How To Get Screwed By A Game Publisher

24 thoughts on “How To Get Screwed By A Game Publisher

  1. Hooked on your channel man, im an indie dev of 25 yrs, but still learning a lot from you, thanks.. so much fun watching it all too

  2. Also… I hit subscribe and hit the bell every time you told me to, but for some reason, it just kept subscribing and then ubsubscribing me… I'll hit the subscribe button 12 more times and see if that works.

  3. This is why I'd never make deals with publishers: Because I wouldn't risk this

    EDIT: The only publisher I want is me

  4. hey thank you for posting all these videos! very glad to hear some insight from an experienced developer!

  5. 1 dolar u get 25 cent 😀 if u have publisher plus Tax ur country on EU plus US tax plus 30% steam and last u get publisher 50/50

  6. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences on the subject. I'm a solo dev and have self published a couple small games/apps on the play store but intend to publish a serious piece on Steam for PC in (hopefully) about a year. You generously pointed out some stuff to look out for, but I was also hoping you might cover what benefits a publisher provides and what kind of differences they can make versus a self publisher. BTW, just learned about you from your talk with Tim yesterday. It was definitely more of a… introspective talk than I was expecting lol but still very good. Keep up the great work!

  7. I'm curious. How are you sure you are getting paid right? When you get a publisher, they're the ones that publish your game? How does that work? How will they share the sales numbers of your game?

  8. Man, I don't know if I could ever sell my IP, because to me that's like selling a piece of my soul.

  9. This is the most rewarding video I’ve watched concerning game development all year

    Words can’t express how thankful I am

  10. This is definitely good advice for starters, hopefully it'll help a lot of people. And thank you for sharing! <3

    Would you by chance have some advice for Kickstarter (or similar websites)?
    I find it hard to figure out what is and what isn't important to write on there, describe or show pictures of or what information would be considered too much or unnecessary. Although I guess it differs based on what you want support for.

  11. I am just about to finish my first android game that i plan to release,do i really need a publisher or running some ads on insta/facebook will be enough to get some downloads?

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