How to Get Kindle Publishing Keywords Tutorial

in my previous video on how to be a Kindle publishing keywords ninja ah I showed you how to find the best keywords free ebooks however I didn't tell you what to do with that all on the list of choices after all you can't possibly use all of them can you well you actually can use all the keywords for Kindle publishing and in your other publications too don't know how then tune in for the continuation of my keyword research tutorial welcome to self publishing with Dale and if you want to master DIY publishing then subscribe and turn on your notifications for all the latest videos are you having a tough time with getting the right keywords for your book do you think keyword research is hard or are you like me and that you find researching keywords for Kindle publishing fun drop your thoughts in the comments after my past video I talked about compiling a list of keywords but what exactly are you supposed to do with them previously self publishers would slip their list of keywords into a section at the bottom of their description and labeled them tags the theory was that inserting numerous keywords into a book description increased discoverability through the Amazon search engine however we can all agree it looks messier than a spammy hashtag covered Instagram post I've seen this practice less often these days and I believe it's due in large part to Amazon cracking down on this practice that's why we're going to get you going with the proper keywords placed in the right order so that you increase the likelihood of discovery by your ideal audience that's where keyword stemming comes into play simply put keyword stemming involves taking a basic but popular keyword and adding a prefix suffix or pluralization to make the keyword into a new lengthier version it's a way to narrow down your audience while aid in capturing a broader audience let's look at an example if I type in work out Amazon will suggest workout plans workout motivation workout routine book workout books workout cookbook workout plans for women workout routines workout guide and work out books for 50 plus women the first thing I'm going to do is remove anything I feel irrelevant to my book so let's get rid of motivation cookbook and let's assume my book is not based around the 50 and overcrowd we can also narrow the list further based on repeated keyword use so in this instance workout plans and workout plans for women is redundant in the event my book was not a workout plan for women then I discard that keyword so we're left with workout routine book workout ebooks workout plans for women's workout routines workout guide if you refer back to my video on the top band Amazon keywords you'll see that Amazon strongly discourages words like book or books however I haven't heard of Amazon giving any pushback for using those words for the sake of this demonstration we're going to kill those keyword suggestions hopefully you begin to see how to find and optimize Amazon keywords for books by now now we're left with workout plans for women workout routines and workout guide let's put this together in a logical sequence – search engine optimize it for Amazon workout plans and routines guide for women V and might be uh nacelle but you get the idea what we're doing is letting Amazon know that we want people who are searching for workout plans for women workout routines and workout guide to find our book since we are the best fit we could continue to fill the keyword slot with the best keywords for Kindle since we are allowed up to seven keyword slots with the 50 character limit per slot remember for create space you can only have five keyword slots with 25 characters per slot so be selective about how you keyword stem your choices for create space hey if you want a better idea about how to find and optimize Amazon keywords for books or keywords stemming make sure to catch my live streams every Thursday at 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time starting September 7th that's it for today if you enjoyed today's content then share it with at least one other person who's into DIY publishing too till later this has been self-publishing with Dale and I'll see you guys soon

12 thoughts on “How to Get Kindle Publishing Keywords Tutorial

  1. That's interesting about keyword stacking. Reminds me a lot of how people would stuff on titles and description. This makes more sense and feels more organic. I had the same question as AgeofVergo so I'll look forward to that Dave Chesson interview. Thanks for all you do Dave!

  2. Dale perfect timing for me to watch this video! Really helps, love how you find hidden tips and tricks! Thank you📚🙂

  3. I have a question, after watching your video, it is now clear to me what keyword stemming is, but am I supposed to put them in the 7 keyword slot or in the title and descriptions?


  4. Silly question, but to be clear, the keyword “workout plans and routines guide for women” will actually rank for searches on “workout routines” and “workout guide” even though the specific word order is different? And the idea is to cram as many keywords into the 7 amazon fields as possible?

  5. So I get the stemming/cramming idea and it makes a lot of sense, but the editor in me cringes at the awkwardness of "workout plans and routines guide for women." I'm assuming that the grammatical correctness of keywords matters less because (1) audiences will never see them and (2) SEO searches by word presence rather than whether those words fit into a sentence well. Is that accurate?

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