How To Get REVIEWS for Kindle Publishing

hey guys a mecca here how's it going in this video I'm going to talk about the most controversial most talked about most discussed topic there is with Kindle publishing and that is how do you get reviews ok so I'm just thinking I just put in some cool effects here or something when I said that but I won't okay we're views let me show you or I'll give you a breakdown of how this video is going to talk about I'm going to talk about the main type of reviews you can get review slops that includes you doing it and a VI doing them organic reviews that means customer bought your book left or review because they liked it or they hated it how to get reviews from your street team your advanced reading key and how to get reviews from an email list those with my experience are the four main types of reviews that you can get so let's dive into them alright so review swaps this is not is a talent for last alright email list an email s so what you're doing is you are having a free offer in your book to gather that person's email so you can either market to them down the road or you can simply just tell them about your new book coming out and that you you know hey go buy it labor review if you love the type of thing in all honesty that is what the number one focus should be for everything because that gives you the most long-term sustainable method of getting reviews in my opinion I use that for my money niche I don't swap with that money niche anymore it's more of an asset because it's building it you know it's it's growing it's making me money so I just use email marketing to that niche in order to drive organic reviews from it let's talk about organic reviews okay how do you get organic five-star reviews organic one-star reviews come very easily how it's a 5,000 word book that's crap and it's edited and or not and written for is written poorly or any of that and yet you'll get one star and two star reviews no problem piece of cake to get organic five star reviews you have to put out a valuable book you have to put out something people love it goes above and beyond what they're expecting when they're paying $2.99 or $24.99 or 29.99 and some of my books are so you have to be able to put a really really good material now not everyone's going to love it some people are going to hate it and just give you better reviews it just happens but if like in my books I think one of the things that does really help is I have a like I'm a whole page the like the first page is me just talking to them you know through my pen name talking to them about you know the book and my experience in and all of this and I develop that relationship with the customer with the reader so that they you know and I asked multiple times through the book you know how are they there's just certain things that I do to get them back to the Amazon page to get a review from so there's a you know it just it takes a bit of work but let's just set up it's set up and it's the cut and paste template that I use for every single one of my books in that particular niche okay so we've covered with what if we covered it covered the email list organic reviews street team okay so the value of this street team this really could be a separate video but I give you an example for the front row from the front row factor just look up on Amazon you can go check it out the first day we had I'll have to check the stats I believe it was over 60 odd five-star you know four or five star reviews that we had you know within the six date now there's about a hundred and whatever it's being out for about two weeks from March – yeah March twentieth it came out it's like April 10th or 11th the day and there's over 100 organic reviews majority of those are from our street team you know we had a launch team of people and we were poor and getting them excited about the book they can advance copy so on day one they could boom click buy on Amazon and write in an organic review on that first day that drive sales and to you know just start working in the Amazon algorithm so that's another method the fourth method is reviews up now review slots are when you either buy or like so you're going to swap a review with another publisher or authors book you can either pay a VA to do this or you can do it yourself now when I started this is the method I was using to get reviews I would you know I'd go into Facebook groups and I'd swap you know I buy some of these book and I would actually buy it and then I'd read it and they would read mine and write you know a review and most of the people I guess I was doing this was with V ace some were actual publishers like myself as well and yeah I would do that and it's very time consuming it takes hours and hours and hours and hours of your time and really I get it for my first three books and then my fourth book I probably get it a few times and I'm not going to lie but then that means really took off and I went in a different direction with it and I don't swap with that much at all anymore it's purely based on email and social media marketing is how I get reviews for that one niche now with okay and so it's in terms of the swapping now for my other niece I pay the A's and I tell the VA they go and I have a team of them and they go out the capital reviews start building up you know steam the Amazon algorithm now is there are one of the risks with everything with email sending the email there's no risk with organic reviews obviously there's no risk with having a street team there's no risk with review swaps there's a risk now in my experience no one is ever I like out of everyone I've met I've never met anyone who's actually lost their account a rock band from review swaps I've met lots of people who were doing review soft and we're cheating Amazon money whether it's the the loophole or you know doing that whole thing where they have you know they're booked in 50 languages in English at the bottom they were scamming Amazon I think lost third counts because they were doing stupid things like that but I've yet to meet one publisher who actually lost their account you know running the business the legitimate way I'm just doing some review swaps to get their book off off the bat now how long do you have to do review swaps if that's the route you go on honestly I build an email list as fast as I possibly can for whatever niche I'm in the reason is an email us is key it's King the money's in the list so you know I use slops to get my books off the ground but I'm actively and aggressively getting their the emails everyone's email that I can and building a listing communicating with them with with them right away so I can you know start marketing to them in terms of not even other products for that nice because it's just like in the lease I ain't taking this I'm not looking at making any money on the back end on this it's just pure with the Kindle sales but I'm going to use it so I can email them when new books come out to drive sales and to drive reviews as well so definitely is key to collect emails for long term success with with Kindle publishing now Amazon's been cracking down it's it's January or January 11th it's April 11th right now they've been cracking down hard on review swaps over the last a little bit and so what they've been doing is they've been deleting reviews and you know a lot of people crying about it like whatever review they're gone my reviews are gone so I got good that means whatever keep publishing keep your foot on the gas and let everyone else quit but not you right like okay big deal they're cracking down keep going they do this every few like whether it's few months a couple times a year it's just a wave you know pass right you know they're basically feeding out the week right now but the sensor was happening is they're feeding of the weak the strong publishers are going to be the ones that are going to survive and you know I was just looking at it and you know one of my competition they had like 70 Auto reviews on their books and I was desperately trying to you know climb up the rags and I more reviews on my books maybe now like I was so freakin happy when I saw that this morning I was like finally like you know it's thinking about one of my books ranking number two and they're like ranked number six now or seven on that first page so I'm like yeah they're going to hit it harder than I am you know there's there's different strategies and protective nether mess mess protective methods that you can take to protect yourself during during these these ways that Amazon does but and you know I got to tell you that they're not just targeting people our review slobbing they're targeting actual legitimate reviews because I've noticed on you know some books that have legitimate reviews they're gone now and Yahoo's speaking with you no guy was helping you the front row foundation launch and you know some people were having issues getting their reviews posted they weren't they were blocked by Amazon so you know in all honesty the the Amazon review system is completely it's just it's a broken mess it's it's it's horrible because they want reviews but they don't want reviews from any ones associated with you at all that's the most absurd thing in the world right if I write my own book you're telling me none of my friends or family can review it that's just absurd there it's going to be biased but you know it's just it's just just a broken system and then on that note I don't even want to get into this but you're going here you know I like it I've probably spoken about this in some of my weekly updates it I have like legit reviews on my book that are for a different product it's a legit wrong product and I've emailed Amazon multiple times and they won't remove that review even though it's clearly reviewing a product that has because the people mention something about the product then like a book does not have because because it's a moving part there's no moving parts on a book so it doesn't make sense but Amazon won't remove it why because the review system is complete crap it's broken you know so they'll remove legit reviews that they won't remove words like those type of reviews so you know I had a fight Amazon with the reviews I don't like so you know after or after going through that and the stress and the anger that in the frustration the cost now it's just whatever it's just you know I swap or I get the VA the slot that's how you do it in the beginning and I aggressively build an email list so I don't have to rely on the swaps for long you know like I said it's just I use it in the beginning to build up a niche but once I'm more of an authority in that niche and I have the email is built don't have to swap anymore and you know it's all good so anyways hopefully that helps clear some things up here if it doesn't comment section let me know if you have any questions or you know you want to challenge something I said in this video it's bring it on and we can have a you know quick discussion about it for sure but as always guys I'm a mecca if you like the video thumbs up please appreciate that and if you have a look around and if you like what you see please consider joining the community and subscribe speak you guys later take care

