How To Format a Novel in Word – The Prequel

hi this is Paul here I made three videos sometime about a year ago actually on how to format a novel using Microsoft Word 2007 and since then I've had a couple of requests or few questions about how to do the very basic formatting which you would need in place prior to proceeding from the three other videos that are made so here is my novel in a totally formatted situation it's just raw text if you look at it there's no headings and there is no page breaks the page is just wrapped one after the other there's no page breaks that have been inserted by me so it's just raw text so how did you get from this to the kind of state the the the novel was in when I made those first three videos how did you do this very basic formatting probably the place to start would be to create the page breaks so to do that I think where was my first page let's say yeah see where I put the cursor now let's say I want a page break to occur there so I go to the top of the ribbon I click on insert click on page break and there it is it's create the page break for me and then I do the same over here because there's a page break should be in there so top of the ribbon insert page break okay I see I've got two pages with very little lot on them do the same before chapter one start so I click put my cursor there say page break so now chapter 1 is starting on the new page I find my way down to chapter 2 wherever that is let's chapter 3 okay look I'll put one in here for the start of chapter 3 so page break so chapter 3 starts on a new page and let me go back and find chapter 2 I'm not seeing it let me know if you see it missed it but you saw it and I didn't there it is so put a page break in there so now I've got a situation where my first three chapters start on a new page and so does this front metamaterial this is just there like the title of the book page and this is a bit of information about claiming copyright and then we go into the table of contents which is on its own page and the first three chapters are on their own pages next thing we might do is create headings I think so if we go to the ribbon at the top click on the Home tab and then here we have the stylist boxes and in there you can create different heading styles and you can create a style for your main text so let's let's do the main text verse so if I come up to this normal box and right-click on it so this would be my normal typical text in this document right click and then I left click on modify and then I decide what I want the bulk of the text to look like and let's say I want Arial and I want it to be 12 points just so we can make it different to what it is at the moment so say 12 point I say okay now to begin with I might as may as well make absolutely everything in this document this this main text style so if I click on any page and do a ctrl a on the keyboard it's going to select everything in the document if I scroll down here you see see absolutely everything has got that blue box around it so everything is selected okay so now if I come up to my normal text you know remember I've already defined what normal is going to like the Ariel 12 I click on normal and bang everything changes to Ariel 12 everything in the document is now Ariel 12 okay so now let's think about the headings for the chapter and we'll you can call them what you want but let's say let's make their chapter headings let's call them heading ones okay because this plays into creating a table of contents later as I'll show you in a minute so I'm going to right click on heading anyone and I'm gonna say modify and then I'm gonna decide what I want my headings heading one style to look like now the main text was Ariel 12 so let's make the headings Ariel 14 14 is already selected in there let's make it bold and let's make them blue okay so I say okay and now I've got my table of contents in in mind everything I make a heading 1 I'm gonna put into my table content so I'm not I'm not gonna make this a heading 1 I might make it a heading 2 but let's come down to let's take all this out because this is there from before I took the formatting out to do this demonstration so here's my chapter 1 I highlight it and I click on heading 1 at the top of the ribbon oh yeah chapter 1 is now blue and it's now Ariel 14 come down to chapter 2 do the same there highlight it click heading 1 it goes blue and that's Ariel 14 do do the same for chapter 3 because remember I've only crew broken three chapters up into don't put them onto their own pages so I click heading 1 again and now I've got three chapters that start on their own pages and I've created the heading style for those pages so as far as this is concerned I can do I can do what I want with this I'm not going to do any special crude creating a heading star but but if I just come up to the top of the ribbon here and I can make that Arial 14 if I want but I'm just gonna do it manually and I'm gonna make it bold see and I can do this for this other stuff that's gonna go in the front matter of the book so I'll make that he'll make it for 13 Arial 13 slightly smaller than the main heading and the other thing I'll do with this did not even change that yes I did but I didn't make it bold let's make it bold and the other thing is I'm going to Center it so I highlight this stuff and I go up to the ribbon using this thing here I click on it and it's centered okay likewise this I want to say into that highlight it come up here Center it okay so like that table of contents let's manually make that Arial 14 let's make it bold and our Center it alright so it's starting to take shape already the other thing you may need to do depending on how you will need to do depending on how your book is going to be laid out what size it's going to be you'll have to set the margins so again if you do a control eye and select all the text in the document and come to page layout and come to margins and come in here maybe custom margins and set here you know what you want the left margin to be and right margin it and so on and then you'd say okay and it would alter the margins for you so the only other thing I'm going to show you in this short video is how to create the table of contents now remember what I did here was I created three chapter headings they were all heading one styles okay and the reason one of the reasons for doing that is if you want to create a table of contents you can simply come up here and the references and click in here on the table of contents come down here to insert table of contents because we don't want an automatic one I want some control over what the table of contents is gonna look like so it's a insert table of contents and then I get here to pick and choose a little bit about what I want my table of contents to look like I don't want hyperlinks because it's not going to be a web document I'm doing this is for a printed book so I don't want these blue hyperlinks I'll deselect that and style you know you can have different styles of heading as fancy headings as distinctive but let's go for the classic and we will write line the page numbers and we will show page numbers now if I say okay what happens everything that I have nominated to be a heading one which was only three chapters because I haven't gone through the whole book because this is only a quick demonstration now appears in my table of contents now this I think twenty chapters in this book if I have done that for every but if I'd gone through and nominated each chapter title as a heading one then all of those chapter titles would now be appearing in this table of contents and that is as far as I'd got to when I started creating the three videos that show you how to go into more complex formatting for a novel or other book so I hope that helps other things you can do by the way see this here this chapter one title is you can go if I now alter my I go back to the Home tab on the ribbon and right click on heading one and go to modify I can go in after the event and change things and it will still be applied to everything that I've nominated as a heading one so if I say oh I want my heading ones to be centered if I click on this here and then say okay you can see everything that I've nominated as a heading one will now be centered say that the heading there is centered but it doesn't affect the table of contents up here alright so that I think takes us up to the point where where I was at before I started the three videos that I made a year ago so I hope that helps good luck with your own work Cheers

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  1. Your video helped me format a book for CreateSpace publication in 2014 and I just published another which was released this week. Just wanted to say thank you again and let you know I mentioned you in my acknowledgments. =)

  2. Can you update your videos as I have Word 2013. You seem to instruct better than most I have viewed! I just need 2013.

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