How to Find Profitable AMS Keywords for books

In this lesson I’m going to show you how
to build a list of profitable AMS keywords while there are two types of
ads sponsored and display we’re going to start by creating a list of keywords for
our sponsored ads and in a later video I’m going to show you how to create a
list of display ads using your sponsored list also if you haven’t signed up for
my free AMS advertisement for books course just go ahead and click the link
below in the description and check that out I’m going to show you exactly how to
create profitable AMS campaigns that will not only bring in continuous money
but continuously show your book in front of more readers so make sure to check
that out and click the link in the description below now sponsored ads show
up when someone types in their search term click search and the resulting
books are displayed therefore our keywords for AMS needs to be words that
people would type into the search box when it comes to AMS keywords there are
two types I like to focus on descriptive phrases which are words that people use
to describe the book or what they’re looking for related book titles and
author names names of books that are related to your book think about it how
do you shop sometimes you know exactly what you’re looking for and type in the
book title or the author name but sometimes you’re just looking for a
certain subject or solution and so you describe what you’re looking for well
that’s exactly what our shoppers are doing on Amazon and for our AMS ads we
need to capture both opportunities therefore our sponsored product ad
keyword list needs to incorporate both types of keywords so as to adequately
attract the right market let’s start with building our list of descriptive
phrases descriptive phrases could be a description of the shoppers pain point
or how they would describe a book here’s a nonfiction example if I’m looking for
a book on back pain I might type in back pain lower back pain acute back pain or
even something like relieve back pain fast these are the phrases I’d type into
Amazon don’t have a specific book in mind but
know what I’m generally looking for for fiction this is where I describe the
book type for those of you who don’t know me I love science fiction military
books and when I look for my next space adventure I type in things like sci-fi
military epic space battle Space Marines and more to see what comes up
most fiction readers do this as well so we want to create a list of words that
our target market would type into Amazon if they were looking for our type of
book so to do this let’s begin step one start by listing any terms that come to
mind that would describe your book think about ways you would describe your book
on anything that you think is a good general statement about your book now
that you have a list of potential words step two start typing these words or
phrases into Amazon and see what Amazon suggests to do this adequately make sure
to use Google Chrome’s incognito mode this will make sure Amazon doesn’t use
your accounts information or previous searches when showing you suggestions
you don’t want to taint your results with your own information but instead
get the raw information from Amazon also make sure to select Kindle category in
Amazon so that the suggestions will be more book focused once you’re in
incognito mode and have selected Kindle go ahead and start typing some of those
phrases you listed in the previous step now Amazon will start to present you
with suggestions if any of them are a good fit write them down one thing I
like to do is take a term and add an A and see what Amazon suggests then I’ll
erase the a and write a B and so on through the alphabet this makes sure I
find even the most niche of terms to cover in my AMS ads because remember
these words are being shown because there are things that people have
actually typed into Amazon step 3 once you have a list of good words take a
good look at them and add more by using synonyms of certain words or phrases as
well as misspellings because let’s face it a lot of shoppers misspell things as
they’re quickly typing in what they’re looking for through this process you
should have at 50 words by now if not try it again and
see what you can come up with now that we have a list of concentrated
descriptive words it’s time to look for related book titles and authors to
advertise in front of remember these are the keywords people type in when their
have a particular author or book in mind so to find a list of related books that
we should target we’re going to take four steps that will help us to find
popular related books for us to target in AMS step one to do this let’s start
by typing in our best descriptive terms into Amazon and clicking search now
Amazon has presented us with a list of books let’s copy their title series
names if they have one an author name or names to our list step two click on the
books that we think best represent our book from this list and copy down the
titles series names and author names of the books in the list of customers who
bought this time also bought section these are books that people also bought
when they bought the book you just clicked on step three now click on the
pertinent categories this will take you to the top 20 books for that category
copy the title series names and author names of these books as well you can
even go further and click on the next page and copy the information for the
books ranking 21 through 40 and so on if you want step four
to the right of the top books in the category is the hot and new books click
