so hello everybody I'm Lucy and welcome back to my channel today I have one of my most requested videos and I can't believe I've not done this yet but this is my video about how to get into publishing but as some of you may know I work at scholastic as their publicity officer when I first got into the publishing industry about I think it was two years ago now or just under two years so there's a lot that I've learned since then and I was looking for a job in publishing for a while and I really really struggled and I know a lot of you will be going through that same process or you'll be thinking about how am I going to get into publishing this is also going to be a series of videos all about publishing in general I want to help you guys understand the different divisions different departments and also about the publishing process itself because that can really really help you when you're applying for jobs and you're in interviews it can really help to kind of know the ins and outs of the industry so hopefully I'll be having a couple of extra guests on my channel and we'll be talking about how to get into publishing but for this video I want to give you guys an overview of how I got into publishing and what tips I have for helping you guys do the same so at this stage in time it is important that you have a university degree now it's kind of getting debated at the minute because penguin have just announced that they are getting rid of degree specifications for their applications which means you don't need a degree to be shortlisted for one of their jobs which is a great step because I know lots of people who University just wasn't for them and they would love to get into a career like publishing but they don't have a degree so whilst I think publishing is moving towards that shift into not needing or not placing emphasis on degrees as much as they did a lot of companies still require a degree so if you want to get into publishing I would suggest getting a degree it doesn't matter what so a lot of people think that you need a degree in English to get into publishing that is not a thing I know so many people who did English because they wanted to get into publishing but I also know loads of people in publishing who didn't do English so I know people who did science the great history degrees it doesn't really matter what you do so if you have a degree and you've graduated you're probably asking now what now what do I do how do I get into this industry my first tip is the most important tip internships and people shout about internships so much it's really annoying most of them are london-based they rarely page is another discussion that I will not have time for in this video because it's such a long one but internships I would say are vital for landing your first job in publishing it's not only so that a publisher can see that you've took the incentive to learn a bit more about the industry but it's also really helpful for you to say is this job for me internships can be sought by going on publishers websites they often have a page dedicated to internships and what positions are available you would just drop them an email with your CV and because they are so sought after you might not hear back from every publisher you applied to do an internship with but do not lose hope I applied for I would say about 30 internships or work placements after I graduated and I got one yeah one I got a month of hot Collins and it was in the sales department of their Collins Education imprint that was kind of a very big departure from what I wanted to do I was interested in and publicity or marketing internships in the trade fiction or children's department and I got sales and education it did not matter I learned so much about the publishing process and the great thing was that I was there for a month though I got a whole month of networking and this is probably a whole different thing as well a whole different video even networking is such a crucial thing to do when you're on an internship because this is how people are going to remember you and if a job crops up an assistant level job they'll think oh that really great work experience we had I know from experience that publishers do that so you really need to stick out when you're doing an internship you need to be the most super helpful super interested you need to make an impression so try and network as much as possible in an internship and I think that would be a surefire way to kind of get people to remember you also stay in touch with them follow them on Twitter follow them on LinkedIn and don't be afraid to add them on LinkedIn because I feel like that's a really important step building up your connections having as much publishing contact as possible you're only going to do yourself good in terms of the big job hunt make sure to ask lots of questions make sure you know what the strategy of that publishing company is make sure you understand exactly what each person does you'll be afraid to ask people for a five-minute meeting to just explain know what they do what different people in the department do don't be afraid of doing that so getting internships is the first hurdle I would say you need probably about five weeks worth of publishing experience to get a job that sounds like a lot but if you're doing perhaps two or three two-week work experience placements that would be great that's fine and I know people who've got into publishing with less than that it's just all about what you've learnt from that internship and what you can get out of it so you've got your degree you've done your internships now what the time has come for you to apply for a job it's a daunting process I applied for quite a few jobs before I got my first one and it was a hard time because you want to get into the publishing industry so much but it's hard it is really hard and I'm not going to show up out that because it wouldn't be fair to sugarcoat it but as long as you know that it won't be easy you're fine if you found a job that you want to apply for my tips would be number one do your research it is so important to know what company you're applying for what books they publish which are the size of their list what