a heavy note sorry man this is real you and this is really you know authentic you and I'm really really appreciate for people being so open and on Entei and sharing their own life story it takes a lot especially when you have the tough childhood and all you've come a long way a lot of respect for you thank you so much for coming here on the show and giving your precious time and most importantly sharing your precious wisdom that you acquired in lost so many years so many with that thank you so much for coming this show and I you really really all alone all the success and all the blessings that you can ever imagine thank you so much it's been wonderful to be here thank you so much so guys thank you so much for this is all from today's show and as promised we will continue to come with these kind of exceptional leaders what an amazing personality right so go ahead and check the link out check the book out go ahead and grab one I'm gonna grab one myself personally and go and check out our blog as well thank you so much and I will see you soon take care bye bye

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