on this and copy the information of the top 20 books here these are usually a
goldmine because there are new books and thus don’t have much competition in AMS
yet this allows you to get ahead of the pack and start gaining from new books
that are doing they’re big launch push at the moment this equals high number of
impressions and low competition step five repeat steps 2 through 4 for all
other books that were pertinent in step 1 I’m going to fast-forward through this
section because it can take a little bit of time to click on each book each
category each hot new and copy and paste all
the titles and series names and author names into our excel sheet whoo okay and there you have it there’s
no doubt in my mind that you have at least 200 plus keywords on your list by
now now I know that was a lot of work clicking and copying and pasting and so
on luckily there’s a tool that will do all of that for you
KDP rocket software that works on both Mac and Windows will not only find all
those descriptive keywords and Amazon suggestions but will also go through
each result in each category and pull all that information for you then with a
click of a button you can export all the keywords to an
excel sheet all I have to do is click AMS keywords type in my initial word or
phrase then click go get a rocket KDP rocket will now find all the Amazon
suggestions as well as the book information in the results and the top
books in the categories plus the hot new category as well once that list is
complete I’ll just hit export and all the data will be placed in an excel
sheet I can then do this again and again and again for new terms take the excel
sheets and combine them into one large and well research AMS keyword list I can
also remove any duplicates in Excel by clicking on data at the top and then the
remove duplicates your Excel might look a little different depending on what
version you have if that is the case just do a Google search on how to remove
duplicates in Excel and then add your versions information which steps one
through five you should have more than enough keywords to get your AMS campaign
going and get results however there are a couple of bonus steps that I highly
recommend you take as well they can be real game changers and difference makers
let’s check them out bonus step number one go to and type in the
names of some of the popular books that are related to your book after selecting
that particular book scroll down until you see the lists with this book and
click more lists with this book these are lists of books based on some kind of
theme that users created the best kind of list to use in order to
gain titles and author names for our AMS campaigns are the ones that are really
speak to your kind of audience for example using ready player one I would
find that there’s best science fiction or best books ever and let’s face it
that really wouldn’t be helpful although I agree with them that’s not going to
help me niche down and find great books to line with they’re too broad and
probably too competitive however I’d seriously consider the list
like books about video games and virtual reality or best cyberpunk or lit RPG the
book set and Virtual Reality online MMORPG games yeah that last one was
pretty nice the point though is that because they are so niche and well
defined for a group of books they are a great fit to help me find other books to
advertise on with my AMS campaign bonus step number two look for popular events
in which to piggyback off of an example would be during the elections
self-published authors had a lot of new areas in which to promote their books
because of current political events and rhetoric as well as new slew of keywords
to target due to the trendiness of the topic at the time bonus step number
three target any book awards for your genre many readers love reading award
winners and will actively pursue that title when they hear of it winning for
science fiction awards like the Hugo and nebula award are perfect targets for
those sci-fi military writers so check out what Awards exist for your niche and
genre bonus step number 4 look for any popular movies in your genre especially
new and upcoming ones when a dog’s purpose came out Wendy Van de Poll a
self-published author who writes on dog lost grief use the movie title as an AMS
keyword because of this outside the box thinking and the popularity of the term
with a little competition Wendy experienced a very profitable campaign
and voila just like that you should have an even larger list of
keywords and be ready to start group which we’ll cover in the next lesson so
to review we just created a large list of keywords that people are actively
searching for on Amazon and we did this by listing both descriptive keywords as
well as similar book titles and author names if you would like to see how I
organized these keywords right sales copy that gets clicks and some more
advanced tactics that are out there be sure to sign up for my free AMS
advertisement for books course by clicking the link below in the
description it’s absolutely free and it’s super cool Cheers

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  1. I tried your method but it was not successful however when putting my book into automatically then I have seen More success. Any suggestions?

  2. My problem is that my books are literally their own genre. My books are like a daytime tv soap opera but in a book instead of on tv. I have yet to find any others doing what I am doing in book form.

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