they got coming up what new stories have they released on the books ala carte you need to know this company in and out if you're applying for it they will ask you what do you know about this company you've got to be prepared to know even down to the basics when they started what imprints they have in their lists who are the stars are there lists what they got coming up I would also say when applying for jobs it's really important to stand out there are going to be tons of people applying with an English degree they're going to be a million people applying who internships that's kind of the standard process degree internships you need something that will kind of make you stand out and what I see really helped me get my jobs in publishing with the YouTube channel it's something different that I need a lot of motivation and enthusiasm for and it's something that I started myself so even if it's not starting up a blog or a YouTube channel though those are great too I'd recommend starting a Twitter starting a book club starting something digital need something that will make you stand out and will make you different from the rest of the people apply it with it that's even being part of your local newspaper writing stories writing books online having a big following on Instagram anything anything that you can spin into being motivated independent passionate about reading you're sorted and I'll also make the interviewers remember you and they will pick up on that so don't be afraid to put your blog down on your CV and apply for it that way because I think that will only help you my next tip is to be involved as possible with the industry whether this is following publishing influencers on Twitter getting weekly updates from the bookseller which is publishing biggest trade magazine or whether this is attending workshops or events run by the sy P which is the Society of young publishers I will leave links to everything I mentioned down below but it's really important if you want to be this industry you need to make contact you need to know what's going on when I was first applying for jobs I subscribe to The Bookseller magazine to receive weekly updates just through my emails on a regular basis and that kind of helped me stay in touch with what the publishing world was doing new stories any acquisitions or anything like that I also followed loads of publishing houses on Twitter and also really big players in that publishing house whether it's that publicist their editors their marketers I made sure that I was following the right people who would be shouting about things that I'd be interested in whether it's jobs or anything I found Twitter is amazing for job hunting you can follow all the job sites on Twitter Dobson books book careers inspired selection there are tons on Twitter so I'll leave a link down below of my favorite people to follow on Twitter if you want book updates job updates anything and hopefully this list will kind of be a basis of people to follow in publishing on Twitter because Twitter is a huge part of the publishing process now very important get on Twitter my final tip would be if you're applying for jobs sign up for job alerts these are crucial I signed up to lots of job agency sites for publishing so there's at word Tate there's inspired selection I also signed up for jobs and books emails which is the job part of the bookseller magazine and I would pretty much check every single publishers job pages on a weekly basis or more have your CV and covering letter ready you need to obviously tweak your covering letter to the publisher you're applying for but have a standard email and the standard CB and the basis of a covering letter you can prepare and then when a job comes up you can just send that straight off and that is such a time-saving effort right there by doing the legwork beforehand just makes the whole process a lot easier you're ready you're prepared so guys that is my part 1 of how to get into publishing I will probably be doing a part 2 very soon just with more tips about internships about the interview stages which are very very important I hope this has been somewhat helpful as I said this is going to be more of a series of how to get publishing and how to understand publishing and learn some more about it it's an incredible industry it is worth every bit of hard work and getting there is just the first step on the ladder so good look if you are applying for jobs and I hope this video has been helpful so guys that's it for today don't forget to like this video if you found it helpful don't forget to subscribe for more bookish videos thank you so much for watching don't forget to tweet me on Twitter if you have specific questions my twitter handle is at buck bell reads until next time guys bye

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  2. Would a degree in Psychology be okay for publishing? I'm currently in my second year of college and pursuing a Psych degree, but I've always wanted to work in publishing in some way. Recently I've been thinking a bit about it, and whether or not I should try publishing.. Thanks 🙂

  3. im thinking of getting in to publishing. Haven't started uni yet, but thinking of studying literature. now im just browsing youtube to find videos about what to expect at publishing companies, so this one helped! thanks ^.^

  4. FYI @AtwoodTate are doing a WEEK of Q&As on Twitter for #workinpublishing week! 14th–18th November! From 1-1:30pm every day our consultants will be free to answer all of your questions about Publishing and getting work experience! Use the hashtag #workinpublishing or @AtwoodTate and ask away! 🙂

  5. I have a degree in Drama and Creative Writing and I work in publishing! DRAMA! Ha! 🙂
    Love this video Lucie, cracking series I could've done with when I was looking for a job 🙂

  6. Thank you for doing this Lucy, it's incredibly helpful!

    When do you suggest to start looking for internships? I still have 2 years of my degree ahead of me and was thinking of applying for some over the summers/breaks until I finish, but wasn't sure if that would be helpful since I couldn't pursue a job right away.

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