How to Get Grade 9 When Comparing Poems Using the AQA Mark Scheme

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  1. You dont get the views Mr Bruff does, but i can tell you hand on heart, for me you are better. Hopefully the current year 10's will boost your channel up. The problem is your TOO good and me and your other subscribers dont want the grade boundaries to be high πŸ˜‰

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  2. I would be able to get to 821 words too if I were allowed to use a computer for my exam. But unfortunately only those who have bad handwriting are allowed to used the computers which is annoying because they can then write more.

  3. Why don’t the levels on the mark scheme translate to grades?? It’s really annoying especially as the grades are done in numbers too…

  4. if the question was hard but not many ppl in the country did that book and so had easier questions,you're not really being graded compared to ppl who did the same q as u :/

  5. i was just wondering if you could please mark this comparitive question comapare the poem Before you were mine to another poem
    The most striking similarity between the two poems is that they both explore mother and child relationship.In Mother any distance the poet uses the theme of stablity to covey this.The imagery of " the "Anchor" and kite" is used as a device to reveal the idea that no matter what parent will always form the solid foundation.The noun "anchor" is a piece of material that is used to secure a boat and it also has connotation of being safe and protection which may perphaps the relationship that the narator has with him mother ,the "kite" imagery is also used to imply this,this is beause even though the kite is flying in the air there is always someone hold it down making sure that it doesnt fly away.This idea is also conveyed through the structure and form of the poem the poem takes a "loosley sonnet" form. This tells us as readers that the narrator loves his mother due to it taking the sonnet form. Addititonally , the direct narritive may suggest the familarity and the comforting aspect of the relationship between them but "loosleyness" perphaps conveys that there is a change through the relationship.The uses of the cezusa and emjambent suggest the there is unpredictable relationship emerging.The sturcture of the poem is significant due to the unorganised rhymne scheme makes the reader gets the impression that there is a unpredictable and unstable new relationship that the poet wants to for him and his mother.This moment is especially powerful for because the start to understand the poem but most importantly relate to it becuase there comes a point where everyone wants their own freedom to explore new aspects of life.But the reader also understand that nature of a mother is to have to caring and nuturing side.The poet uses a short imperative setenece to emphasises to to his mother that he would like some freeedom.Alternatively this could suggest that the narrator is not telling his mother to go away but to be his backbone and support system.The poets intention here is to seemingly convey the message to parent that giving your child freedom is a key aspect of a growing relationship. whereas in before you were mine the poet explores the mother and child relationship through the childs prospective.When the poet describes the mothers shoes as "red" and "relics" is it used as a contrast.The colour "red" has connotations of suductiveness and sexy and fiery mirroring the type of women her mother used to be she had her ,This basically the poet saying that she interuppted her mum exciting lifed her mum used to live.But the use of the word "relics" has connotations of achientcy and oldness thismay perphaps reflect the mothers life now after she was born .Alternatively the word "relics" has connotations of something that is valubale suggesting that shes values her mother and the she is worth alot because relic are tradditionally placed in museums.The structure of the poem is a dramtic mononlogue which suggest that there is a conversation between the daughter and mother suggesting that there is a revered role inimate relationship.
    in conclusion both poets are effective in exploring the theme of the children and parent relationship and provoking emotions,Personally i believe that mother any distance is the most effective this is because it has many hidenen meaning which makes the the poem more enjoyable when you are able to unravel it but on the other hand personally i believe that before you were is abit neutral and not rich in depth anaylsis.

  6. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I avoid telling my classmates about you because obviously I don’t want the grade boundaries to go that up

  7. Sir when you said similarities and differences and this show like paper 2 q 2,4 iam not sure about which number

  8. People are comparing Mr Salles and Mr Bruff, however forgetting a crucial fact- even though, both are dedicated English teachers,educating those who aren't absorbing enough from their english teachers, Mr Bruff is aspiring to teach all- regardless of their ability or their aspiration grade, whilst Mr Salles is specifically honing the skills of those, desiring the highest grade possible.

  9. I'm doing the Love and Relationships anthology but this was still really really helpful, thank you!

  10. Those eight points are very valuable at the start! I literally did all of them and my literature grade shot up!

  11. As soon as you say knowing the poem too much can be bad I subscribe and like because thank you so much otherwise I am screwed

  12. Heya, I tend to have strong arguments and interpretations regarding the texts themselves, however, I'm not very good at articulation my ideas. Any tips? Thank you! I love your vidioes!

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