How to Get Motivated to Write a Novel

24 thoughts on “How to Get Motivated to Write a Novel

  1. i just listen to a lot of music and then if one of the lines jump out at me i make it into the titles and then i build around it ..

  2. Just wrote a book called "Contract of Alliance: Frozen Hearts" on 62 000 words, now my brain has turned into slime…

  3. I think for an extrovert (which I am) a writing buddy is the best tip. I have several people in mind now…. Writing together would make such a cool date!

  4. Internet blocking? Just turn off your wi-fi xD

    In seriousness, the best I can do is reward myself with my favourite thing to do. I write for an hour or so, then reward myself.
    And another tip, if you think you're getting somewhere or it's getting rather exciting, stop, and carry on writing it the next day. It'll make you look forward to continue ^_^

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