24 thoughts on “How To Get REVIEWS for Kindle Publishing

  1. So when you give your street team an advanced copy for free they still then have to go buy it on amazon to put the review up?

  2. Funny thing I saw one woman who had a one star review from a family member who admitted they were a family member who hated her and were giving her a one star just because they hated her, and I reported it but they never took it down. But they'll take any five star review by someone who happens to have the same last name as you down I hear.

  3. Thanks, this was helpful as always! I just have a question about Blueprint course. Does it have everything you need for whole the process, or it works after some basic course??


  4. Is it possible to rank higher than books that have hundreds of review? Iv noticed there are plenty of niches where the first 5-6 books are 600 reviews or over. I’m not sure if I could compete with that

  5. Do you have multiple niches? Is it a struggle to maintain relationships with customers and to send them regular blogs on a topic that is not in your expertise? My back ground is in health and fitness which is a massive niche. If I try find something profitable with less competition I think it would be hard to give them value outside of the book. Did you find this as well?

  6. How does Amazon know if a review is organic or swapped? What about reviews from family and friends? These Ok/notOk?

  7. So I'm about to put up my first book on kindle in about a week. Do u think I should wait until Amazon stops been strictly or should I put it out and hire Va for reviews?

  8. Great video!

    Does amazon have an algorithm or a team of people that are actively checking to see if publisher/authors have ties to the people leaving reviews? I'm curious as to how they determine who friends and family are. There is a 0% chance my family and friends won't leave reviews when the books I'm writing comes out, so I'm curious how amazon is going to crack down on that.

  9. An Email list just seems like something that should work in theory, but not in practice. Like why would anyone be excited for me to nag them with emails from a writer that they possibly didn't like? Not because I publish bad books but because I have them written for me so I can't control how great the book itself will be and amazon customers have such high expecations everytime they buy something so they are usually bound to be disappointed when it isnt everything they expected. And why would they spend their valuable time to leave a legit review, not to mention 4-5 star review. I have a pen name in a niche with a nice portfolio of books, but i really cannot imagine having an email list full of "hungry" readers who are just eager to read my next book. And creating this buzz so all they can think about is the next book i'm releasing. It just doesnt seem realistic to me. Correct me if im wrong.

  10. I do kindle publishing and am making $3.5-4k+ a month at the moment, and I need to find a new way to get reviews with Amazon's crazy crackdown on review swapping, plus my review manipulation warning. Its also time to think outside of the box on how we can diversify our self-publishing income. I didn't really understand the whole street team thing you talked about. Thats a ton of reviews that got you tho

  11. Hi Emeka, I love ur authentic videos. They're so helpful. How can I build the email list in my ebooks to build the list for reviews? Thanks.

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